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It is time to get a glimpse at the NEW 2022 RAM 2500 Laramie Crew Cab 4×4 with Redwater Dodge!

What’s up everybody travis here with redwater dodge home of the 10 oil change rig ready rams and of course we buy your ram park behind me you guys waited patiently a 2022 ram 2500 heavy duty powered by 6.7 liter cummins turbo diesel this one is the beautiful deep cherry red or red crystal pearl or pomegranate red in color full size crew cab you have proximity entry

On this one which means as long as you have the key fob on your person you can lock and unlock the doors there’s actually a little sensor here right here do a little zoom in on your own home phone your own home phone just a regular phone push the button to lock centers to unlock right keyless entry so you can use the key fob you’ve also got auto tailgate on the

Fob you know this is going great pam because usually when i push all these buttons at least one thing won’t work but all the things so far have worked speaking of which you have remote start as well every single button pam we’re four for four this has been great you’ve also got trailer towing mirrors on this one make it all the easier to hook up to your trailer

And see what’s actually happening behind you when you’re lane twisting pulling your camper maybe you shouldn’t but if you were you’ve also got these beautiful brand new transforce all-terrain tires by firestone wrapped around your solid 20 inch chrome rim no wheel covers or hubcaps or funny business one has a sport appearance package so color match front and rear

Bumpers color match door handles beautiful chrome accents on this one marker lights on your mirrors here as well speaking of what the truck has let’s go to the front and look at some more stuff and then also maybe look at the motor well guys we’re at the front of the 2022 ram three quarter ton laramie lexan coated led headlamps you’ve got your color matched front

Bumper as mentioned duane the rock johnson solid heavy duty tow hooks here and if you thought i wasn’t going to get to it you’re wrong parking sensors outfitted in the front led fog lamps i might have said that twice but if i did it’s just that worthy of a feature to be mentioned twice so uh come off it you got your beautiful chrome grille inserts marker lights

Didn’t forget about them either almost did didn’t underneath the hood 6.7 liter cummins turbo diesel what else that’s a statement in and of itself 6.7 liter cummins turbo diesel period send that’s it anything you’re going to want to do under the hood on your own without the help or oversight of a licensed professional is going to be clearly marked you got your

Windshield washer fluid marked in a bright yellow cap your dot brake fluid power steering fluid your battery terminals are clearly marked here as well guys here comes david j looking small as ever never seen anything like it come around to the side more of the same we’ve got beautiful continuity happening here so that basically means in classy fancy trav language

That both the sides look the same because if they didn’t what that i don’t what does that even mean really anymore let’s keep going around uh to the back here while we’ve got the box down we’ll talk about a couple of features including the bed utility groups you’ve got four additional uh tie-down points here you’ve actually got your trailer wiring built into the

Side of the box as well led lamps you’ve got your cargo camera there to make it that much easier to hook up to your fifth wheel back up camera tuck safely away into the handle of your tailgate a couple of chrome accents seven and four pin wiring receiver parking sensors in the rear again solid rear bumper also happens to be color matched these slightly accented

Flares that you can’t see from there but i can see from here and you’ll see on our way walking to the inside inside of the 2022 2500 laramie that’s a lot of twos all in succession 20 22 2500 ram laramie diesel but on the inside um beautiful two-tone interior you have the premium leather you got these beautiful suede inserts that pam and i spent a considerable

Amount of time referencing and also touching last time it’s not weird it just feels really nice it’s premium i’ve never had anything premium in my entire life not even close seats are ventilated they are also heated beautiful gray piping gray stitching as well um power so it goes forwards it goes backwards it goes up and it also goes down right because up and

Down you know inertia maybe reversed something lean forward lean backwards and you’ve also got your lumbar or lumbar support there as well but i support lumber hell yeah lumber good job wood power windows power door locks two separate memory settings for yourself and whoever is going to be predominantly driving your vehicle um to uh power your trailer wiring

That’s back there you’ve got your little 115 volt cargo plug-in switch right there hood latch not an important feature but one i’ve never in my 11-ish years in the business referenced so there you go hood latch right there get something new in yet today you’ve also got power pedals on this one here taking a closer look inside uh it is a push button start so

Using the push button we’re going to go to the run feature keepers we’re going to go to the run feature using the push button here but you can allow us the opportunity to go through all of our technical and digital fit and finish and fun features one thing i want to touch on quickly before we do that this vehicle is powered by a 17 speaker harman kardon audio

System it’s like a flipping jukebox in here um seven inch vehicle display center between your speedometer and your rpm gauge you’re gonna be able to use that to go for all kinds of vehicle information pertinent and not so pertinent to operations including but not limited to oil pressure transmission fluid levels fuel economy distance to empty you’ll also be

Able to check out screen settings and stuff in there as well speaking of screen settings you have a 12-inch screen okay um you can actually use the screen separately to occupy uh two separate applications speaking of applications we click the apps button which is going to give you the opportunity to do absolutely everything um click all again the pun every time

Pam you love it you’ll love it yes you freaking love it you can check out uh your cameras in here there’s your back up camera there i can see all the trucks behind me wow they look really truck like truck yeah that’s great you can go through all of your comfort options anything that you’re going to have here as far as your heated and ventilated seats and stuff

Like that and your uh climate your climate you love analog buttons but your heated seats and everything are accessible through the screen predominantly you’ve got nav on this one as well let’s click vehicle what could that possibly mean oh all things pertinent to the vehicle let’s click off-road has ever seen anything like that in your entire lives where are we

Going we’re going on a bit of an adventure aren’t we pam yeah wow steering angle accessory gouges psychics gauges i don’t know how to read pitch and roll right so guys you really do have an endless supply of fun and utility with the 12 inch touchscreen you’ve also got these six auxiliary switches you can use to hook up any number of amazingly incredible super

Fun things such as light bars train horns um i don’t know really anything else all kinds of different things but i don’t know any but you probably do because you’re a truck guy um you’ve also got your wireless charging pad here so you just pull out your handy dandy iphone 46 you pop it in here and then it does wow charging ah hello yeah thanks for working my

Truck charged you hands-free yeah i bet you had that integrated trailer brake usb ports as well as usc ports part of your center console moves forward and backwards to create more storage opportunities it’s also got a cup holder shallow console there with this beautiful suede plushish type thing a usb charging port flip that open we’re going to blow right by the

Fact that there’s math equations still being put in all these trucks it’s absolute freaking craziness to me um deep center console for more storage four wheel high four wheel low two wheel drive right black interior power rear window and there’s a button here to also do your auto tailgate from inside you don’t just have to always use your key fob in case you

Were wondering even if you weren’t wondering now you know say you’re welcome okay guys well we’re in the back of this beautiful crew cab 2500 again continuity with the premium leather seats with the suede inserts and the beautiful piping and stitching and all these beautiful manufacturer must haves you’ve got this beautiful uh cup holder that folds down can also

Act as a territorial divide if required six cup holders because i guess um people who drive rams are like egregiously thirsty i’ve i don’t know man it’s it’s a little excessive to me um flip the seats up for additional storage space not only do you have that you’ve got your winter grill front your novelty license plate holder and everything in here now last time

I gave you a pretty considerable list of things you could use for your novelty license plate cover so if you need help this time around still i suggest you go back and do your due diligence because i’m not going through it again these actually flip and clip down if you’re worried about anything shaken rattling jiggling they also fold out to create a completely

Flat surface so you’ve got to move anything that’s terribly large you’re worried about having out there and exposing it to the elements if you’re no longer a young padawan i got your back dog beautiful carpeted interior in this laramie as well you’ll notice they actually physically clip down to the floor so they’re not going to go anywhere flying all about and

Then you got these beautiful ram bins and the good thing about these ramens is that they are removable so if you make a mess i don’t know why it took me two tries to do a full rotation there um but you can pull them out and they can be cleaned and guess what man you can use them again and again and again the seats back here are also heated again you got a couple

More charging ports usb usc and a 400 watt plug-in down there as well little storage pouches little kanga pouches for your little ruse you know if you stole some kangaroos or something and you stuck them in there that would be illegal but it would also be pretty cool well guys 2022 ram 2500 laramie crew cab deep cherry crystal pomegranate pearl tow mirrors on

This one beautiful chrome accent 6.7 liter cummins cargo camera in the rear for all your towing needs for more information give us a call nine 780-942-3629 also deserve cupcakes i’m a very nice guy i’ve been working very hard okay three are your blake fluid blab hello clearly wholesaler gentlemen i see you and uh you are not sneaky sorry i’m always running the

Flipping video i just had a zoom meeting i’m a business guy pam

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New 2022 Ram 2500 Laramie Crew Cab 4×4 in Red Pearl | Stock # NR29120 – Redwater Dodge By Redwater Dodge