New 2022 Range Rover Evoque SUV – Detailed Walkaround Review | Land Rover Evoque 2022

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Hello and thanks for taking the time to find out a little more about the range rover evoque distinctive and elegant the cleanness of the design draws attention to the flashes of jewelry shown here in the burnished copper detailing the deployable door handles complement the reductive design whilst we talk about them reducing wind noise and aiding aerodynamics

They also lend a moment of theatre when you unlock the evoque it extends a welcoming hand towards you for all the cutting-edge aesthetics though the land rover badge reassures that this car is as much at home on a muddy slope as cruising city streets with a full suite of terrain response settings and land rover’s all-terrain progress control comforting when

The snow comes down and others are having to cancel their plans of course many evokes will live a comfortable city life and the new plug-in hybrid models offer the most fuel efficient and the most tax efficient way to own a new evoke combining a petrol engine with an electric motor gives punchy zero emission driving around cities and no concerns about range on

Longer journeys you simply drive it as you would a petrol car and plug it in when you come home the car will automatically switch between electric and petrol propulsion the p300ep heaves electric only range of up to 34 miles means that for those with average commutes most of the journey will be conducted without starting the petrol engine and the batteries can

Recharge in about three hours when plugged into a dedicated charging socket co2 can be as low as 44 grams per kilometer so for company car owners this offers a very attractive benefiting kind rate of just 11 for 2122 tax year and 12 for the next two years after that it also reaches 60 miles an hour in a very tidy 6.1 seconds for a rewarding dynamic drive on

Longer journeys the electric motor works in combination with the 1.5 litre petrol engine regaining charge when the car decelerates for typical usage the evoke p300e combines efficient motorway driving with zero emissions city driving led headlights are standard illuminating with a crisp white light models from sc level upwards automatically dip their main beam when

They detect other traffic the matrix led lights on hse go one better creating a cone of shadow around other road users so as not to dazzle them but maintaining full beam illumination everywhere else for unsurpassed nighttime vision evoke is available in both the standard design or with the sporty r-dynamic option adding the bonnet louvres and vent splitters and

Distinctive burnished copper detailing with the grill and lettering taking on a darker theme inside our dynamic adds a dark headlining and a range of two-tone interior options chrome tread plates and paddle shift gear controls inside the cabin is spacious with plenty of practical storage the simple uncluttered cabin is filled with tactile materials land rover’s

Latest pivot infotainment system is instantly ready when you enter the vehicle and updates automatically over the air apple carplay and android auto are installed as standard and the center console can incorporate an optional wireless charger suitable for a smartphone or other compatible device every model comes with a rear view camera and the option to upgrade

To land rover’s unique 3d surround system offering simulated views around the vehicle for unrivaled visibility in off and on road situations and for when you’re making full use of the space the car offers the optional clearsight rear-view mirror uses a camera mounted on the rooftop antenna to give a perfect view that will not be obscured by tall passengers or

Large loads the driver’s seat provides a commanding driving position matched with the refined luxury synonymous with raindriver leather is standard on all but the entry-level car with premium non-leather interiors using environmentally sustainable materials available on all models even in the back seat headroom is generous people tend to think the sloping roof

Will compromise passenger space but much of the sloping effect is actually a clever illusion created by the rising waistline the boot has over 470 litres of usable space compact rear suspension prevents the wheel arches compromising the floor level width now of course if your needs require more space we offer the ever practical discovery sport which hides an

Extra two seats in the boot or the evokes big brother the range rover velar on road the evoke is composed and reassuring modern suspension allowing it to combine a quiet gliding high-speed ride with precise steering and a lack of lean in corners that belies the height of this suv the nine-speed automatic gearbox ensures you are always in the best torque range

For the engine in an industry first land rover have made ultra wideband technology available to counter thefts relaying the key fob signal the system precisely determines the distance between the vehicle and the key fob and the owner will be alerted to any attempt to start the car when the key is more than three meters away from the vehicle earning thatchem’s

Most demanding certification standard for vehicle security well specified at every level all cars have heated windscreen and heated front seats automatic lights and wipers rear camera cruise control and autonomous emergency braking for enhanced safety driving in towns connectivity with your mobile phone is standard allowing you to check fuel levels find the

Last parked location even start the car remotely to de-ice and warm up in winter or cool the interior in summer moving up to the s model brings navigation a leather interior with power adjustable seats power folding mirrors traffic sign recognition and a move from 17 to 18 inch wheels se specification increases the wheel size up to 20 inch adds memory settings

To seats and mirrors a powered tailgate 360 degree parking sensors and the interactive driver display replaces physical dials in front of the driver blind spot assist alerts you to nearby traffic in adjacent lanes and warns you if another vehicle is about to overtake the hse offers 14-way adjustable seats covered in smooth windsor leather which extends across

The top of the dashboard and the doors heated steering wheel 380 watt meridian sound system matrix led lights gesture tailgate for hands-free operation and adaptive cruise control which uses radar to match the speed of the car in front slowing all the way down to a stop if necessary for relaxed motorway driving and stress-free control in stop-start traffic

The new range-topping autobiography specification builds on the hse are dynamic and adds matrix led headlights red brake calipers on 21-inch wheels distinctive burnished copper bonnet script a fixed panoramic roof climate front seats heated steering wheel and the extended leather interior with suede cloth headlining the meridian sound system receives a boost up

To 650 watts and the drive is enhanced with land rover’s configurable adaptive dynamics system allowing drivers to alter throttle steering suspension and gear shift settings to their preference the sporty hst special edition is distinguished visually by a black exterior pack gloss black 20-inch wheels with red brake calipers sliding panoramic black contrast roof

And privacy glass the sporty look matched with the powerful 300 ps petrol engine a suede cloth heated steering wheel and ebony suede cloth headlining lend a sumptuous luxury to an interior enhanced with twin touch screens the interactive driver display and a meridian sound system keyless entry and a powered tailgate complete a package designed to offer great

Value and a distinctive presence on the road thank you for spending a little time getting to know more about the evoke you

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New 2022 Range Rover Evoque SUV – Detailed Walkaround Review | Land Rover Evoque 2022 By Auto Arena