New 2022 Range Rover Velar R dynamic D300 Review Interior Exterior

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So my hi everyone welcome back to chandra zagar channel so as you can see for today we have a 2021 the range rover velar so in this video we are going to take a look of the interior and the exterior so let’s start now with the front you can see this car is all black with the rims and everything is uh are dynamic you can see we have more sporty bumpers in

The front also we have the kidney grille finish it in the black also the range rover writing you can see this beautiful led daytime running lights with led headlights and just look how beautiful this car is guys the villar is in another level so you can see here we have the adaptive cruise control the sensors are all around the car also this car is fitted with

A 360 degree camera which is in the option and the cameras now are so high resolution which i can show you in a bit and you can see from the side guys look at the lines of this car it’s amazing and we can see this new 22-inch rims finish it with black also we have our dynamic here the logo and you can see we have the rear tinted windows and you can see we

Have like a coupe styling look in the back and this car is so so beautiful and you can see this uh led date lights range rover and so we have the land rover logo here the velour the d300 so this is a 3 liter diesel produce 300 horsepower and around 600 meters of torque so it’s very quick and the fuel consumption is very impressive and we can see we have the

Exhaust which uh pipes are inside and it means they are real that is a very good design in every angle you look at this car is so good guys so let’s open all the trunk let’s see how much room we have it’s electric this car is fully loaded you can see we have very good room and we can fold down the rear seats and look how premium this feels and you can see we

Have the spare tire with a low alloy wheels this one are 19 inch beautiful now it close very gently and let’s take a look of the rear seats and you can see this beautiful which pops out from the exterior design so we can see we have all black leather interior with a white control stitching and you can see we have very good room the foot room the legroom also

The headroom is very good and if you can see we have panoramic sunroof here we have a armrest with two cup holders also we have the heated seats in the back of course also in the front and now let’s go and check the new interior of the velar so for a 2021 model you can see we have a different steering wheel different gear lever and the new infotainment so we

Can see we have our dynamic logo in the door sills and you can see we have aluminium bottles electric adjustable seats which these seats are very comfortable the leather feels very premium so let’s jump in so to sort the new velar you just need to have the key inside of the vehicle put the foot in the brake pedal and here we have the start stop button and now

It’s running we can see this beautiful two screens also i really love this uh new steering wheel which looks so fantastic guys and with this beautiful piano black finishes the buttons so we can see we have the display instrument cluster the link the lane assist control the cruise control range rover writing here also we have the stitching in the center of

Uh steering wheel and the you can see now we have uh aluminium shift pedals which now feels very very good also you have the ambient light you have lots of color to play with also i like this door handle they feel so premium premium everything about this car feels so good guys so let’s take a look of the infotainment you can see the navigation is a touchscreen

It work very well it’s very responsive and this is for the climate control and the driving modes and you can see the velour there which is very handy and now we can change the driving modes you can see we have and this car has a air suspension so it depends what uh mode you are the car can raise up and lower and i can show another 360 degree camera which are so

So clever you can see very good around the car and the cameras are so so high definition guys that is very impressive beautiful beautiful he will pee for the park down for drive and for sport here we have one cup holder and the storage in the middle very good so guys i am really really impressed with uh this car it’s so good very good design in the exterior

And the interior especially the exterior i think it’s the most beautiful suv in the market guys and the driving position feels so good so sporty beautiful beautiful car so guys i hope you enjoyed this video about the new range rover velour 2021 model comment down below what do you think and don’t forget to subscribe for more videos to come and we’ll see you in the next one bye

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New 2022 Range Rover Velar R dynamic D300 Review Interior Exterior !! By Shend Riza Cars