New 2022 Rig Ready Ram 3500 Laramie Crew Cab 4×4 – BDS Lift | Stock # NR34309 – Redwater Dodge

The latest and greatest New 2022 Rig Ready Ram 3500 Laramie Crew Cab 4×4 is here and exclusively available with Redwater Dodge.

Hey guys it’s jill down at redwater dodge home of the 10 oil change regular rams now we buy ram just wanted to show you one of the newest trucks on our lot it’s a 2022 ram 3500 laramie so let’s take a peek so under the hood you are going to have your 6.7 liter diesel engine it is fully color matched led headlights some fog lights blacked out grille and badging

Tow hooks and of course park sensors on this truck you are going to have a four inch bds lift with fox shocks dual stabilizers 37’s 20 inch rims all that good stuff as well as color matched flares and trigger mud flaps you are going to have tow mirrors as well these are heated and of course they do flip out on either side there keyless entry on either side of the

Truck so you can get in and out without having to grab the key out of your pocket every time it is a crew cab with the six foot four box you do have both cameras color match bumper in the rear hitch receiver wiring park sensors all that good stuff and then a soft drop tailgate led tail lights in the back with the spray and box liner bed lighting all that good

Stuff but other than that we’re gonna hop into the truck and check it out inside the truck it is gonna be fully loaded you are gonna have full leather seats these are heated and cooled on either side you have little suede inserts on either end floor mats down below they do snap in so they’re not going to slide all over the place a little bit of storage up top with

A little light in there and a locking glove box with all your manuals 12-inch screen with the harman kardon sound system so it’s the new uconnect 5 set up a little bit differently you can really personalize the screen however you like set drivers all that good stuff you can do two things at once you can have shortcuts up top now you can also get siriusxm on it

If you like navigation really easy to use uh put an address and it’ll automatically save it every time do a climate control you can use the screen or the buttons on either side it really comes down to preference and then this is also where you’ll have your heat and cooled seat buttons access to all your cameras filter through them you can actually tilt this one

Down right over top of your hitch as well if the screen is ever too bright you can turn it off as well and then just touch the screen it’ll pop right back on and you’ll have a full list of all of the apps right there as well buttons for your front rear park sensors exhaust brake extra auxiliary switches and then of course the trailer brake controller this all

Moves back you’re gonna have a whole bunch of plug-ins with a 115 volt down below wireless charger that moves up storage in there with a usb and the largest compartment there four-wheel drive uh cruise control all that stuff’s pretty standard but other than that we’re gonna hop into the back seat and check it out in the back seat it is a crew cab you’re going

To have a whole bunch of room for your passengers again floor mats in the back that snap in on either side and then if you fold those up you’re going to have in-floor storage on either side you can take those out if you spill anything in them and then just snap them right back buttons for the heated season right there whole bunch of plugins vents and more cup

Holders storage in behind either seat and then more cupholders there but i can’t reach and they just flip up on either side you’re going to have a light on either end and then you can take those little snaps off and these will pop up you’re going to have a sub on this side storage on this side you’re going to have all your goodies in here winter front and whatnot

And then they do fold out flat if you want rear sliding window and that’s all heated you have some interior lighting hooks everything you need uh so if you want to make this trick yours you can give us call at 780-942-3629

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New 2022 Rig Ready Ram 3500 Laramie Crew Cab 4×4 – BDS Lift | Stock # NR34309 – Redwater Dodge By Redwater Dodge