NEW 2022 TOYOTA GR86 sells out in 90 minutes | Car News

New 2022 Toyota GR86 sells out in 90 minutes | Car News

Hello let’s go new 2022 toyota gr 86 sells out in 90 minutes in its first 90 minutes of being on sale in the uk the new 2022 toyota gr 86 sold out the production run for europe is limited to two years with the compact sports car costing from 29 995 pounds there will be an opportunity for customers that missed out to join a waiting list to take the place of

Any cancellations the gr86 doesn’t comply with impending crash regulations meaning toyota is forced to keep its production run short stating when it’s gone it’s gone this means that the total uk allocation of gr86s has been spoken for should customers wish to get their hands on a manual rear-wheel drive gr badge toyota this year then the recent announcement of a

Manual supra may come as some comfort back to the gr86 toyota has kept things simple with just one grade of its entry-level sports car on offer as standard it features 18-inch black alloy wheels wrapped in michelin pilot sport 4 tires adaptive led headlights auto folding mirrors and a reversing camera inside you’ll find heated seats dual zone climate control apple

Carplay android auto connectivity and leather ultra suede upholstery as standard factory fitted safety features include autonomous emergency braking adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assistance just like its predecessor the gr86 is the fruit of toyota’s partnership with subaru sharing the same platform and engine as the recently refreshed subaru brz toyota

Claims it has engaged in a friendly rivalry with subaru to develop two new sports cars with distinct characters the toyota gr86 is powered by a naturally aspirated 2.4 liter flat 4 boxer engine which replaces the 2.0 liter unit found in the old car european specs are yet to be confirmed but the japanese version of the car produces 232 bhp and 250 newton meters of

Torque that’s 35 bhp 45 newton meters more than its predecessor the gt86 which means the gr86 will get from zero 62 miles per hour in 6.3 seconds or 1.1 seconds faster than the old car these figures could change once the car is away from toyota’s home market though as standard the new engine will be mated to a six-speed manual gearbox with the six-speed automatic

Transmission costing 2090 pounds both send drive to the rear wheels through a limited slip differential the gr86 is built on the same basic platform as the gt86 which means it retains the same proportions as its predecessor however toyota is keen to stress that the shell has been upgraded with more strengthening panels and stronger bonding techniques which improve

The chassis stiffness and sharpen up the handling torsional rigidity is up by 50 as a result in thanks to some new aluminium body panels the whole car tips the scales at just 1 270 kilograms toyota claims the gr86 as the lightest four-seat coupe in its class the gr in the coop’s name stands for gazoo racing it’s toyota’s in-house tuning division which has helped

Hone cars like the gr supra in the gr yaris hot hatchback so it’s no surprise that the tuners have also had a hand in the gr 86 a chassis development the car styling mostly matches that of the subaru brz sharing its headlamps daytime running lights and smooth front end surfacing however toyota has managed to place some distance between its sports car and subarus

Offering by fitting a new front apron with a large rectangular air intake compared to the brz’s more angular detailing the gt86s gently sculpted roof remains while at the rear the chunky bumper houses a new diffuser element and a twin exit exhaust as with the brz the gr-86 a bonnet front wings and roof are made from lightweight aluminium inside toyota has fitted

Its new compact sports car with much more technology including a 7-inch digital gauge cluster and an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system as part of a thorough redesign of the center console and dashboard automatic versions of the gr86 will also be available with subaru developed eyesight driver assistance technology making use of a forward-facing camera setup

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