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Good evening everyone in math squad welcome back to a brand new video today we’re going to be looking at the 2022 volkswagen tails and yes it’s 2022 here brand new vehicle brand new entry this is a compact suv now to my understanding from the records of volkswagen this is about 9.3 inches shorter than our regular tiguan so the tiguan is already a compact suv

But this one is even smaller it’s supposed to compete with uh you know brands such as jeep and their compass so you can see it’s a pretty nice looking vehicle decent wheel package as well no hubcap boys as you can see fully alloy rims looks pretty good from the outside all right so now let’s go ahead and take a look at the interior of the vehicle so in the

Interior of the volkswagen tails here the 2022 model year uh well first generation of it uh you do have your soft nice soft touch materials here all on the driving door panel also you get that beautiful plastic trim here now it is plastic for sure but it is a nice blue color it uh all adds a little bit of contrast inside the vehicle when it goes across the entire

Dash all the way to the passenger side it looks really really nice also you do get a nice steering wheel here nice grippy steering wheel of a beautiful white leather white leather excuse me the beautiful white stitching on the inner parts of it which is also detailed in the seats here now the seats are a combination of cloth and leatherette so you don’t have to

Sacrifice too much quality and you also get a little bit more comfort it’s not a little bit more comfort but you get a little bit more of a look to it with the sc trim here because because this is an se version um you do have iq drive as far as a few features here it’s not the entire lineup but it is available on the sd trim with the sel iq drive is standard

So pretty much iq drive is going to include all of our driver system features from travel assist to lane assist dynamic road side display front room collision rear traffic alert things of that nature you know active blind spot monitoring all good things like that now another thing too to mention with details here this is new for the 2022 year uh standard it’s

Gonna be standard for the models to have digital cockpit the only difference is it’s gonna be two different versions of the digital cockpit you’re gonna have set this thing up you’re gonna have the eight inch non-configurable version and then you’re gonna have the ten inch configurable version so basically with the non-configurable you won’t be able to switch

Too much in the display this is going to be digital there this is the not configurable version but with the configurable version you can change things as far as navigation being on the screen things of that nature now another thing to mention here with the tails is that it is going to be a turbocharged 1.5 liter engine which gives you about 158 horsepower 184

Pound-feet of torque and it’s going to be paired up with a 8-speed automatic transmission with tiptronic now the reason i say that specifically is because uh with the four motion version you did get the dsg transmission which in other words is a dual clutch transmission from volkswagen and basically what a dsg transmission is or a dual clutch transmission is one

Clutch is holding all the even number of gears and the other one is holding all the odd numbers so basically when it’s time to change gears the next one is already ready whether you’re going up or down so the transmission in terms uh and lack of a better term the transmission ships faster whether you’re going up or down so that’s why the dsg transmissions are so

Loved in volkswagen vehicles now here’s the gear level for the vehicle you get your leather wrap gear leather here emergency park brake this is for your auto stop feature push button to start of course wireless charging down there as well you get two usb type-c ports as you can see you get your 12-volt outlet heated seats are in the front all right and then uh

This is for your ac climate control uh eight-inch infotainment screen apple car playing android auto are standard in this vehicle and here’s a good look at the uh cockpit as well so i can literally press this view button here and it will change the view of what the odometer will look like so that’s pretty much the max or it’s about four different options which

You can choose from and how you want your display to look here but other than that the steering wheel itself looks really really good it has a nice grippy texture to it handling in this vehicle is surprisingly really nice you’ll be quite surprised with how well this vehicle handles on the road another sandy thing with volkswagen vehicles are windows are one touch

Up and one touchdown there’s your headlights toggle there and then you also have your toggle for your heated uh side view mirrors of course you can adjust the left side and adjust the right side all right unlock buttons and lock buttons there you can put this thing in drive and go into the manual shift mode unfortunately this vehicle is not equipped with paddle

Shifters so you won’t be able to uh you know get a little spirited on the road and change gears at your wheel with the paddle shifters but you do have it on the gear lever here also led lights inside the interior here now one thing to mention is that this vehicle does have regular yellow lights in the trunk so i thought that was a bummer but anyway beautiful

Panoramic sunroof here got your sunshade i’ll let you guys see the entire thing of this going back because for this vehicle to be so small and shorter than antiguan having the same size panoramic sunroof is uh a plus it looks like it goes all the way in the back there that looks really cool i’m not gonna open up some right now because it is pretty rainy here in

Charlotte well in gastonia um but yeah as far as uh the power seat here on the for the driver’s side it is powered um now one thing to mention is that on the se the passenger seat isn’t going to be powered unfortunately all right nice center console here for your storage two cup holders you guys can see i’m sitting down this vehicle and i can drive it actually

In this position no problem but i believe that uh this vehicle has a good amount of room for the fact that it’s a compact suv for the fact that it being shorter you know as far as not as long as the tiguan and you’re not sacrificing too much in room i think that’s really impressive so let me go ahead and switch over to the back seat and show you guys what it looks

Like on the back msrp in this vehicle being that it’s a tiguan or receiving a tails 1.5 liter turbo se msrp is going to be at 30174. there’s a beautiful wool package there with those pirelli tires on it looks really really good all right and as we climb into the back seat here you can see that i am sitting quite comfortably here and the seat was just for me to

Actually drive for a good distance so surprisingly there’s a good amount of room in this vehicle here now the beautiful blue trim that’s out there in the front as you can see from the back seat here the beautiful blue trim up there in the front it doesn’t continue in the back seat it is plastic back here as well but it’s black it’s not the same color now you do

Get your window toggle there a nice little grippy hand nice little grip there for you to close the door um cupholders is right there as well you get your rear vents so you can uh get some ac back here for the the rear passengers one usb type-c port um which it was a 12-volt outlet back here but you know what can you say also get your pockets here for the back

Seats you can put a little bit of storage in there all right you have your leatherette manual because we put them in the back seat now we don’t leave them in the front seat i’m kidding y’all i’m kidding but another thing to mention here is that you do get your cup holders here for the center the uh the actual center of the other rear passengers or you can just

Use that as a third seat you get a headrest for all three sections here so of course the one i’m sitting on the middle and the other side there and also um the amount of room i want to get back to that the amount of room that i have from back here is actually surprising and then of course you get that beautiful view from the panoramic sun roof there i mean if

You guys look at this pin sunroof and then look at the back you want to think there’s a good amount of trunk space back there but there actually is i’m getting ready to show you guys the trunk in a second so yes this is what the front of the vehicle looks like from the back seat so really really nice looking vehicle here with that gear level in the mirror in the

Middle looks so nice uh german engineering they’re just so precise with uh you know putting things together as far as the quality of their work and just like with any new vehicle here in volkswagen’s lineup you do get your schedule two years in maintenance all new vehicles are covered by a four year fifty thousand mile warranty bumper-to-bumper and uh two years

Of free maintenance is uh basically all changes oil changes are once a year every ten thousand miles or whatever comes first and then we come to the back of the tails so the word around here around the dealership right now is that this is the baby atlas it’s based on how it looks but in actuality is really a baby t-one okay so this is the rear trunk of the tails

Here a surprising amount of trunk space being how how deep it actually is it’s actually really very impressive how they got this much room out of the tiguan here another t one i keep saying t one it’s really impressive how they got this much room out of the tails and it’s a shorter vehicle than the tiguan so with this vehicle here with this specific trim you do

Get your wheel locks your first uh your roadside assistant kit your first aid kit and this is what i was referring to earlier having that yellow light back here as opposed to led light so it’s a bummer but you know what can you do all right close this back up there’s your rear wiper there and let me give you guys a full look at what the vehicle looks like okay

There it is so that’s why that is going to be the volkswagen tails 2022 model so if you guys have any questions hit me up in the comments section below uh send me an email to my business email it’s gonna be in the description send me a personal email whatever you want to do and if you guys need an atlas or a tiguan whatever the case may be come to classic volkswagen

Gastonia we’re gonna have all your atlas and tiguan needs but until then thank you for watching this video have a good day y’all peace

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