New 2023 BMW X1- Review and Cargo Space Test

In this video, we review the new 2023 BMW X1 SUV. We take a look at its exterior and interior design, perform a cargo test and also check the interior space with four passengers.

Hey everyone it’s andre from bumper media and today we have the all-new bmw x1 let’s see what is different about this literally everything it’s an all new design we got an all new hood we got new grills active grills at that active bottom grilles as well we’ve got new headlights with the new daytime running light love the new apron in the frontier that’s nice

New aluminum mirror caps stunning wheels the back looks so sleek but also very sporty almost looks like an x5 i love this new roof spoiler that’s really cool the fin at the top is a little bit smaller love the new tail lights still has that l-shaped light and on the previous models this is a pre-production model and it’s non-m sport on the previous non-m sport

Models the bottom bumper and the side was all rough plastic now it’s painted plastic and super smooth let’s check out the interior we got the new flush door handles that’s really sleek wow look how stunning this is i love the new aluminum grilles for the speakers super nice materials very comfortable to hold oh that’s a cool handle you see that that’s

Nice so this column here is stationary it doesn’t move and what do we have is we got the all-new screen nice wood interior that’s the new shifter you got your start button here volume open up the armrest you got your wireless charger and it’ll secure your phone in there usb type c selfie camera and a big moon roof by the way this color is cape york green

Hey everyone it’s andre from bumper media and look what we have here today this is the all-new bmw x1 let’s see what’s different literally everything look at this hood that’s awesome sticks out like the old m3 we got new big grilles we got a new bumper new headlights new led daytime running lights nice cool aluminum mirror cap stunning wheels the back is on

Redesigned as well looks very aggressive i really like this roof spoiler here that’s cool bumper is different very sporty cool install trailer hitch from factory awesome let’s go check out the inside oh did i forget to mention the new flush door handles that’s cool wow that is nice love this new handle that’s cool love the new aluminum materials in here love

The wood this center concert here is stationary it doesn’t move we got the new big screens in here that’s the new shifter your start button is here glove box arm rest glove box wireless charger usb type c we’re going to show you how spacious the new x1 is so we already have two occupants inside the vehicle very comfortable we’re going to get one more person

To sit inside wow that is roomy so now inside there is so much space in here everyone’s got leg room headroom it’s a really good job for an x1 this is totally a four-seater today we’re going to see if these boxes will fit in the new x1 let’s check it out first box second box third box wow look at that all three boxes fit in the new x1 that’s cool this was

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New 2023 BMW X1- Review and Cargo Space Test By BMWBLOG