New 2023 Fiat 500X Dolcevita – First Looks Release Date Prices

We Share New 2023 Fiat 500X Dolcevita – First Looks Release Date Prices

Hello everyone welcome to my youtube channel that is carnival top list so i really think that you guys are really enjoying your day and really eagerly waiting for the audios for this channel so let’s get started with the upcoming cars as you guys know we always share the upcoming cars about this so let’s get started so today i’m going to share a wonderful model

With you all that is 20 23 fiat for 500 x dolls every time so we’re gonna here basically discuss about the 223 fiat 500x del dolce vita so the ivory colored soft touch seeds stand out with their piping and the white 500 batters while the gelato wild convertible soft top is the only option which is available with the 500 x doll sweeter this particular model

Stand outs from the competition and thanks to its white console and the chrome gear neo global small engine or jse family’s new turbo charge that is for 1.5 liter is inline four cylinder engine is included in the 500x delta vita special edition the engine has a torque output of 240 nm and around 130 horsepower and it is even paired with the new seven speed seven

Hdt 300 dual clutch automatic transmission the new 1.5 liter turbocharged engine has been basically created to the optimum match for its hybrid use to maximize its thermodynamics and therefore to reduce the fuel consumption that is the 1.0 liter that is for the firefly three cylinder engine powers the 500 dollars of it has a lithium battery and a 12 volt belt

Start generator that is bsg electric motor that produces a max torque of 68 feet lbs and 70 horsepower that is around 51 kilowatt that is 92 nm the cylinder head features a single calm shaft with the continuously variable wave timing two waves per cylinder and the timing is chain driven basically when we talk about the cylinder it is basically because of the

Structures small combustion chamber which is high tumble intake ducts and external exhaust gas recirculation also known as eg oil the compression ratio is extremely high that is right now working as 12 is to one which is really improving the thermal efficiency the belt has driven the auxiliaries and the bsg systems are connected directly to the engine even at

Speeds below 18 mph this technology enables the internal commution engine to shut off simply shifting into the neutral the driver receives guidance and when to shift where the dashboards display of information about the hybrid system the crankcase was created in association with the taxi and it constructed of the high pressure the new 500x dolls with the suv

From fiat which was just introduced a few months ago is now available in to order in the uk market the 500x cv tie is offered in the same connect cross and spot trim levels as the standard 500x the only change is installation of a canvas soft top which weathering permitting of course give passengers unrestricted head rooms and let all the sunshine into the

Interior thank you guys for listening up this video i hope this video is very nice guys don’t forget to share subscribe and like my channel thank you now great today

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New 2023 Fiat 500X Dolcevita – First Looks Release Date Prices By Carnival Toplist