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New 2023 Ford Escape Hybrid Redesign Launch Date Prices

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Check New 2023 Ford Escape Hybrid Redesign Launch Date Prices

Hi guys welcome back to my youtube channel that is pro vlog i hope you all are doing great so today’s video is gonna be about the 2023 ford escape hybrid so let’s get started just five years ago the ford was selling more than three lakh units of its escape compact crossovers but the fourth generation models which went on the sale starting with the 2020 model air

Has improved as popular with around 1 lakh 78 000 souls in 2020 the sales dipped by a further 33 000 units last year as the rugged bronco sports arrived as the internal competition in an attempt to haul the escapes downward spiral the ford is preparing a facelift and the updated crossover has now been spotted completely and disguised near its production facility in

Louis vuilla kenchuki the most noticeable change for the 2023 ford escape is the trendy light bar running across the top of the grill and linking the headlights the headlight themselves are revised with a less rounded shape that is reminiscent of the headlights on the jaguar eyepiece the grille has now been redesigned sitting higher in the front fascia and with the

Boxier outline and the ford logo has migrated into the middle of the grill while it’s not as chunky looking at the bronco sports the escape facelift definitely adds a degree of toughness with the fog skid plate in the front bumper the changes to the rear of this cape are more subtle with the tail light sporting a new upside down uled lightning signatures the rear

Bumper is unchanged and this example issues the black plastic cladding along the sides of the vehicle for the body color trim the face lifted escape is expected to continue to offer a gas hybrid and plug-in variants and it should be revealed in the fall before starting the production late this year the official specs for the 2023 ford escape haven’t been released

But it could gain more power however the escape already offers a more engine options than its competitors and doesn’t exactly need more muscles with the standard 1.5 liter three-cylinder engines you get 195 horsepowers and 19 lb feets of torque which is average you can upgrade to the 2.0 liter four-cylinder engines for 250 hp and 280 lb feet of torque which is

Exciting also the 2.5 liter four-cylinder engine is paired with an electric motor in the hybrid and plug-in hybrid models this setup cranks up to 200 hp depending on the engine the escape can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in about 6.7 to 8.5 seconds the ford escape phev can achieve up to 105 mph on a full charge the hybrid models get an epa estimated of 44 mpg in

The city and up to 37 mpg on the highway the ford escape can now up to tow 3500 lbs when properly equipped moving down the sides the refreshed 2023 ford escape touts a new wheel design and a monochromatic finish as everything includes the door handles and wheel arcs trim its painted body color on its particular model out back the 2023 escaped outs a revised tail

Light design that also looks more modern over than that the current gen model overall it’s a far more mature look for the small crossover one that brings it a little closer to the european kuga in terms of overall design aesthetic the 2023 model the for the ford escape represents a mid-cycle refresh for the crossovers following the redesign for the 2020 model air

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New 2023 Ford Escape Hybrid Redesign Launch Date Prices By Provlogs