NEW 2023 G900 BRABUS SUPERBLACK +SOUND Brabus CEO Private Car Interior Exterior & POV DRIVE

I AM BACK with the all new 2022 G900 Superblack Brabus based on the 2022 G63 on our YouTube Channel featuring a stunning paintwork in obsidian black! 😍

This thing is extremely brutal i can’t get enough of it we just woke up the beast oh hello guys i am back today welcoming you all with this and this beautiful view i am right now here in spain in palma de mallorca with bravos and today i will be presenting you the g900 super black edition guys and as if it was nothing this car right there is the daily driver

The new daily driver of bravo ceo constantine bushman guys and in today’s video i will be showing you all the details about this car from the exterior by doing a walk around afterwards also the interior it’s full of details and you will love it and last but not least we will be finishing it all up with a sound check because the sound is extremely good it’s a 10

Out of 10 and you will agree with me on that so stick with me let’s get it on and start with this beauty right here okay so i’ve had a talk with bravo ceo constantine buschmann and he told me i really love the bravos xlp super black but unfortunately as a daily driver it isn’t good guys imagine finding a parking space for that huge humongous vehicle in the city

Center or else therefore he came up with the idea of having the exact same thing for normal g63 so what brabus did is they took a g63 did a full conversion we have the white body kit on it not the rocket edition keep that in mind and the 900 engine which we also had in all the rockets and rocket editions the 4.5 liter v8 amg engine they extended the displacement

From a four liter to a 4.5 liter pushing it up to 900 horsepower so guys less talk let’s just get right into it and start with the walk around of this car yeah given by its name it’s called the super black i mean what did you expect when you hear that name it’s literally every single part on this is black super super black starting with the front looking at it

Right here guys it’s comparable to a look of a normal g bra both conversion but let me show you more of the details first of all we have the bonnet extension four finished in carbon fiber in gloss you can also have the option to go for matte finish we have the brothers double b here unless you have a closer look this even is finished in black which is also cool

The exterior paint itself is obsidian black i think we have the g-class specific front headlights and the grille as you see here the so-called panamericana grill was fully painted in black gloss plus as you have a look here we have two white stripes you will see a lot of black but in addition to that you will also see some white detail which they have added to

Create a very nice contrast in addition with all the black and the carbon fiber as well we have a carbon fiber grille frame here bravo’s double b also the brabus right here and then the camera the front bumper itself as you see here is full finished and black we have the additional lights also down here and the white star kit as you see everything is finished in

Black the front also here with the bravo’s the mr ben’s number plate all in all guys just look at the front this thing is extremely brutal i am telling you also looking at the site you can instantly see everything is finished in black but there are a few details i need to mention first of all we have the biggest wheel option that you can get for a brabus g24 inches

The monoblock z wheels which are also finished in black full black finish even the emblems everything the brake calipers finished in black with the nice white details as i mentioned the side as i just said this is finished in carbon fiber as well as the door handles before we talk about the interior let me just give you a proper sound check of this the legendary

G-class door opening sound and as soon as you also open the door you have a running board light in addition to that as we have a super black edition we have the illuminated exhaust on this which we have seen back then with the g900 rocket edition first the sound of the exhaust is amazing and i love it also something cool here is a roof lights here also finished in

Carbon fiber which look very cool especially in the night let me now give you a look on the rear guys and here we have the g900 rubbles super black rear how do you guys like it as i just see i mean we don’t have the rear wing which you normally have and we also have the rear spare tire cover finished in carbon fiber as we have a closer look you can see that here

Full carbon fiber finish also with the bravo’s emblem i love it even the door handles here’s finishing carbon fiber 900 batch with the white surroundings and this after you have a closer look is finished in carbon fiber this is so cool so guys the doors are open for you to enter the interior but before we do that here we have the key is the stock amg key but in

The back with the brabus automotive auto high performance automobiles badge as well let’s just focus on the interior guys and this thing is also super black as the exterior what a surprise this car is full of details guys here you can see what bra boss is capable of i just love the car from bravo ceo all the time because in his car they always try to do new things

And you see some new crazy things on this car all the time because you want to have like special interiors or special things inside and that’s what we have here first of all the entire interior trim is finished in black leather as you can obviously see but this is not normal leather you feel it and touch it this feels like real leather not like the artico fake

Leather you have in the mercedes cars this is genuine real leather it feels and smells like leather second of all the perforations the stitching on this car i’ve never seen on any other car before let me give you a closer look okay first of all you have this part right over here nice perforations nice design here also with the bravo’s badge finished in shadow

Chrome inside here shadow chrome carbon fiber part these buttons all every single one shadow chrome even these ones normally they are plastic repainted and redone shadow chrome something i love here is the inside here is finished in leather this is very complicated to do and nice but also here additional detail full leather works brabus emblem and this design

It’s a seven and another seven this stands for the year they founded bravo’s it was 1977 and this is just a very cool feature to see and you will see that on a lot of cars and even here on the sides normally in mercedes stock cars you have this finished on plastic what did brothers do full leather works on this even look the smallest details they just work on it

With so much love and attention to the details even the floor mats something i hated back in the days was that the entire floor mat was finished in leatherworks okay because like with your dirty shoes it’s not good for daily driver now for the first time ever i see this on bravo ceo’s car they have it finished in like normal floor mat material but on the side here

Where you don’t step on with your dirty shoes for example they have the badge the bravo’s masterpiece badge with the signature of the ceo constantin bushman and nice leather works also down here you see that this is crazy this gas brake pedal shadow chrome the side here details here details no one will even see this imagine still it’s full of details this is just

Crazy down here everything finished in leather but i can just talk about this like the entire day but let’s just step inside and talk more about it i just love the sound of the doors let me just do it again for you guys i just need to do it again i can’t get enough of it i’m sorry so as we are inside guys i will just keep it short i can’t keep it short but that’s

A problem i will keep it short when we drive it i will give you a more detailed look of this interior yeah guys there’s a lot to talk about but i will talk about this when doing the drive now it’s time to do a sound check for you i will switch the car into sport plus and lower the windows there we go and now i’ll be starting it up for you three two one let’s go

Keep in mind we have the bravo’s exhaust and the side pipes okay time for the sound check listen oh this sound is just so nice having the side pipes here having the extra bravo sound more cracks and pops i just love and enjoy it a lot how do you guys like the sound leave it in the comment section below but now it’s time to step outside and listen to the sound

From the outside guys because it’s way louder i promise so guys now it’s time for soundcheck from the outside please keep in mind we have the additional bravo’s exhaust mounted on this now it’s time for a proper sound okay listen up to this and also from the right side as well the sound as i mentioned guys is just heaven on earth but when driving it it sounds so

Much better i already had a nice free driving and i was laughing so hard so guys it’s now time to start the drive inside the g900 super black let’s go and today we will be driving it as you all wanted it because the sound of this as we have the bravo’s additional exhaust and 900 horsepower in this g900 super black edition the sound is good trust me okay first

Of all seat belts on which are obviously black we will be starting the ignition first nice animations here let’s switch it all up to sport plus instantly and now it’s time to start the engine first of all listen to that i will be lowering the windows for you and the right one as well as we have the exhaust tips on both sides whoa like a lion we just woke up the

Beast and it’s time to give us a nice ride in my orca right here guys i’m honest with you i’m not really good with the streets and the situation right here therefore i will be just trying to give you a nice drive but not really drive it fast you know oh as we are in sport plus right now guys the exhaust is on and the sound is already in low rpm very loud you

Hear that even a downshift it sounds like a lion roar okay guys i had to drive a bit out but now finally i think we have nice streets to give you a great sound listen holy this is jason first gear oh the sound is brutal downshift oh you you actually forget that this car is a 900 horsepower beast it’s roaring that’s that’s a lion this is the definition of

A lion do you remember the gle 900 rocket edition that that was an ak-47 but this one is the lion and also in low rpm this drives so cool listen you hear that oh holy ah constantine bushman i think the drive from his home to his work with this car will be the most fun part in the entire day this is so exciting i’m honest with you i wish we had the german

Autobahn here i wish downshift oh nice gt oh this is this is too much for me i can’t handle it so much emotions this is what i miss on the latest cars on all the automotives on all mercedes cars the sound ah this is one of the coolest rides i’ve ever had i just love to play with the sound you know downshift this is just so cool oh guys describe

This sound with one word oh this is just cool i can’t get enough of it i’m honest i can’t get enough of it imagine being constantine bushman driving to his workplace this is what i would do the entire day or after finishing work okay guys that’s it that’s it that’s it if you want me to drive this car on the german autobahn full throttle drive with constantine

Bushman just leave it in the comment section below i think this will be one of the most fun videos i’m out guys thank you very much for watching which car should i drive next special thanks to brabus for making this possible to flying me out to mallorca to drive the car of the ceo of bravos this is just a dream coming true oh thank you guys for supporting take

Care and wish you an amazing day see you next time guys i will be back you

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NEW 2023 G900 BRABUS SUPERBLACK +SOUND! Brabus CEO Private Car! Interior Exterior & POV DRIVE By Mr. Benz