New 2023 Genesis Electrified GV70 First Impression Worth Extra 3103730$

Our new presenter, Soeun Shin, tested the latest Genesis Electrified GV70. This 2023 Genesis Electrified GV70 is an electric version of its small premium SUV GV70.The latest model is packed with features and powerful performance. Check out more with Soeun.

Hi guys welcome back to monograph world channel greeting as a new face my name is shinzo in and today i’m having a concise look at electrified genesis gv70 the overall appearance and design of a new electrified gv70 has not shown much change from the previous model let’s look at the front part first the color is pure white and with a little bit of mix of gray

And black in between it creates more elegant imagery the front fascia as you can see the two headlamp in between remains the same and also a very voluminous bonnet also remains the same however the luxurious grilled part especially the air intake has been replaced by the battery charger since this is an electric car that needs to be filled differently now we’re

Going to take a closer look at a side profile i like to first mention the identical customary design that has not been renewed in the electrified gv70 first of all since this is a coupe line the surface as you can see kind of tilts over as it goes to the back this is a fully equipped model acquiring 265 45 r20 the rear is almost identical from the previous model

Except that since this is an electrified model the exhaust tips have been removed i’m going to look at the closer look at the tail lamps tail limbs just like the front has two splits in between so it kind of creates this luxurious appearance trunk is operated automatically by pushing this button over here it takes about two to three seconds to open it up fully

Since this is a coupe like design the back part is slightly slanted unlike other big suvs that could acquire relatively big amounts of packages i think this model cannot obtain a very big packages and since this is an electric car there is a charger on inside and out so if you see behind the net on the side of the trunk there is a bolt that you can plug in your

Charger and since this height is not that low i can sit on here very properly and have some relaxing picnics moving on to the texture and comfort of the seat the cushion itself is quite comfy which means the cushion is not that thick or soft it’s right in between the middle and the lumbar support is fully adjustable frankly speaking i really like the steering wheel

The texture of the grip the sense of grip is very very comfortable i have a medium-sized hand and as i grip this around it kind of wraps up perfectly so when i’m driving i think i’ll be in a very relaxed position the overall interior design seems to be very lucrative in comparison to other german models that i have experienced it creates very luxurious imagery as

It occupies two mix of color blue and white according to hyundai genesis it has been stated that this color is ocean wave blue but i have made some mistakes while i’m filming this too but i think this color is more similar to black instead of blue so if you’re thinking of a dark blue or a sky blue that we see normally you might not like this or be satisfied with

The color that came out with even though this part seems quite big um and large there’s not much of a storage that i can put in or materials first of all let’s look at how many space we have for the water bottles we only have two space for the water bottle so i guess a one for the driver and one for the person sitting next to but on the side trim another board

The water bottle to fit in so if i open it up like this the storage is not that huge i was expecting to see the storage that goes up all the way to at least to the middle part but instead it kind of stops right here on the side what i really really like about this car is that it includes numerous features and options that i can choose out of now let’s first look

At the infotainment screen infotainment screen is touchable and it can be also operated manually through this button over here i think this overall operation the system is quite similar to the mercedes-benz and i really like how the color is gray so it kind of stands out more than just having black and white i think this car has a great mix of digital and analog

Inputs for example as you can see here the climate part you can dial it by moving it around simply moving around rolling around but you can also touch the screen over here to make the temperature difference also there is many different key features that you can choose out of from the touch screen here it says there is some air for the driver only and also there

Is a air circulation system that is a very special part of this car and also there is a heat pump system so if i click here the heat pump system has been started because electric cars need to save a lot of energy during the winter so this system allows the car to manually to best maximize the use of the energy overall if you click the drive button over here there’s

Three different type of drive mode that you can choose out of first echo second comfort third sport and lastly you can customize your own and make it as a highlight i guess and if you push the right side of this button depending on the road condition you can choose snow mud or sand first of all the softness and the texture of the cushion is identical to the front

I’m not that tall legroom seems to be sufficient however for people who are taller than the average they might have hardships let’s move on to the headspace as you can see my head almost touches so if you’re taller than 5.5 feet i think you will easily touch fortunately this card has reclining second row seats so if i just press the side and tilt i can comfortably

Rely and have much comfort since this car is an electric car the center internals have a very low height today i had a trial ride with a electrified genesis gv70 this car includes a lot of features that gave me a very comfortable drive-through and writing style which i would definitely spend my extra money on this please do not forget to like and subscribe our

Videos and i am more than welcome to take new comments so feel free to comment down below and i hope to see you guys again next time thank you for watching so so you

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