New 2023 Hyundai Palisade Facelift First Impression Hyundais Best Recipe

Our new presenter, Mari Cho, met the newly facelifted Hyundai Palisade. This 2023 Hyundai Palisade is one of the best selling SUV from Hyundai.The latest model is also packed with many features. Check out more with Mari Cho.

Hi everyone and welcome back to the motograph world channel my name is mari and today i’m here with the newly updated palisade let’s take a look at the new design and how it has changed over the years so now let’s take a look at the front face it has changed considerably taking uh considering that it’s a facelift the grill has definitely changed before it was

An edgier more of a hexagon type look but now it has the black gloss type of a grill and i personally like the normal version compared to the calligraphy or the higher end trim it’s just a plain black gloss and it also has the identity of the palisade which is the vertical lights going down it’s very much more masculine and it also has that premiumness of the

Flagship suv model and just for the korean market because of the daylight running at lamp regulations you’ll have this little strip here but for the u.s markets you’ll probably get the version without this little strip for the vertical lamps the overall length is almost 5 meters of 4995 to be exact so it’s the biggest suv lineup almost fit for an entire family

That can sit up to seven or eight people we’ll take a look inside as well but this is the normal version with the black gloss and onto my left hand side you have the calligraphy or the higher end trim and they’ve actually added the chrome the metallic but for me personally i like the black gloss a little bit better let’s take a look at the side and now i look

At the side profile the reason i like the palisade when it first came out was it’s a sense of streamlined features but if you look from the the side profile you have the huge fenders the volume and you have the straight character lines running through you have the 20 inch wheels as well as the 245 50 tires of michelin fitted on you also have the option of 18

Inch and 20 inches and now this is for the calligraphy version which is a higher trim you have the specific wheels for the calligraphy the sizes are the same with 20 inch as well as 245 f50 michelin tires but it’s just the design and they also have these huge side mirrors and with this kind of c type light here on the side mirrors so now looking at the rear view

It’s quite a big suv it’s literally just a sports utility vehicle so you will have a lot of storage room at the back so let’s take a look at the trunk and because it’s so high up the ground clearance is quite high up you don’t get that much of a height inside for the trunk because if you sit it’s almost as you know comparable to some of the santa fes or some of

The smaller suvs in terms of the height of the trunk maybe in terms of the length it’s very spacious and if you actually fold up the seats you get all of the space inside so if you’re actually camping out you can actually use this as a bed if you fold up the second row seats as well there’s not that many changes there are slight changes in terms of the digital

Display before it was the 10.25 inches now it has become larger with the 12 inches of the digital display and there has been one change made to the calligraphy version in which you get more cameras and sensors so if you put it in reverse for the calligraphy version you will also be able to see reverse mode from your center display as well as your room mirror so

You’ll get both of those views compared to the telluride from kia which is more of an off-road and more of a sports utility vehicle this is more of an upscale premium family type suv one thing that i did notice about the line of sight if you’re opting for this size of vehicle i feel that i have a limited line of sight maybe it’s because of the proportions of the

Car where you have a larger body compared to the top but this one is slightly more limited i mean it won’t hinder your sight or it won’t really damage your your driving but it is slightly more hindered compared to the bigger or minivans and now for the steering wheel it has changed not much of a huge difference but it is a different design for me personally no

Comment for the seats they are perforated in the middle and the middle part is lots of cushion and it’s quite comfortable and for the lumbar support it’s also quite comfortable as well and there’s a lot of controls in which you can push back and forth front and back as well as a complete change for the passenger seat here considering the size of a vehicle and

Considering that this is a family car i think that the driver would want a little bit more space even with the first passenger seat but the center console takes up quite a large amount of space if it were up to me i would have wanted this to be a little bit more narrow and maybe a little bit more ergonomic because at the moment the armrest is a little bit too

Far back i don’t have anywhere to place my arm but this split takes up too much space so that i can’t really open my legs or i can’t shift my legs anywhere and even at the bottom it does have this open space right here but it takes up a lot of room even for the foot space for larger taller people this might be a little bit of a hindrance so i’m in the second row

Seats the normal version always comes in a default setting of the seven seater without any additional cost i have more than enough headroom because it’s quite tall these seats are adjustable back and forth as well as the side ink line the drawback of the center seat is that it’s very uncomfortable it’s very hard um you don’t have that much space and the back

Rest is also very very rigid you have more than enough seats even in the third row as well as this um as the second row so i would just recommend for you to just sit in these seats it’s just an extension of the armrest it seems once again because it’s the flagship model of the hyundai company you have a lot of features and you have a lot of storage room they

Had a lot of cup holders they also had a lot of storage in the door trim they also had these areas at the back of the seats also the palisade was one of the first models with the usb ports on the back of the seats now they have changed it to the c-type chargers you also have a lot of convenience features like these and even at the back you have those chargers

As well so it’s definitely a family oriented sort of an upscale family suv i thought that the third row seats would be extremely uncomfortable but in fact the third row seats aren’t so bad if you adjust the second row seats really far behind i guess these would be too narrow but as for now i have more than enough space and the seats aren’t as rigid and hard

They’re quite comfortable in fact and the fact that these are automatically adjustable and you can open and fold them as you like with just that touch of a button i think would be a very nice convenient feature to have i mean yes it’s not as comfortable as the second row seats or the driving seat but still quite impressive some of the other convenience features

That you have you have heated seats on the third row seats you also have the usb charging for both sides of the seats you also have a window of course you can’t open it but you still have a workable window that you get more than enough light through you also have these hvac that you can adjust with direct and indirect wind so if you are feeling a bit cold and

Chilly then you can close this up and have indirect cool air and if it’s a hot day then you can have direct cool air so these are also functions and features that were introduced for the first time on the palisade so i hope you enjoyed our short but brief review of the new upgraded facelifted palisade we’ll come back with a test drive if we can so i hope you

Enjoyed our brief but short review of the palisade please let us know your comments down below and see you next time you

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