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New 2023 Maserati GranTurismo – Full Presentation – Exterior Interior Details

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The new 2023 Maserati GranTurismo coupé is equipped with the revolutionary V6 Nettuno engine, available in two versions: the Modena, with the 490-hp 3.0-liter V6 Nettuno Twin Turbo; the high-performance Trofeo version is based on the same engine, upgraded to a maximum power of 550 horsepower.

Bringing the light from the side really shows the sculpture makes the car look really really wide so we have the awesome colors incredible sounds really exploding on the screen fantastic hey guys we are here in the studios to create some assets for our new baby the gran turismo some video photo assets and since we have the car here let’s get up and take a look

Together as you know the gran turismo is not just a nameplate for us it’s actually the philosophy of our brand bringing performance and luxury together and that is really apparent in how we have designed the new gran turismo so let’s take a closer look before the invention of the gran turismo concept 75 years ago the customer basically had to decide between a race

Car or a car for the road and what the concept of gran turismo did is brought these two worlds together so you could track your car and then drive it home basically by combining this central fuselage with the engine which in that day was basically that of a formula one car and making the car road legal by adding headlights and the volumes that protect the wheels

And the f1 technology is still with us today the neptuno engine of the gran turismo which comes from the nc20 is mid car mounted and is utilizing formula one technology and that allows us to also in this case keep the center line of the car extremely low and allowing the flares these muscles to really stand out and create this beautiful sculpture our sculpture

Combined with purity is extremely important for us because we’re not designing cars for a three-year lease contract our cars will go into your collection they will go into a concord de lagos so they need to express visual longevity and part of their pursuit of perfection is also to eliminate the cut line that we previously had here in the hood and we’re now moving

Over to the side to be almost invisible and creating this beautiful clamshell hood that in itself is an engineering masterpiece and belongs onto the world of a museum to be appreciated as a sculpture the face of the car is very recognizable being that from the mc20 and the correct with this very very low mouth of course featuring our credential which for me is the

Coolest logo in the industry combined with those vertical headlights really expressing this new maserati design dna on completing the family between mc20 and gray color and the new gran turismo so let’s take a look at the side of the new gran turismo foreign construction and the amazing proportion but believe me clean construction clean design is the most difficult

Thing for a designer because there’s so many things in your way you have to consider the glass drop you have to consider the hinges of the door you have to consider side impact but still with tight collaboration with engineering team and modena we’re able to create this very very pure sculpture a very pure fuselage design of the door and the rest of the car when

It comes to the front these beautiful muscles that are covering the massive front tires 265 20 in the big 295 21 inch wheels when it comes to this part we’re really applying through the human head yes we’re using lasers we’re digitizing we’re scanning we’re using data but when it comes to such critical parts of the car that is so important to our design and dna

We’re still applying the touch of the human hand well let’s talk about proportion proportion is so important for maserati and of course a car like the gran turismo we were able to accomplish a magic dash to axle ratio and this gets measured from the center of the front wheel to the cut line of the front door this distance is what makes the proportion so magic and

We were able to achieve that together with the packaging engineers and moderna by putting the v6 behind the front axle be able to create this beautiful long stretch sculpted foot now at the same time when it comes to the cabin the challenge was to find space for four grown adults we wanted at the same time to create something very intimate something looks very

Tight very sporty and the trick is when you look at the central line here that is actually quite high because it has to clear the head of the rear passengers at the same time you have the dropping line the graphic of the window this distance is quite big but allows us to combine package for four adults with the look of a very very tight and sporty cabin but the

Result nonetheless is through great packaging that we can’t hold for adults and we can combine that with supercar performance that in this combination really lets the gran turismo stand out so i hope you enjoyed this little introduction to the maserati granturismo and i hope to see you soon on the street foreign foreign foreign foreign thank you thank you

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