New 2023 Maserati Grecale Trofeo Gialla

Grecale strikes the right balance between versatility, elegance, performance and innovation, guaranteeing performance, comfort and safety, all at the same time. These features are combined with off- road capabilities and uncompromising driving pleasure.

Foreign the new 2023 gray kale brings the maserati lineup even further down market into the luxury suv sphere currently occupied by models such as the porsche macon and alfa romeo stelvio given that the mid-sized levant suv makes up nearly 60 percent of maserati sales globally a smaller sibling was all but inevitable following multiple teasers and a delay

Caused by the microchip shortage the relatively high-riding vehicle with the triton logo debuts in gt medina and trophia flavors named after a northeasterly mediterranean wind the grey kale with combustion engines is shown alongside the purely electric derivative part of the recently announced four goal lineup the ev will hit the market a year after the gas model

With a similar look save for a different grill with curved grill slats and aerodynamic wheels it looks properly sporty without being a levant scale down to 75 percent some had concerns it would look a lot like the ford puma because of some headlight similarities but the grey kale has its own visual identity it’s particularly fetching in the tropheo guys with its

Wider air intakes part of an aggressive body kit at the heart of the top spec version is a three liter v6 taken from the mc20 complete with a pair of turbochargers it develops a healthy 523hp at 6500 rpm and a peak torque of 620 newton meters from 3000 rpm it’s enough six cylinder punch to allow the gray kale hits 62 miles per hour in 3.8 seconds flat out it will

Do 177 miles per hour the gray kale tropheo has been engineered with an eight-speed zf automatic transmission sending all that power to an all-wheel drive setup with a limited slip electronic rear differential the four-cylinder versions also using an all-paul layout have either an open mechanical or a limited slip mechanical diff along with a different version

Of the 8-speed auto speaking of lesser models the entry-level gt uses a 2-liter turbocharged engine with mild hybrid technology it pushes out a still respectable 296 horsepower at 5750 rpm and 332 pound-feet from 2000 rpm whereas the medina ups the horsepower count to 325 horsepower while retaining the same level of torque the sprint takes 5.6 seconds in the

Case of the base model or 0.3 seconds less for the mid-range model both can do 149 miles per hour or 240 kilometers per hour europe will be the first region to get the crossover in the first half of the year with the us canada and select latin american countries to follow this fall maserati has shared preliminary u.s pricing for the 2023 grey kale which starts

At 63 500 for the gt available for a short while by making an online reservation the medina limited edition costs seventy seven thousand four hundred dollars both prices exclude the one thousand four hundred and ninety five dollar destination and handling fees do so so so so guys so so so you

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