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New 2023 Mazda CX-60 Plug in Hybrid SUV | Compact Crossover SUV | 2023 Mazda CX 60

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New 2023 Mazda CX-60 Plug in Hybrid SUV | Compact Crossover SUV | 2023 Mazda CX 60

Welcome to the launch of the all-new mazda cx60 this is our first plug-in hybrid our most powerful and largest car that we’ve ever introduced our designers have created a high quality interior inside an evolution of the now familiar kodo exterior design placing the cx60 very firmly as a challenger to the established european brands of audi bmw and mercedes as with

All mazdas the focus for our engineers has been to make this a great driving car and i’m sure when you get behind the wheel tomorrow you will see for yourselves how successful we’ve been at making this a really engaging drive the launch of the cx60 represents a step change in how people will perceive mazda and raises the expectations of customers this is the start

Of a fundamental shift in our product portfolio and over the next few years we’ll introduce multiple models from hybrid to full battery electric vehicles but before i share the product highlights let me give you some insight into how our business has performed in the last year shouldn’t looked promising for mazda and we should see a positive end to the calendar

Year from a new car perspective we have long championed the internal combustion engine and this will still power the majority of our cars across the world in 2030. these cars will be increasingly electrified as set out in our building block concept in 2012 it showed how we would introduce electric technology over time on top of a base internal combustion engine

With the end goal being full battery electric in those markets that mandate the zero emission vehicles but in order to reduce co2 we have to continue to develop and improve the efficiency of the internal combustion engine as the globe slowly transitions to electrification for the small product group which includes mazda 3 cx30 and mx30 we will develop hybrids

Mild hybrids and evs using a rotary engine as a generator as well as launching plug-in hybrids and for the large products group with the cx60 being the first new model we took into account the regulations in global markets as well as customer needs and have been creating a multi-solution architecture that can support mild hybrid plug-in hybrid and even straight

4 and straight six gasoline and diesel engines many years in development these engines will be cleaner and more efficient than our current engines lower co2 lower knocks and better fuel consumption efficiency while producing more power and greater drivability between now and 2025 we will launch five hybrid models five plug-in hybrids and three battery electric

Vehicles off our scalable architecture with a cx60 being the first plug-in hybrid foreign hybrid unit is combined with a skyactiv g 2.5 liter four-cylinder engine enabling the car to be driven on electricity for most daily driving through applying our technological expertise and engine and electric drive technology and a human-centric development philosophy

We’ve created a new phev system that offers a very engaging driving experience the car has ample torque that’s comparable to a large displacement diesel engine and outputs similar to a turbocharged petrol engine also when the battery depletes through long distance driving the vehicle switches to hev which secures a range that is longer than that of an ordinary

Internal combustion engine model as for driving the combination of a 2.5 liter engine and the large electric motor provides instant response to the driver’s input enabling full utilization of the available power we’ve also been busy with battery electric vehicle development in 2021 we launched our battery electric vehicle the mx-30 and we successfully sold over

2 000 models in the last year this continues to be a popular choice for those who want to make the transition to full electric before 2025 we will launch three bevs globally and from 2025 we’ll have the dedicated bv production line that is scalable and capable of building multiple body styles as i mentioned we’ve not given up on the development of the internal

Combustion engine and we will launch both petrol and diesel six-cylinder engines in the cx-60 both equipped with a 48 volt mild hybrid system large displacement engines may seem counter-intuitive but the bigger an engine’s displacement the wider the high efficiency range can be expanded at a high load and at highway speeds a larger engine is also less stressed

Enabling better performance and drivability when a small engine is used at a light load the engine is inefficient but the more cylinders an engine has it increases the usage of the low rpm range which in turn improves efficiency so let me give you a little more detail about the new e-sky activex engine the three liter petrol e-sky activex takes advantage of the

Good vibration balance that inline six-cylinder engines are known for and combines this with enhancements to the precise combustion control technology which was developed for the four-cylinder e-sky activex using spark controlled compression ignition with a high compression engine we’re able to reduce emissions and improve fuel economy over a traditional spark

Ignition engine the engine delivers smooth acceleration and an engaging sound and due to enhanced lean combustion technology the unit also achieves the same fuel economy as the four-cylinder esco active x engine foreign moving on to the all-new 3.3 liter diesel engine this is the next step towards our goal for ideal combustion with the potential to use both

Carbon neutral liquid e-fuels or biofuels as the world transitions to evs we were able to increase thermal efficiency in the new diesel engine by over 40 percent for a considerable part of the practical operating range the larger engine displacement serves as an enabler for better fuel efficiency and low knocks emissions throughout the engine the higher engine

Torque provides an excellent driving feel as well as a fuel efficiency and emissions equal to smaller suvs as the world has evolved in its thinking around accelerating co2 reduction we’ve updated our ambition to reflect the direction of travel globally our plan is to have 25 percent of our global model line up as full battery electric vehicles by 2030. the

Remaining 75 of our models will have some form of electrification on top of a base internal combustion engine but of course the cadence of actual sales mix will reflect local demand and we would expect europe and the uk to have a significantly greater proportion of ev mix at this point in the uk we will follow the government trajectory on sales percentage

Requirements for zero emission vehicles through to 2030 when our lineup will be bv and phev only and full bev after 2035. foreign the all-new mazda cx-60 further expands our suv lineup back in 2012 just two percent of our sales for suvs but with the introduction of the cx-60 suvs will now make up 70 of our total sales in 2022. this is the first new model

From our large product group to be introduced in europe and will be followed by the seven seat cx-80 within the next two years the mazda cx60p hev represents everything that we’ve built into our dna over the last 100 years from outstanding exterior and interior design to the finest japanese craftsmanship the latest innovations in human-centric technologies and

World leading powertrains a mazda 660 phev launches ahead of the six-cylinder petrol and diesel mild hybrid powertrains it combines a skyactiv g 2.5 four-cylinder direct injection petrol engine with a large 129 kilowatt electric motor and a 17.8 kilowatt hour high capacity battery this combination of engine and motor delivers a total system output of 327 ps and

Abundant torque of 500 newton meters making it the most powerful road car mazda has ever produced the mazda cx60 phev delivers highly impressive performance accelerating from 0 to 62 in just 5.8 seconds and onto a limited maximum speed of 125 miles an hour the new mazda phev also displays outstanding environmental credentials wltp combined fuel consumption is an

Impressive 188 miles per gallon and co2 emissions just 33 grams per kilometer the positioning of the high voltage battery between the front and rear axles and as low as possible within the body shell gives the new mazda cx68 particularly low center of gravity when combined with a permanent all-wheel drive system this gives the car superior handling characteristics

On a par with the best in the premium market the all-new mazda cx60 is based on mazda’s skyactiv multi-solution scalable architecture which features numerous enhancements that offer excellent driving dynamics while a comprehensive range of advanced driver assistance systems ensures active safety at the highest level and targets a euro end cap five-star safety

Rating we’ve always offered a high standard specification on our cars and with the cx60 we see another step change in the quality feel and the level of equipment that really elevates cx60 the entry exclusive line specification level offers 18-inch alloy wheels a black interior 12.3 inch center screen heated steering wheel and front seats head-up display and

The ability to preheat or pre-cool the car through the my master app moving on to the humura this car gets gloss black external trim 20-inch black metallic alloy wheels front ventilated drive and passenger seats with both cooling and heating functions heated rear seats a 12-speaker bose sound system and the mazda driver personalization system and i’ll talk

About this neat feature shortly then top of the range is the takumi which comes with white nappa leather maple wood interior accents unique interior stitching 20-inch black machined alloy wheels and chrome exterior detailing and a full-length panoramic sunroof is optional on both the hamura and takumi models we’ve associated the phrase crafted in japan with a

Mazda cx60 but why we don’t just make our cars there’s a passion dedication and craftsmanship that goes into every vehicle this ethos of handmade premium quality is firmly established in japanese culture this can be seen at the very first stage of visualization when our artists create physical models to inspire the designers the takumi modelers cut and mold the

Shape of the cars from clay using traditional tools before the metal workers file and shape the metal by hand to give the desired reflective surface this craftsmanship is further represented in the interior of the cx-60 the traditionally made door fabric reacts sensitively to changes in light and the japanese needlework known as musubu creates hanging stitches

The maple wood trim is crafted in the hachu style which means asymmetrical balance handmade initially and then replicated for mass production in japanese culture the craft should be intended for and be able to withstand the rigors of daily use it must be created using traditional techniques and methods and the main material should remain true to the historical

Context attention to detail is essential in japanese craftsmanship but it’s not just the physical that’s important but also consideration of the surrounding space and light often the most important part of japanese design is what is not there and the way that an artist creates meaningful space or how light is reflected and flows through an object to add tone and

Substance this is integral to the mazda design philosophy of beauty by subtraction and how the creation of our cars use all the elements typical of japanese craftsmanship from functional engine and technology to the way the car looks and how it plays with the light to reflect its surroundings in a way no other car can we use clay to create the shape similar to

The artist that made japanese ceramic and pottery where famous we use metal workers using traditional methods to shape the body and we create fabrics that follow age-old techniques and reflect the art of japanese stitching keeping true to traditional craft and culture this is why we refer to our cars as crafted in japan taking this inspiration from traditional

Japanese craftsmanship were able to define mazda in a way that positions us in a uniquely japanese premium territory foreign dynamic styling which features the very latest iteration of kodo design you see that both inside and outside the car and a lot of it is down to this amazing rear-wheel drive look to the suv architecture the electric charging of this

Phev uses a type 2 charger it takes 2 hours 20 minutes on an 11 kilowatt charger so one of the really neat features that i like about this car is the mazda driver personalization system all new to our range and what it does based on the physique of the person sat in the driver’s seat and it can take up to six different people on the memory is set everything up

For your personal preferences and that’s seating lighting heating the mirrors the head-up display a really super feature the interior design is absolutely fabulous from the maple wood and the napa leather through to this uniquely worked japanese fabric that we see on the dashboard and in the side of the doors here this car features kinematic posture control

Which makes cornering absolutely superb it basically breaks the inside rear wheel and that reduces the amount of roll as you go into the corner makes the car feel incredibly planted much feels much smaller much lighter than it than it really is brilliant to drive really makes a difference the my drive feature allows you to select one of several modes of driving

To optimize this balance between the internal combustion engine and the electric motor of the phev so in normal it does that and makes the most of the fuel efficiency in sport it would hold on to the gear a little longer to allow much quicker overtaking maneuvers for example we then have the ev only mode so you’d be driving it in pure electric for as long as the

Battery is charged and then finally the sort of towing and off-road mode so a whole selection of different options for the driver the cx60 offers 39 miles of pure electric drive when driving under 62 miles an hour and that really is just perfect for most people’s commutes once on the move the two power sources work seamlessly together to give the most efficient

Performance for any type of driving i’m hugely impressed by the mazda 660 and it marks a huge step change really in the product and technologies that mazda brings to market in my 20 years in the company in the uk this is by far the most important car that i’ve ever been involved in launching and will bring all new customers to the brand and i think elevate

The brand overall you’ll be driving this car yourself on the stunning roads of north wales are my favorite driving country and up into snowdonia and i’ll be really interested to hear your opinions and your views on the car when you get back when you leave this presentation we have an exhibition on crafted in japan which i’d encourage you to spend a little time

Exploring the featured artists are all japanese or inspired by japanese crafts working in the uk and europe using traditional japanese techniques the exhibition was curated by time out and i hope you like audio jungle

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New 2023 Mazda CX-60 Plug in Hybrid SUV | Compact Crossover SUV | 2023 Mazda CX 60 By UNIQUE CAR MOTO 🚘