NEW 2023 Mercedes MAYBACH V12 – S Class 100 Year Edition S680 Review Interior Exterior Sound

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So hello guys welcome to merge band’s king today we are sitting in one of the most exclusive mercedes maybach ever built this is the 100 years edition and that means there are only 100 built and this is the first in switzerland in today’s video i will show you the full exterior interviewer all the new gadgets and of course the v12 6 liter engine i can press

The button on the top and there the seat belt disappears and the door opens so let’s go and if you press the door handle it will close again soft closing doors of course and i already showed you that you can also open the rear doors with the key this key is rose gold with a my box lettering in the front if i hold the unlock button the door opens automatically

And you can change it in the settings but let me press the lock button again where the door closes and you’ll pay attention to the exterior on the c-pillar it has a huge maybach emblem which is around 80 percent larger than its predecessor and there it says edition 100. it has huge doors and the total length of the mybach s-class is 5 meters and 45 centimeters

And there you can already see the mono block maibak rims with the v12 emblem on the side and yes it has a beautiful pencil line which device the two-tone exterior color and this pencil line is all handmade it has a blue color on the top and a more gray color down with one chrome horizontal line and from this v12 emblem and the monoblock rims we will move over

Into the front where you can see the mybus specific v12 design i’ve got the key in my hand and i will just unlock it so that you can see the beautiful lights and yes it has the digital light so blue patterns inside and special for the v12 you have this full chrome front bumper and this is exclusively for the v12 edition and from the license plate you can see

We are currently at auto trexler and this is where the only 100 years addition is located in switzerland it has a beautiful maiba specific grill just like the panamericana with vertical lines and yes it has a blacked out part in the center for all these sensors to monitor the route furthermore one vertical line on the bonnet and this really emphasizes the

Length also of the bonded and the total maybach so it also has three dots so again if i unlock it you can see the three dots eliminate especially for s-class maybach and from the front we will move over into the side where you can see the maybach emblem monitored on the ground and i will show you guys what is under the bonnet even the maybach emblem on the

C-pillar illuminates let’s go so let’s open the bonnet i will just pull the secure leather twice so that we don’t have to open the secure in the bonnet and there you can see a beautiful lettuce ring in the front and let’s open it so this is a beautiful 6 liter v-trove it produces over 1 000 newton meters of torque and 612 horsepower and it can’t really

Manage because this is the first time that we have a 4matic together with the maibok v12 engine a beautiful emblem in the front so let’s close the bonnet and we’ll check out the bear and as i unlock it you can see the beautiful patterns and special for the maybach to distinguish itself from the s-class is that the lower part of the taillights also illuminate

When unlocking and locking beautiful with the diamond crystals inside it has the maybach emblem on the left side mercedes star and the s-680 lettering on the right beautiful my box specific exhaust pipes with a split in between and i like the chrome part which moves around the s-class maybach so let’s have a look at what is another trunk as i open it you

Can see a huge amount of space with a fridge and also a lot of equipment cushions perfume settings and more so let’s close it and let’s have a look at the interviewer so guys before we go to the interviewer make sure you follow me on instagram the link is down below and i have amazing content special for you about all new mercedes-benz vehicles the maybach

And also the most exclusive ones so let’s go inside a beautiful maybach lettering 100th edition at the entrance so let me close the door soft closing doors of course and let me press the button for the electronics to work and there you can see a beautiful maybach invitation display i will leave the key at the storage area and there you can see a wireless

Charger for your phone with two usb connectivity slots but before we talk about all the gadgets just check out the full interior with the ambient lighting and the quality is great it has beautiful wood and napa leather steering wheel with the maybach latch ring down here furthermore it has the edition 100 mybach logo on the dash and yes also beautiful napa

Leather pillars and ceiling so i will just open the panoramic roof as it is in two parts also one separate part for the vip passengers inside and i really love this one line on the bonnet it is really thick in the center and it connects beautifully with the mercedes star so let me press the button to start and we will listen to the v12 sound amazing i really

Miss the sound of the v12 and there is also a button here on this portrait style screen which says comfort doors so you can open and close the door from the interviewer furthermore the portrait style screen is relatively new for the all-new s-class but i’m really used to it now it has a beautiful shape and behind it there’s extra storage space with ambient

Lighting and there you can see a picture of the mai box this is a miniature but the vehicle looks huge with the doors it also has the 3d button which makes the front gauges into 3d once pressing it and you can also change the stealth and display into for example my bug mode and there you have this bronze gold just like the color of the key there’s also a

Sport version but i would never drive this port display in a maibar let’s leave it on my back display furthermore some storage space with two usbc connectivity slots and yes the center console moves all the way back to the bear so i’m very curious to the gadgets over there so if i increase the volume you can see that the burmese surround sound system flips out

And yes it has the full high end burmester and that means burmester speakers on every corner also in the middle of the panoramic grove easy entrance and i have to say the door opens very wide it has a beautiful mybach lettering at the door entrance and i will just pull this button for the door to close and there i really noticed this beautiful napa leather

Ceiling so let’s close it with soft closing doors of course and there the seat belt appears of course you can also open the sun blindings and the closest beautiful inside the door and i will just activate the screens on the seat and there you can see my bach emblem beautiful invitation let me skip this and yes the center console moves all the way to the

Bear and i have to say i’m really laying down this is one of the best seating positions i’ve ever set in it has a beautiful burmester emblem that flips out once the music activates and this speaker just looks amazing furthermore you have a tablet over here which is currently not inside with plastic because this is brand new over here your private jet tables

So that you can work and put your laptop on site or you can eat there’s also one for the passenger next to you so let me close this part and there you can also see if i press this button that the covers disappear and there it has the thermometric air vents two cupholders which are heated or cooled and of course your champagne glass holder so let me put

Back the tables so that we have more space to check out the gadgets beautiful quality and yes it has a wireless charger for your phone right here plus six usbc connectivity slots and a 120 volt charger so let me close this and here you can see beautiful wood with these vertical lines and the flowing kokon style and i can open this part for the fridge and

Yes it has a beautiful maybach emblem on the top with beautiful maiba cushions so i will just use the display over here usually you also have a tablet but over here i can actually go to comfort and go to seed to change the seat position and everything else there is also a button on the side heart buttons so that you can open the full panoramic roof which

Is in two parts and there you can really notice the burn master surround sound speaker in the center and also here close your head furthermore it also has a button for the rear sunblinding and there you can see the patterns on the window let me close it again on the side i also noticed the seat adjustments just like the s-class but you have this button so

That you can make the seat upright all the way on the other side we have the vip seat and there is an extra button so that the seat lays all the way down and the front passenger seat moves all the way to the front i really love this bright white interior with wool floor mats amazing quality beautiful patterns in napa leather with stitching and if you look

Closely to the seat it has a beautiful cover with the maybach emblem and beautiful ambient lighting so let me close the covers and guys thanks for watching merge bands king i hope you liked the video with the 100 years edition of maybach s-class v-12 and i hope to see you guys next time bye

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NEW 2023 Mercedes MAYBACH V12 – S Class 100 Year Edition S680 Review Interior Exterior Sound By MercBenzKing