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New 2023 NISSAN Ariya EV

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This is the Nissan Ariya 2023, and as always, Nissan pays close attention to the design of its cars.

This is the nissan aria 2023 and as always nissan pays close attention to the design of its cars the nissan aria was first revealed to the public two years ago and the e-crossover will soon be available on the market where it will boost nissan’s e offering nissan aria has been struggling to make inroads in the last two years and like all other car makers arya

Was hit by the pandemic and is only now coming to markets around the world for those people for whom leaf is the first electric car and who thought it was too compact or cramped and who are toying with the idea of buying a kia ev6 audi q4 e-tron or mercedes eqb maybe arya is emerging as a new and cheaper choice for an electric car with a length of 4.60 meters

It is in the car class to be a solid competitor to other brands in any case nissan aria does not lack power and battery capacity there are two sizes to choose from 63 kilowatt hours or 87 kilowatt hours there are variants with an electric motor in front with 160 and 178 kilowatt hours and two powerful versions with all-wheel drive so-called e-force with 225 and

290 kilowatt hours depending on which version you want with front-wheel drive it accelerates from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in just 7.5 seconds the unexciting and indirect steering does not encourage further enjoyment of corners once you decide to get into the curve faster the crossover starts to leak over the front axle and seeks traction early esp then

Intervenes very strictly releasing the power of the wheels again at a later stage four-wheel drive variants which increase agility by distributing torque between the axles and targeted braking interventions are likely to be more fun according to data provided by nissan the top model with a power of 290 kilowatts and a torque of 600 newton meters is particularly

Interesting because it has an acceleration of 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 5.1 seconds the aria interior is very interesting and passengers have to adjust to a significantly poorer cockpit basically there is only one tangible radio volume control button everything else is controlled via haptic control buttons on the instrument panel and a center console which

Illuminates only when you start the vehicle with a little more pressure on the illuminated cymbals you can set for example temperature driving modes or adjust the intensity of one pedal driving in short managing multimedia is not that simple thanks to the cmf platform that nissan shares with renault there is no shortage of space for all passengers and despite a

Ground clearance of 185 millimeters the battery packs are so cleverly stored that rear passengers can travel comfortably with plenty of leg rest the trunk capacity is 468 liters which should be enough equipped with two engines only 415 liters remain available in arya’s trunk the key word is charging built-in chargers provide three-phase power of up to 22 kilowatts

While the fast charger can charge at 130 kilowatts nissan promises a high and even charge curve and in just 40 minutes of charging you can charge batteries from 10 to 80 percent of its capacity for those waiting for arya time was not wasted the drivetrain and electronics on the vehicle are up to date and visually nissan pays a lot of attention to the design of

Its cars anyway nissan isn’t talking much about pricing so far but you have to plan on a price tag of roughly 47 000 euros thank you for watching if you like the video hit that like button and leave the comment it helps a lot

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New 2023 NISSAN Ariya EV By Car Yard