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New 2023 Porsche Macan T vs Maserati Grecale | Top SUV

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New Porsche Macan T vs Maserati Grecale

In the cabin of the maserati grecado you see all the elements you expect from maserati and you can also see how teamwork delivers a great product column material delivering fine leather this open three-dimensional carbon fiber but just the work of the design team with this ac outlet paired with perceived quality and tactile quality here with the controller to control

The airflow but also no detail is too small for this team for example this little metal plaque to finish off the stitching on the side of the console now the steering wheel will always be the most important part of the mazzarati interior you have those massive metal shifter pedals here but you also have now directly at your fingertips the drive mode controller

And the engine start stop button talking about drive modes here in the center we have the new single glass big screen paired with pr and d buttons so we’re really bringing together the digital world and the mechanical world in the digital world you can see the drive mode selective feedback in this case you have the gt and you have the read out of the behavior of

The car if you now go to corsa you can see how the behavior mapping changes and what to expect when driving it speaking about corsa up here we have our new digital clock before it was always analog now we’re going digital and this clock can also be configured and if you want to go into corsa mode you can of course go into a g meter i mentioned the mechanical pr

D shifter buttons that we have integrated into the screen that allows us to actually remove the shifter from its normal position here on the console and it allows us to create some extra storage opportunity for the customer but also for your phone and some wireless charging the comfort doesn’t stop here the gracala has best-in-class second-row legroom on top of

That technology i spoke about the central screen i spoke about the digital clock there’s one more element which is the cluster in front of the driver 12 inch fully configurable whether you like the gt mode or the more relaxed reduced mode and of course there will be a crosser mode what is really unique about the cluster is actually its shape its form normally the

Screens are rectangular they have to be mounted rather high on top of the steering column which takes them out the optimal viewing area with this cluster we were able to give it a so-called saddle cart more like a free form and that allows us to move the cluster down hugging the steering column and providing the perfect viewing yoga so you now see why team play is

Such an important part when designing the car whether it’s the exterior with the beautiful shapes the lighting team on the interior color material the design team engineering everyone coming together to truly deliver an exceptional product to you the porsche makin t2023 is geared towards the family suv experience the porsche makin t2023 inherits from the macon

And make an s with features including launch control and active suspension management porsche has merged the 2022 makin line replacing the turbo with an upgraded gts with a v engine six twin turbo chargers 434 horsepower of the previous turbo but by 2023 porsche will develop the strategic car line macon the new porschmaken t2023 will sit between the base model

And the macon s the macon t resembles the t version of the 718 and 911 models offering an enhanced driving experience thanks to standard performance equipment porsche makin t 2023 is decorated outside painted in agate gray metallic black makin t logo on the side skirts black exhaust pipes and side windows surround instead of the standard 19-inch macon wheels the

Porsche makin t rides on 20-inch make and s wheels painted in dark titanium inside the maken t features 8-way power sport seats with unique upholstery with the porsche logo embossed on the headrests the seats and steering wheel have contrasting silver stitching while the gt sport steering wheel is heated and the door panels are in black aluminum each vehicle

Is also equipped with a 10.9 inch touchscreen the sport chrono package will be standard equipment on the making t adding a drive mode switch on the steering wheel start control button analog and digital stopwatch macon t engine the macon t2023 which stands for touring will be equipped with the same turbocharged 2.0 liter inline four-cylinder engine as on the

Base version for a capacity of 261 horsepower and 400 newton meters of torque the engine is mated to a pdk seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission and is 129 pounds lighter than the 2.9 liter twin turbo v 6 in the s and gts models porsche says it will deliver more agile handling and better cornering as with all make and models the porsche makin t will be

Available with all-wheel drive porsche claims the makin t is capable of accelerating to 100 kilometers per hour in 5.8 seconds and has a top speed of 232 kilometers per hour price of porsche macon tea the makin tea 2023 will be on the market in early spring with predictions it has a starting price of about 62 000 us dollars you

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New 2023 Porsche Macan T vs Maserati Grecale | Top SUV By NewCar2020