NEW 2023 Range Rover Sport | First Drive (4K)

This is the new 2023 Range Rover Sport and it is time for us to take it for a drive to find out how one of the most anticipated models of the year drives, the Range Rover Sport promises to offer Range Rover levels of modernity and refinement whilst also giving higher levels of dynamism. The new 2023 Range Rover Sport builds on the fabulous platform of the Range Rover which we tested earlier this year. It brings forward the latest Rover Range technology including rear wheel steer, new air suspension system, PIVI Pro and many more. The new Range Rover Sport takes design cues from other Range Rover products to create a product which is dripping in sophistication and ruggedness.

Thank you hi guys welcome back to ryderick tv and welcome to the day that i’ve been looking forward to for a while because behind me is the brand new range rover sport and today i’ve got the keys to take it for a drive now if you’re an avid view of the channel you already know that we featured a range rover sport on the channel before earlier this year rob

Managed to have a look at one in one of our showrooms to run through the exterior and interior details if you want to see that video please use the link in the top of the screen however if you want to see the first drive stay tuned but before we do that i just wanted to recap and show you if you’re a new viewer some of the highlights of the range rover sport now

Externally it’s very similar to the ones that came before you can see a lot of different design cues in this from different land rover products so it looks quite velar down the front it looks very minimalistic it’s more clean it’s a bit a bit more futuristic in its looks the headlights are actually the thinnest fitted to any land rover product ever and the solid

Profile is pretty much exactly the same as range rover sport before if you see this on the road there’s no mistaking it as a range rover sport it’s very imperious especially when it’s coming up behind you in your rear view mirror around the back is probably the most controversial part of the car it’s got a completely redesigned rear end so the lights are slightly

Different different bumper different tailgate the whole thing is different now it’s probably the only controversial bit but please let us know in the comments below what you think of the looks of the new range rover sport now before i jump inside i think it’s quite important for me to show you the boot space on offer now of course being a range rover sport there

Is plenty of space we’ve got an electronically folding tailgate as standard of course and there’s also some buttons down here which mean you can lower the air suspension down so you can load stuff and get stuff out much easier now with the rear seats in place we’ve got 647 liters of boot space and with them down 1491 which is pretty cavernous of course being a

Range rover passenger space is also vitally important and well as you’d expect there is acres of it back here the panoramic sunroof makes it really nice light and airy in here and i think this really nice light interior helps as well we’ve got air conditioning down here dual zone we’ve got heated seats we’ve got chargers down there we’ve got a really nice armrest

In the middle here with cup holders here and a bit of storage in the middle now this seat in front of me is as far back as it will go and there’s still plenty of room here everything feels so lovely back here i really like how the meridian sound system is sort of built into this trim on the doors here i think i’d be rather happy back here for a long journey but

Let’s be honest the place you really want to be is in the driver’s seat now as you would expect the interior of the range rover sport is beautiful let’s start directly in front of you what do you see well the steering wheel is slightly different in sport than it is in range rover this is has got another little bit down the bottom which actually i really like

The range rover just go straight across the middle it feels a little bit smaller a little bit i don’t know in my opinion a little bit nicer directly in front of me we’ve still got the driver’s display with your speed etc etc with the maps and so on which actually looks like it’s sort of floating in the dashboard really high quality the resolution on that is great

We then move around to the middle we’ve got the latest in land rover’s pivypro infotainment system which runs apple carplay which as you can see looks fantastic again like this floating design just sitting below it you’ve got your air conditioning controls down here which are conventional buttons a lot of manufacturers are getting rid of those and putting them

On the screen i’m kind of glad with this they’re still here and still physical buttons then you’ve got your terrain response here which we’ll mention a little bit later when we go for a drive you’ve got cup holders everywhere there’s a big storage area here which you could probably lose a child in it’s absolutely huge you then got cup holders in the middle here

With another area down here which you could lose your other child in maybe the mother-in-law that can all lose in there your really nice arm rests here and in general the quality the fit and finish the feel of everything in here is really beautiful the seating position of course range rover always has amazing seating position and the sport is no exception the

Seats themselves feel incredibly supportive with in this particular car this is an autobiography so this is top top spec we’ve got heated seats we’ve got ventilated we’ve got massage seats which actually are really lovely and on a day like this massage seats and heated seats are a win-win the alcantara handling is beautiful panoramic summary for already mentioned

Really lovely it’s such a beautiful place to sit and well i think it’s about time we don’t waste any more time and take this car out for a drive so welcome then to the driver’s seat of the new range rover sport now as i’ve already mentioned i’ve been really looking forward to this and now i’ve done about 100 miles in this so far just to get a flavor of what it’s

Like and let’s start with the the technical bits the bits that are just fact range rover and range rover sport have always had quite a close relationship with one another never more so than this new generation it shares the vast majority of its underpinnings with the big range rover big range rover it’s just a range rover i don’t know how else you’re supposed

To say that but the big range rover the the range rover range rover so we have the same air suspension albeit with a few minor tweaks to make it feel a little bit more sporty a little bit more dynamic on the road and we’ve also got the rear wheel steer from the range rover so we’ve got 7.3 degrees of steering angle on the rear which means that this large car is

Very very easy to maneuver around town now the range rover sport has pretty much exactly the same powertrains available as the range rover as well so it starts with a d300 a d350 we’ve got the petrols and we’ve got the v8 plus the hybrids now this particular car is a d350 which i’ll get on to in a minute but a big groundbreaking thing with range rover sport is

The fact that the hybrids have an incredible range it’s claimed to get around 70 miles on hybrid electric power alone which is actually really impressive considering that it’s just a hybrid rather than just a fully electric car you can do so much of your journey just on electric power and for company car owners hybrid is perfect because the benefit in kind is

Nice and low but what’s it actually like to drive this thing and especially this d350 well we’ve got around 400 horsepower so if you really want to it’s got plenty of poke in it and for me i’m just gonna say it this is one of the favorite cards that i’ve driven this year i think it feels absolutely fantastic it’s exactly as you’d expect a range rover sport to

Be the windscreen has got a slightly steeper rake it feels slightly lower you feel like you’re sort of a little bit more in the cabin whereas in the range rover you’re sort of on it you’re really high up you’re still high up in this car don’t get me wrong however it doesn’t feel as high as big range rover you feel like you’re more part of the machine in this car

You feel like you’re sitting in it rather than on it while sitting in it these seats are absolutely fantastic it’s like having an armchair in here they are absolutely wonderful you’ve got a great view out we’ve got the camera in the rear view mirror as well which gives you a really great if you’ve never seen that before it is really really good and on a long

Cruise it is silky smooth it’s incredibly comfortable the air suspension does a wonderful job ironing out some of the terrible terrible roads we have here in this country it just feels i mean it doesn’t really feel too dissimilar to the range rover it feels just as comfortable yeah if you’re going to a really really rough ground you can kind of feel a slight

Difference in the suspension it’s been tuned different it feels a tiny little bit harder maybe a tiny little bit rougher on the road but it’s still exceptionally comfortable and still so quiet in here we’ve got the same noise cancellation system in in the headrests that we do in range rover and it’s it’s unbelievable how quiet it is in here it’s one of the

Most quiet places i’ve ever sat let alone in a car over a long distance journey this would just sue you it’s amazing it’s such a great long distance mile muncher just some of the roads over here are just motorways which is to be honest where these cars will spend a lot of time just doing big mileage doing commuting doing all sorts it feels absolutely wonderful

As an everyday car i mean it’s it’s so smooth and these roads are very broken up here i don’t know whether you can tell on the camera i’m not bouncing all over the place i’m not jerking all over the place it feels great the steering especially at low speed feels really good as well it’s very easy to place the car even going through small gaps you don’t go through

Them like like that because you’ve just got confidence in where you’re placing the car you always know where the front end is now because this is a land rover it also needs to work off-road and of course it does we’ve got the latest in terrain response down here you’ve got all the modes you’re going to need gravel snow and ice mud roots all that stuff low range

Gearbox and so on and so on but let’s be honest here is where it’s going to spend most of its time on road to me i’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for range rover sport it’s the one that i would go for and this has not disappointed this is still the one that i personally would go for and if i’m being completely honest this is probably the suv i would go for

If ever i won the lottery i think i’d have one of these alongside maybe a porsche gt product or a 720 or maybe a lambo who knows but the same constant would be the range rover sport this to me is pretty much the king it’s it’s impressed it’s exactly what i expected no i think it’s exceeded expectations i knew that it was going to be good but what i didn’t think

Was that i would enjoy driving it this much it is a pleasure to drive and it’s going to make everyday mundane journeys just feels so luxurious and so easy it is a great place to sit with the updated systems and hear the pippi pro and so on as i’ve already mentioned the apple carplay the way everything feels in here really really high quality it feels just like

Like land rover range rover have taken this car to a new level it doesn’t feel like the range rover’s poor cousin or sibling it feels just as high quality feels just as luxurious but in my personal opinion i think this looks a little bit better i like the lines on this i like the way it looks i think it’s more sporty it kind of fits me a little bit better you

May be different but i think all in all this new range rover sport is a brilliant brilliant product so what are my final thoughts on the brand new range rover sport well it does absolutely everything it’s exceptional quality i think it looks great and it drives absolutely beautifully so i think it is a worthy successor to the previous one if you want any more

Information on new range rover sport or any land rover for that matter please use the links in the description of this video to contact your nearest rye brook land rover retailer and well i’ll see you guys again next time please like subscribe all that stuff i’m going to get out of this horrible horrible october weather i’ll see you again soon

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