NEW RANGE ROVER SPORT 2023 , In this episode Oliver tell us his favourite features of this amazing beast! Lets us know your thoughts in the comments below what you think about this car. Thanks for watching!

Thank you oh you’ve caught me also have a little nap in the boot anyway this is the brand new range rover sport you may have remembered our video that we did on the brand new range but this is the sport and it is something quite spectacular in this video i’m going to tell you my three favorite features of the car it’s the only thing that you need to worry

About the first time we jump down this is a lovely little bit of detail normally talk normally talks about the details because they’ve added like these little rubber elements here around the boot button and i love that it just gives it an extra element of plush now look over there that’s the range 2022 brand new look at the back look at the rear okay it’s a nice

Finish as well it’s matt right now cut back to this now for the first time land rover designed these cars both at the same time because what they wanted to do was they wanted to make sure that both of the cars had their own unique characteristics and didn’t look very similar but they do have similar elements you can see that big black bar at the back it’s girthy

I like it come around the side this is an iga gray it’s still got the floating shelf there floating roof i love it all black elements gloss it looks like we’ll be inside in the interior in a moment got this copper contrasting elements some of the stats and how much it is if you care boom put that back and we come around beautiful beautiful gorgeous gorgeous and

Look what are you kidding what’s this doing this this hybrid i can charge it more on that later oh my gosh yes so now i’ve jumped inside the brand new range rover sport and immediately this is insane this is so good plush seats little things that we see with the range rover brand before like double glove box yes please oh no this one where’s the top one there

We go i need a little bit of a a little bit of help 13.1 infotainment screen it’s so crisp and it works extremely well but look i love how kind of dainty they’ve made it in a big girthy car same here little thin nice and big digital cluster screen i’m a techie guy so geeky has it still got the big hole has it still got the big hole oh my god look my arm is just

Completely lost oh it’s gone i love that they kept that big hole so much space so much storage like you expect with any range rover it’s got the 4×4 options here you just literally turn you’ve got the eco mud ruts grass gravel sand rock crawl and wading to push that down and it goes to auto but oh also let me tell you about this it’s got a little levy mode because

We mentioned this is the p440e hybrid so if i can press that ev mode next to the heel descent and the low gear you’ve got uh option where you can turn it off hybrid and just put it in ev just using your 31.8 kilowatt battery anyway my number one favorite feature of the brand new range rover sport is something to do with the infotainment which you can’t quite see

This thing actually has built in an e-sim which means you can log in to your amazon account without using your phone turning this beast of a car into one giant alexa number two has to be the range you get on this 330.8 miles per gallon combined how nuts is that in a range rover sport i’ve got this here so you’re probably wondering oh okay how big is the battery

31.8 kilowatt hours battery right there which is going to give you 70 miles of range you charge it up at home with a seven kilowatt wool box that’s going to take you around five hours if you go to a 50 kilowatt it’ll probably take you 60 minutes but how cool is that 330.8 miles to the gallon i want to see if you can actually get that i think it’s time for range

Rover sport to let’s take out their car and do a real world test we’ll have to wait and see if that happens and number three favorite feature i do love a nice big bit of space right where we started from this is 647 liters of space more than enough and you definitely can fit an oliver in the boot as you notice from the start of the video over here you’ve got

Your little control panel which is good for lowering the back seats and then you’ve got the air suspension where you can click that it’s like one big buyer one big giant button gosh that’s a mouthful you can press there and then also this well i mean i’m not too sure we asked everyone around what is this is this a seat because it’s not really sure or maybe it’s

Just some sort of i don’t know really cool for car boot sales like you can put your prices up here or your action men hang them up here 20p for this mate not too sure what this is even when you lift it up spare wheel is pretty handy but let me know in the comments does anyone know what this is is this is this a seat would you sit in there and then you close it

Down by just hitting the hinges here shutting this down there but there you go loads of lovely space in this range rover sport right now just before we end the video get on the floor with me get low and get low look at these giant exhaust tips and when you look at it actually looks like a funnel it looks like a little bit of a funnel going into the pipe which is

Pretty interesting but i love that they’re so big and meaty so that has been our episode on the brand new range rover sport it’s been pretty exciting i’ve given you my three favorite features of the car tell me what you think about them tell me anything that you love what’s your favorite feature of the sport if you’re lucky enough to have a little fiddle with

One as always throw us a like comment down below anything you want get subbed and i’ll see you on the next one

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