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New 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross

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Toyota is presenting a practical compact SUV for the whole family. The new model gives the brand an even stronger presence in the European C segment and the widest range of SUVs across all segments. In addition, the Corolla family is now complete: With the new Corolla Cross, the classic hatchback model and the Touring Sports estate variant , there really is “a Corolla for everyone”. Sales in Germany will start on November 25, 2022 at prices from 38,600 euros.

Foreign foreign foreign foreign toyota is presenting a practical compact suv for the whole family the new model gives the brand an even stronger presence in the european sea segment and the widest range of suvs across all segments in addition the corolla family is now complete with the new corolla cross the classic hatchback model and the turing

Sports estate variant there really is a corolla for everyone sales in germany will start on november 25th 2022 at prices from 38 600 euros the powerful and robust look of the corolla cross especially tailored to the taste of european customers at the front the distinctive double trapezoidal shape of the grill and the design of the lower bumper expressed the solid

Character of the toyota suv family sleek buy lead headlights are always standard with sequential indicators and led light guides added to the higher equipment line the light units at the rear have a powerful three-dimensional look and run around the rear fenders and into the tailgate the flared wheel arches with plastic edging also emphasize the robust test uv

Carrot while the clear profile of the passenger cell refers to the generous amount of space inside a roof rail and tinted privacy glass for the window areas from the b-pillar are always part of the standard scope at market launch the range of rims includes 18 inches wheels with a high contrast light and dark gray finish 17 inches light alloy wheels will also

Be available later the new corolla cross is four 460 millimeters long one 825 millimeters wide and one 620 millimeters high with a wheelbase of two 640 millimeters with these dimensions it is at the center of the highly competitive european csuv sector within the toyota model range it is positioned between the chr and rav4 everything in the spacious interior

Is designed for everyday usability large side windows and a high seating position give the driver and passengers good visibility on all sides even more light streams into the interior through the more than one square meter panoramic roof with electric sun visor which is available as an an option for all equipment line there are plenty of storage options and cup

Holders throughout the interior a usb a port an inductive smartphone charging cradle in the front console and two usbc ports for rear passengers the large tailgate opening provides easy access to the generously sized trunk the load volume is 433 liters and can be expanded to up to 1 337 liters with the rear seats folded down at 72 centimeters the loading height is

One of the lowest in the competitive environment and makes loading and unloading easier the tailgate can optionally be operated electrically and opened with a foot movement thanks to sensor control the hybrid system in the corolla cross is available with 1.8 and 2.0 liters displacement each with front-wheel drive the 2.0 liter engine is also optionally available

With the intelligent all-wheel drive odd eye the 1.8 liter system benefits from an increase in output of 15 or 23 horsepower to 103 kw divided by 140 horsepower and enables acceleration from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 9.9 seconds the co2 emissions in this variant are 112 to 121 grams per kilometer the maximum system output of the 2.0 liter hybrid has increased

By 8 to 145 kw divided by 197 horsepower the corolla cross sprints from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour and 7.6 seconds front wheel drive or 7.5 seconds all-wheel drive the co2 emissions range from 114 to 116 grams per kilometer in the front wheel drive version and 121 to 122 grams per kilometer in conjunction with all-wheel if you like the video please subscribe

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