If you wanted something special, this might just be the vehicle for ya. It’s the 2023 Toyota GR86 Special Edition Sports Car. It’s different from the base GT86 and premium models. There are plenty of exterior updates.

Everybody welcome to the video surprise of the day today you have a 2023 toyota gr86 special edition before we get started please remember to hit the subscribe button the bell icon where you know to find new videos and i really appreciate that thumbs up thank you very much in advance welcome back folks so today i’m going to talk about the toyota gr86 special

Edition so tota is seller brain the pair sports car in the 2023 gr86 special edition so you want something different this is something different it’s going to be a limited quantity it’s only 860 units going to be produced gr cat back performance exhaust and black chrome tips for throatier sound exclusive solar shift orange paint color so that’s this color over

Here black c pillar graphics and weird duckbill spoiler you can see that very interesting forge made it 18 inch hour wheels so then again we only have 816 of these vehicles going to be made so if you’re a collector or want something special out of the ordinary might be something to look for so what toyota is trying to do is you know come out with something

Different right even the color is really unusual when you think about these 18 inch wheels you know the matte black 18 inch wheels who is black center caps and black lut nuts going to be running on michelin pilot sport 4 tires the second gen gr86 is built on more power it’s a 2.4 liter engine that yields 11 more horsepower and 18 more torque than the first

Generation 2.0 liter one and also the 2.4 liter delivers 228 horsepower up from the 205.2 liter and 184 pound-feet of torque up from 156 over the previous generation so new engine is also tuned for peak port and earlier in the power band at 3700 rpm versus 6600 rpm before the result is more responsive and a result is going to be more responsive and powerful

Driving experience in all situations 0-60 time drops from 7 to 6.1 seconds for the 6-speed manual transmission 8 seconds to 6.6 seconds for the available 6-speed electronic control automatic transmission okay there’s also fuel economy so fuel economy is a 20 city 27 highway 22 combined for the manual transmission you get a little bit better with the automatic

Transmission at 21 city 31 highway 25 combined for the automatic yes it’s a toyota d4s dual injection so it has fuel injection and port injection so you don’t worry about carbon buildup and provides a cooling effect in the cylinders to allow a very high 12.5 to 1 ratio for the compression for maximum power port fuel injectors come in to play during light and

Medium low conditions to help maximize combustion efficiency the exhaust systems larger center tailpipe capacity provides a satisfying growl hey folks what do you think about this great vehicle right the second generation is definitely a lot better than the first generation definitely a sports car not going to be a lot of room all right so keep that in mind they

Don’t have any interior pictures unfortunately they didn’t release any interior shots but i think the front fascia looks pretty good and it has a nice growl like a real sports car right yes he does have the augmented sound active sound control system besides the special edition we’re talking right here there’s also the gr86 base grade and also just a gr86 premium

Grade so the details will be in the description with this link and uh yes and with the solar shift paint is restricted to the 2023 gr86 special edition just answer the question the other models offer a palette of seven diamond colors track b red halo white steel silver pavement gray wave and block neptune and truno blue make the video surprising today please

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