New 2023 Volvo XC40 B3 Core

This is my brand new car, new model just released. It’s the Volvo XC40 B3 Core. In Thunder Grey metallic colour. Automatic transmission, 2 litre petrol engine, 163ps (around 160bhp). Mild hybrid.

I hope you enjoyed the video about the new volvo sorry about the pouring down rain i didn’t get as much chance to show the outside as i’d like to i might do another video with that so you can see the lights um with the thor hammer headlights which are really bright but please like and subscribe and hope to see you again soon so this is the back of the car with

The boot if i open the boot for you it’s electric boot you can open it from the key fob as well very very spacious inside you’ve got these little compartments either side that you can wedge things into stop them rolling around there’s um a mesh that you can use and tether onto the rear seats and you’ve got the fold in the middle of the rear seats for skis

Or snowballs that kind of thing anything long there’s also a 12 volt adapter in the back i paid extra for a spare wheel so under here i’ve got spare wheel but it doesn’t come with that generally that’s the mesh there that goes over the top and then this side you’ve got your jack your locking wheel nuts and there’s also a funnel for if you run out of fuel

You need to have a funnel to pop in to top up the fuel because the fuel um cap is a bit different on this car i will show you that so for closing the boot it’s got an electric push button simple as that if i come around the side apologies the car doesn’t look pristine i have been out in it today so i haven’t paid any extra for different wheels or interior

But i have paid for the metallic paint which is thunder grey it’s quite a nice color these are the standard wheels that come with this model and then a fuel cap you press there’s no actual cap to remove so this is the two liter petrol so your fuel nozzle you just pop in there and fill and it’s anti-siphon so there’s nothing to remove and it’s just a push

Closed i open the rear of the car i do have a child seat in here i show you in it’s very spacious in the back considering the dimensions of this car my last car was a bmw 118 m sport and dimensionally that old car on paper was bigger um floor space wise in this car but it practically it isn’t this volvo is much much more spacious inside and you can see

The two-tone seats it’s got isofix points in the back which my other seat is attached to the only thing i would say we’ve got a britax car seat luckily it’s on the lower setting at the moment but some the britax seats are not actually designed for the volvo and it’s starting to rain so i’m going to get inside you can see in here right i’m back i’ve got my

Keys so i’ve got the ignition on um what i’ll do is i’ll turn it on so we’ve got stop start button here good to have your foot on the brake to start and then i can show you the lovely dash so it’s telling me i haven’t got my seat belt on so if i click on this bit here if you click the center button that’s your ok button so it goes away i absolutely love the

Center of this electronic dash it shows the map the map um so when you’ve got the sat nav on as well it shows you directions on here it’s just a really useful function at the top of there um you’ve got the one that looks like car lanes that’s their lane departure telling me that’s on and the one to the left of that there’s a windscreen with a wet dot on that

Is telling me that my wipers are on auto and because it’s raining at the moment they’re obviously just automatically on and then down the bottom you’ve got your fuel level and your range this car does also tell you the speed of the road that you’re on and it will flash if you’re going over that speed right let’s try up here again now we’ve got the ignition

On so with the ignition you can see the lights are on on these so um you can you see the airbag is on and for the lights if i touch there you go it’s touch activated on off which is a lovely little feature sunshades are standard both sides are like this you’ve got your mirror and your light comes on automatically and then down to the driver’s side of the door

You’ve got all your functions here i’ve got this on this is your child locks so this locks the back doors and the windows so the children can’t alter those but i can still put the windows up and down the rear and front if i want to that’s to unlock all the doors and to lock i’ve got this set so that only the driver’s door unlocks when i press the unlock or when

I open the driver’s door and the others stay locked but you can set it differently to have them all unlock um so when i get out if i’ve got the kids in the car anyone else i always press the unlock and so i can go around and open the doors for the children here is where you alter your mirrors so you press whether it’s right or left and then you use your toggle

In the middle to adjust the wing mirrors so with it pouring with rain outside um here on the steering wheel this side is all your sort of cruise control um settings these buttons though are not active on this model and these are for um the cruise control when it adjusts the distance between the car in front uh but they’re still present in this model but they

Don’t work so the middle button is to turn on and set your cruise that’s up that’s down and this switches between things on the the dash horn in the center and this side you’ve got other functions so this wasn’t as intuitive as i thought it would be um this up and down here is actually the volume for your stereo now i would have assumed it would have been

A plus and minus but it’s not this is up and down arrow and these left and right are sort of skipping radio stations or skipping tracks if you’re on sort of mp3 or spotify or that kind of thing this is for voice activation but actually you wouldn’t ever need to use this because um the car comes with the google function so you just say hey i’m not going to say

All in one go because the car will start and then you say google and then you ask it for whatever you want and it’s fairly easy to use those functions and this one brings up some of the menus i go across here so you can see the sat nav i’ve got this set in satellite mode and this is a really lovely uh big screen with lots of functions on it and this operates

Everything so it’s a touch screen this is one of your menus and it operates everything through here so you’ve got google maps at the top and you’ve got all of your music uh media bits then you’ve got your phone and car play then your google assistant car status then your google play and the owner’s manual underneath your settings for your climate control are

Here now i’ve got this set as um synced so basically the whole car will be the same temperature but you can change this and you can adjust to different zones within the car you can also turn on the function where you get automatic rear windscreen and mirror heaters that come on and you’ve also got the app in which you can turn on the car remotely to defrost

Or to cool down if it’s a hot day and you can so you start the engine remotely but it stays locked uh and you can lock and unlock remotely with the app as well which is really useful go back to that main screen for you and then you’ve got the wheel here is settings you click onto that and you’ve got all of your settings the connectivity was really easy to set

Up um i did that with the the dealership and it took five minutes i’d already downloaded the volvo app all we need to do is the vin number and then you have the number from the screen here and confirm it with your phone and it sets it all up for you with regards to it asks if you want to trans um bring across your contacts and everything and it automatically did

All of that for me so i haven’t really had to play or do anything too much with this and it’s all pretty much automatic i quite like being on my map screen so that will be my standard screen and below here you have a few functions and so you’ve got your hazard lights you’ve got front and rear windscreens you’ve got some of your settings for your stereo and

This is for an sd and then lower down here i’ve actually got plugged in here i’ve got my um currently got my dash cam because they didn’t have um a sort of fuse port for me to put that in so at the moment that’s where my dash cam is plugged in but you’ve got your lightning usbs there within here this is a charging mat for a phone there’s a little coin store

Here auto box so it’s forward for reverse and back for drive two cup holders that’s generally where you put your keys when the keys are in here the car senses it electric parking brake auto hold which is a lovely function further back here you’ve got another little compartment for things and then you’ve got the armrest which there’s a little clip underneath

And then you open there’s quite a space in there as well to keep things now back to the main bit the air vents are vertical which is they look lovely i really really like these and you they’ve got a lovely you can hear that switch so that’s off when the line is sort of 90 degrees it’s off it’s vertical it’s on a glove box in here i’m just keeping my little

Service book they have that the service manual is quite small these days because most of that is done online and is electronic if i go up i’ve got the rear view mirror which is auto dimming you’ve got the interior lights which are i’d say they touch sensitive but my ignition’s not on if i put the ignition on i might not do that because the key’s not in here

No it won’t um so this is your sos button so if there’s an emergency you press that and this side is for um for non-emergency things if you’ve got any queries or questions i’m just going to do a walk around on the outside of the car headlights okay in the rear of the car obviously turned off the function for the um the rear windows with the child locks on

Just to let you know i’ve got a britax car seat and this only just fits because um my child is little at the moment but in volvo’s the rear head restraint is firmly permanently attached to the seat so you can’t raise that and it does not remove so the majority of car seats will not fit safely this only fits at the moment because this part of the back of the seat

Is down quite low and the seat will sit flush against the back seat here but when my child grows and this has to be raised up it will push it out and there’ll be a gap and it will no longer be safe because it only just fits under here we can’t seem to find any alternative to this at the moment other than buying a volvo car seat and they are quite expensive at

About 250 pounds um so i’m not sure but it’s just to let you know really because we weren’t aware of that now in the back of the car you’ve got this nice net for putting things on it’s a hard back to the seat which is great when you’ve got kids in the back of feet and then the top bit is fabric here again two toned seats in the rear and like i showed you the

Isofix and on both sides you’ve got climate control in the rear same as in the front and then below there’s a charging port so you’ve got the points there that you can plug into there is no real light two lights at the front and i’ve got a fitted my own dash cam so i’ve got a rear dash cam and i’ve got a ford one as well which is why i have a cigarette

Lighter plugged into it’s far far cheaper to fit your own and also you can see the nice beading on the car because it’s raining currently i applied my own paint protector i use this super guard brand um i think they charge you anywhere from sort of 300 plus pounds in the garage to apply this but you can buy them for 10 15 pounds online and used a super guard

Interior spray for the fabrics and the carpet and the seats and uh we’ve got the wheel protect and glass protect as well that i’ve put on myself which is much much cheaper way of doing it in comparison to paying the garage for it so the lever for the bonnet is on the passenger side at the front just pop that this is what it looks like under the engine so

That’s where you fill your washers so that’s bonn it up but it’s hydraulic and there’s no need for a stand and i hope he’s going to close the bonnet hi everyone today i’m going to show you around my new car which is a new volvo xc40 um it’s in the thundergray color and it’s the new b3 model so i hope you enjoy

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New 2023 Volvo XC40 B3 Core By DoxyDoxyScott