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NEW 2024 CHEVY SILVERADO HD – ZR2 + New Interior and Allison 10 Speed

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Here it is! The all new 2024 Silverado HD from Chevrolet! With the all new 10 speed heavy duty 10 speed and the increased power from the Duramax Diesel we expect this be a top towing choice.

Foreign guys welcome to the texas truck channel i’m here today with uh the director of chevy truck marketing or something i just messed up again please tell the people chevy truck marketing my name is mike mcphee thanks mike for being here behind us we have the updated heavy duty chevy truck so tell us what we’re dealing with here obviously we’ve got a new look

On the front lots of excitement here the 2024 silverado hd we couldn’t be more excited we’re here with a truck that’s more commanding more capable it’s got absolutely outstanding confidence especially when trailering and of that bold exterior appearance you look at that we got the great c-shaped led lights now brand new refresh on the on the projector beams so

Great light package here and really that bold appearance on the front end and the face ship we’ve also made a lot of really purposeful innovation updates to our powertrains so when we talk about our allison transmission that’s been a workhorse with the duramax forever and we’ve now got that allison transmission mated to our gas 6.6 as well so if you go for the gas

Or the diesel you’re going to get that great capability provided by the 10-speed allison transmission okay real quick i want to differentiate something dallas intensity on the gas and the diesel they’re different transmissions correct they are rooted in the same background but there’s some slight differences between okay so there’s torque writings and things like

That so that’ll get confused with a lot of consumers i just want to bring that out right yeah yeah and with our diesel powertrain we’ve made some really great enhancements there as well so some advancements to the combustion change or some advancements to the turbocharger as well so you’re going to see us with more horsepower 470 horsepower and even more torque 975

Foot-pounds and what’s important for us is how that power gets delivered to the ground and we’re the only company that can do that through the allison but most of that torque to the ground in every gear now the other big thing that’s important for us is where that torque is made so we’ve put a 25 enhancement at low end torque so that’s going to be a great enhancement

For drivability when you’re getting that boat out of the water or you’re trailering that big load that’s where you’re going to see that big difference great drivability so you’re not going to wait for massive turbo sporting app that’s going to be available down low that’s a big deal with trucks people don’t think about that it’s not about what it makes it’s where it

Makes it where it makes it and how you can put it to the ground it’s very cool love that so this is a high country obviously in this trim and platform wise this is really a similar platform to last year’s but really it’s updates when two years all new it faces all new power trains are all updated it’s a pretty comprehensive update right it’s a very comprehensive

Update especially when we get into the interior so this is our high country okay it’s got our most premium and crafted interior in the chevy lineup and when you look inside we took a ton of the enhancements we made with our light duty truck so you consider that 13.4 inch screen biggest screen and heavy duty trucks why that’s important for us you can see that full

360 camera those 14 camera views all coming through that nice big screen and the other nice thing is we’ve got google built in so we know that customers are always looking for that integration right into the truck and that google built-in platform allows us to communicate all the important details with our customer and make that integration easier than ever before

Okay let’s uh let’s hop into here and we’ll check that out yeah let’s check that out all right first of all i’m greeted by the power step and i can already tell you the stitch in the door is beautiful and this is blue this isn’t black the wood grain here it looks really good love the high country thank you yeah authentic materials throughout you’re going to see

The stainless steel on the door panels for the bose premium audio you’re going to see authentic wood so real open pour wood finishes and of course that finely crafted leather throughout the truck so we’re really excited about the high country trim and this one here is in the nightshade blue we’re talking a lot about that big 13.4 inch display so really great setup

Here all the information available and that’s complemented with our 12.3 inch driver information center okay that’s all digital cluster wow all digital and reconfigurable which is important okay so we actually we talked about this a lot on our show we get a lot of vehicles that have digital clusters with very limited configuration yep so that’s cool to hear that

There’s some custom ability there because i feel like it’s such an open piece of tech you could do a lot there i’m glad to hear that now we’ve driven a half ton with this google infotainment is it the same system used here very similar setup here with the google built-in yes okay very good because that’s a phenomenal system we’ve had really good luck with it now

Obviously i’m assuming heated and cooled seats you didn’t ventilated yes gotta have it that’s well if you’re in texas and you have leather better be ventilator um okay so let’s talk about the tech you talk you mentioned camera systems gm has the transparent trailer which is super cool i think and that’s here as well has that been updated or is it updates for the

Transparent trailer this year so new for 2024 we’re going to be able to do transparent trailering with gooseneck and fifth wheel that’s important for a lot of our heavy haulers they want to be able to see virtually invisibly through those trailers and that’s exactly what that’s going to provide and then the other big enhancement here is on the cruise control front

So adaptive cruise control with trailering trailing with trailering so what it’s doing there is it’s taking into all the inputs of the mass and the load to make sure that it can compensate for the added weight so for braking and acceleration the drag it takes it all into consideration to make it seamless and confidence inspiring with the adaptive cruise control

That is super cool i love that and obviously you have your heads up display as well that’s pretty cool that’s not very common in the segment of the truck the big heads up display is great because you’ve got all that information right in your line of sight and it really complements the overall camera and screen package for us including the the rear mirror there oh

That’s cool too has a camera camera in the mirror yeah i like that a lot that you know something people don’t think about this right here this turns into a camera when you flip it and what you’ll notice in a lot of cars they have memory seats yeah there’s two things that never get adjusted one is the seat belt tensioner that stays wherever it’s manually set even

On european premium stuff and this can never be power set well if you have this as a camera it doesn’t matter if it’s like this or if it’s like that it doesn’t matter so it doesn’t matter from you to your spouse no problem people don’t think about that that’s actually a pretty cool deal i like that a lot and i’ll see itself on charge down here got to have that yes

Uh so great uh inductive uh cell phone charger right there makes it real easy and that obviously works in a great complement to our wireless wireless projection with apple carplay or android auto okay cool so let’s talk about uh let’s have it back on some of the bed features yeah absolutely okay so i see something here that i’ve also seen somewhere else today um

Gm’s been doing this really good for a long time let’s step in that step and one of your competitors just picked that up today too so someone’s listening this works there’s a saying about imitation yeah so so very flattering right it is uh i will say though this is a great feature our customers have said they love it getting in and out of the bed is easier than ever

Before and then when you consider complimenting that with our corner step bumper we’ve had this with light duty on heavy duty getting in and out of the back of the bed is really important we say that with the dura bread it’s the hardest working bed in heavy duty pickup trucks 83 and a half cubic inches with our long box and then when you consider you add this with

The multi-flex tailgate right getting in and out easier than ever before really nice to step up into it and you have your your handle as well of course we affectionately call this the front porch step there you go the truck beds um yeah some of the others we call old man steps but this one’s the porch because it’s because you just gotta use walk right into grab

A seat and be comfortable exactly of course we got our prep package here for fifth wheel all the tie down points all throughout here and you just look at you know how hollowed out this is yeah allows you to get much more volume uh into the bed here and then of course all the accessory openings as well to the packaging i love the lighting as well that’s that’s more

And more brands are doing that right that’s really helpful i like that a lot got a power port back here very cool big bed power slide rear window and i see a camera on the rear of the cab there exactly so when you’re really hooking up that fifth wheel you got a great view here but also is when you’re going down the road with a load you can check out to see what’s

Happening back there making sure it’s safe and secure and you can check that even while you’re driving forward which is nice right on well let’s check out this guy over here if we have a minute absolutely can’t get your beverage over very good for the big golf as well exactly for the big golf that’s what it is okay so what do we have here couldn’t be more excited

For this this is our first ever high country midnight edition so we took all the crafting and all the fine uh things that we’ve done with high country and now we’ve got it in a bold monochromatic appearance so you’re gonna see black chrome on the moldings you’re going to see a really great black chrome front grille and grill bars and of course that chevrolet logo

There in the intake the other thing you’re going to see is our high country badges have gone blacked out yeah and for the first time for us a 22 inch wheel on hd this is a 22 inch black high gloss really sets off the appearance when you combine that with the power boards really a great bold look to our 2024 hd pickup you know i gotta say we’ve been standing here

For quite a bit this morning i keep catching my eye on this one and i’ll just be candid i’m not a fan of 22s generally but these look really good they do look at the park don’t they they sure do you couldn’t be more excited about them and they really set that truck up with that bold menacing look okay so uh one more question to you for for the viewer that doesn’t

Know what are the off-road options for the uh 2500 trim so z71 or is there a z31 like we’ve got we’ve got z71 we’ve also got a little bit excitement ahead we announced our zr2 trim is going to be joining the lineup for the first time so you consider our play with zr2 on colorado zr2 on silverado wow we’re are going to have that on the hd so more to come on that

But i can tell you lots of excitement on the zr2 for heavy duty okay that’s that’s the big news for me um because you know towing is important it’s a big deal the off-road is just fun yeah zero two other products have been phenomenal can’t wait to see what happens there so thank you for your time thanks for joining brian appreciate it if you guys have any questions

Drop below we’ll do our best to get it answered thanks for watching we’ll see you next time

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NEW 2024 CHEVY SILVERADO HD – ZR2 + New Interior and Allison 10 Speed By Texas Truck Channel