NEW 680hp AMG C63 S E Performance First Look at the Hybrid Super-C-Class

It’s here, the brand new Mercedes-AMG C63 S E Performance! It’s all change for the new C63 AMG with a 2.0l turbo 4-cyl hybrid set up replacing the traditional V8 so let’s explore it in detail to find out everything about the new engine, updated interior, and all the details of the new C63!

Hi guys i’m shmee hello and welcome back to the channel will you join me today inside the depths of amg’s hq in a quarterback germany for a first look at the brand new mercedes amg c63s e performance the latest generation c63 has arrived with a new hybrid powertrain the two liter turbo four-cylinder up front with the electric motor and battery at the rear lots to

Talk about because this produces a whopping 680 horsepower now not only do we have the high-tech silver saloon the sedan right here but also we’re checking out the graphite gray magno estate the t model to run through lots of the different options the spec all of the details today about this latest introduction a car that we have been waiting to see but it is now

Here in all of its glory so let’s have a full first look run through of the new amg c63s e-performance foreign i know what you’re thinking a c63 without a v8 but bear with me because this is an incredibly clever machine there’s a lot that we need to take a look at and the step up from 510 horsepower in the previous generation to 680 is enormous now for the c63s e

Performance everything forwards of the a-pillars is entirely new it’s longer it’s wider these wider arches the distinct amg styling and look around the front but there’s also one other change which is going to be across the board going forwards for amg and that’s the inclusion of an all-new badge the amg crest the affulta back crest is going to be on the front of

Every model from amg from this point now the hybrid system in here based around this two liter turbo four-cylinder engine with the battery and motor at the back is a p3 system similar to its big brother the amg gt four-door 63s e performance making over 800 horsepower but the development of the combustion engine that we’ve seen from some of the other models combined

With the formatic plus system the clever four wheel drive system the rear wheel steering the nine-speed amg speed shift gearbox a very clever new suspension setup and plenty more but the difference is between the two cars go beyond the body shape also in terms of the options this car has the extended aero kit so the larger rear spoiler it also has the carbon fiber

Packages with that the rear diffuser and plenty more around as well the other car in the graphite gray magno which coincidentally is the color that i originally ordered for my gt black series has a different set of wheels a few other options on the inside now talking inside there’s also a new second generation amg performance seat to come and show you in here as

Well the new seats if we come and have a look at these actually have a cut out here saving some weight allowing some breathability as well also inside we have the full c-class interior with infotainment through the touch screen the new style steering wheel and the digital dashboard all of which we can have a better look at in just a moment but i think the first

And most important thing that we need to touch on with this car is to explain and understand a little bit more about the powertrain a few quick words about the exterior of the car before we pop the bonnet and dive into the powertrain it is distinctly c63 taking the c-class dialing it up in fact the car is actually 83 millimeters longer than standard which includes

A wheelbase that is extended by 10 millimeters and 50 millimeters of that is up at the front of course to house the additional cooling and radiators that are required considering the amount of power that it produces not only that though you have these notably wide arches because the car at the front axle is 76 millimeters wider over seven and a half centimeters

Wider but it gives it that look it gives it that presence and of course it enables the space up here to house both the engine as well as the four-wheel drive system which we need to explain in detail we have that familiar amg grille with the vertical slats which flank the three-pointed star which also acts as your adaptive cruise control radar sensor you’ve got the

Camera system down here you can see opened at the moment are the air panels which actually open and close depending on the cooling requirements further cooling to the radiators that you find around towards the side then up on the top of the bonnet you’ve got these power bulges with the narrow air outlet just in the center there to help with the airflow management

But let’s get this opened up so we can have a better look at it and run through some of the numbers the facts and the figures so down here give a pull up the lever and let’s come round let’s open up the bonnets to open up the hood pull the catch and then we have the two liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine produced and assembled right here in a halter back

Finished with a signature on the plaque of the person responsible for assembling that specific combustion engine in this case it produces 476 horsepower that’s 350 kilowatts along with 545 newton meters of torque plenty of power through significant upgrades in comparison with the previous iterations and versions of this power plant found in different amg models

The likes of the a45 and the cla45 for example but that’s only half the story yes you’ve got the combustion engine up front but it links to the electrics that you have towards the back this p3 hybrid with the way that it’s all mounted and the way that it operates and that it’s controlled and there’s not of course a huge amount to be able to take a look at back here

It’s actually buried underneath the boot floor but under here you have your 6.1 kilowatt hour battery pack you can get get a continuous 70 kilowatts of power or a peak of 150 kilowatts that actually produces 204 horsepower 150 kilowatts of course being the direct translation and you can drive on electric range as well for a short distance so the benefit of this

All combined is your acceleration from a standstill zero to 100 kilometers an hour is only 3.4 seconds whether you’re in the saloon or if you’re in the estate instead it will go to a top speed in the case of the saloon of 280 kilometers an hour that’s 174 miles per hour or in the case of the estate at 270 kilometers an hour 168 miles per hour those are with the

Optional raised limiter but of course restricted to that maximum speed it is one thing to be able to produce all of that power but then you actually need to use it and this is where mercedes amg can draw on their experience with formula one particularly when it comes to hybrid powertrains but let’s just take a moment to take this in a two liter engine that produces

476 horsepower that’s a little bit absurd anyway let me close this down just for the moment there’s a lot else happening as well for example the rear wheel steering where the wheels can turn up to two and a half degrees that’s to help you at slower speed turning them in the opposite direction to the front wheels to help with shortening the turning radius and at

Higher speed to go in the same direction to help with stability around the back obviously here we do have the various charging cables and things in the car at the moment because naturally on the opposite side to the fuel filler cap you have your electric car charging port if you’d like to charge it up you do get a total of 13 kilometers of range so about eight miles

And you can drive up to 125 kilometers per hour i think that’s about 70 or so miles per hour so enough for the daily driving for being quiet around your local neighborhood for example and for maximizing your efficiency if you’re responsible with charging it up and from my experience of using performance hybrids it’s actually quite a good way to go about it and i

Suppose we will find out in the not too distant future what this will be like in terms of the experience for the occupants before we look more closely at some of the extra exterior options let’s take a look inside here to run through this in detail now this particular car is very highly equipped as i said these are the new second generation of the amg performance

Seats giving you some support and comfort these additional side bolsters as you can see the amg emboss logo there in the center of the backrest but then this new area down here where they have literally cut out sections that take two kilos of weight out of the seat overall we’ve seen the introduction of the newer style steering wheel in recent times we have these

Additional spokes with lots of your controls inside there but let me take a quick seat on board the car to show you a little bit more about it where we can just press once for the power once more for the ignition so we can have a quick little look and explore around the interior let me just mute the sound system now the mbux system integrates everything that you

Would want to have out of this kind of car for the c63s of course you also have the amg specific option for example track pace where you can set and record your lap times see the delta look back at all of your drag racing and race track telemetry information afterwards which is really quite fun to be able to do you also have the amg performance screens and displays

You have settings if let’s have a quick look inside at some of these because this is what i always find fascinating it will give you direct feedback as to exactly what you’re doing your charts your rpms and obviously with so much going on with this hybrid powertrain there’s a lot more to it than you have with just a combustion engine so this is going to be giving

You a lot of data check this out with your charge your power of everything that’s happening and talking talk by the way you get 320 newton meters from the electric you get 545 newton meters from the combustion engine but the way that they work through the different gears the nine speed auto gearbox for the main combustion engine and the two-speed gearbox for the

Electric motor is to actually produce a peak 1020 newton meters it’s really quite clever inside here without going through every single setting and every single option you obviously have your media your information your charging details if you’d like to go to the mercedes me charge locations whatever it might be exactly your climate panel down towards the bottom

Where you have the fun details where when you change it you’ve also got the illumination inside the air conditioning vents now for the driver in addition to the digital display right in front and obviously both the door is currently open plus we don’t have the engine running at this point you’ve got this very futuristic space age display you can change that but

Beyond this you also have the latest generation of your controls just here whereby you can change different settings for example going through the dampers with this one manual you’ve got the hotkey to be able to just change those sound through a few different settings balanced or performance and you can jump straight to your different driving modes as well and

This is where you have various different levels of recuperation so you have four different settings which vary from one extreme allowing the car to coast on and at the other extreme effectively one pedal driving and you rotate between those by toggling this dial around or you go back to your main driving modes and you can turn it up through sport into race sport

Plus and race at the far end into full electric or into holding the battery or individual or even into the slippery mode so you’ve got lots and lots of different settings and i look forward to driving the car actually interestingly when you go into full electric it goes darker i think that’s probably saving some battery probably just part of the general theme but

All of this needs to be discovered when we actually have an opportunity to go out and drive the car in full we’ve also got a few nice finishing touches inside here the carbon fiber across the dashboard this contrast yellow stitching which also runs and wraps all the way around i quite like how that’s presented and then all of the ambient lighting which just sits

Behind these metal trim panels obviously your seat controls there if you’re heated and ventilated seats or just giving a lovely finishing touch to everything around you a few fixed controls down here to just jump to some hotkeys including the fingerprint to log in and instantly have all of your settings loaded up directly we also have a few further storage cubbies

And areas wireless charging pads some cup holders decent amount of space in here some usbc ports close that back up open up the armrest inside here we actually have the key for the car this style of mercedes amg key a few more usb ports some lighting inside there everything feels really high quality it’s a very grown-up car for a c-class for a c63 that’s obviously

One of the things that’s a big part of all of this if i press the button again just switch it off for the time being some nice animations on the dashboard as well i want to come around and also show you in the back of the saloon so we can see how much space we’ve got back here equivalent fit and finish you find in the rear to match with the front obviously the

Saloon the seat is actually quite far back in front where it was but even there i’ve got some space in front of me put it a bit further forward it’s like the passenger seat here for example you’ve got plenty of room you’ve got your climate control settings down here and everything again as i just said finished in the same way as you find up front armrest to pull

Down forwards cup holder storage area pop out at the front just a small little tray right there fold that back obviously these can fold we’ll head to the boot in a second and check that out but also very nice view with all the panoramic glass roof up above you the two parts of the sunroof area that you have there even more lighting here just these nice touches that

Make it feel very very welcoming then to come back around towards the rear you have the black chrome for the amg badge this red outline for the c63 s badge as we first saw on the gt black series but also on the gt4 door 63s e performance so open this up again you have a smaller lip spoiler without the full arrow kit by the way back here is where you have some of

Those controls to pop down the seats just press them straight down nice and easily obviously you do have this little bit of a hump here it’s not the biggest thing in the world but it does slightly detract from the amount of available space but i think once you’ve folded those seats down you’re not going to have an issue even in this car getting plenty of luggage

Back in there with the powerful tailgate to pop this back up into place which actually nice and easy fold this back i want to make sure i don’t trap the seat belt in there so maybe i’ll pull that out first and then click it into place job done let’s come and have a quick look as well at the estate or as they’re known in germany the t model variant of the c63s which

Has launched at exactly the same time it is the only derivative by the way of the c63 there’s no non-s it is the c63s e performance obviously the fundamental difference here being the amount of practicality that you get with the power fold rear hatch and the entire space at the back of course the parcel shelf tucking itself back in and even here you know you lose

A tiny bit of space but perhaps i would have thought considering the amount of stuff that you have effectively within this that you could lose even more than that obviously plenty of practicality and everything you’d want from this kind of car just close that back down very quickly show you the exhaust tailpipes and look at the finish that they have as well the

Traditionally shaped trapezoid tailpipes with the amg logo just on the inside of them as well in terms of options for the car of course you have a wide range of different colors you can choose to go for in different trims for the interior as well just want to show you inside here with the red contrast that this particular car has the red seat belts the red inlays

And the red stitching as well that you can see around but otherwise effectively very similar you also of course have a few different wheel options neither of these cars have the standard wheel this is one of your upgrade 20 inch wheel options 19 by default that you have on this car and you can see the inlays that you have with the dual tone of the finish on there

But the saloon over here also has the new 20-inch forged wheel the lightweight amg wheel a new design with the amg logo within one of the spokes just there very complicated design but looks good over the high performance carbon ceramic brakes that we have tucked in behind it obviously the launch choice color here being high-tech silver that we’ve seen featuring on

A number of different amg models in recent times for their market presentations obviously with the inclusion of the battery pack the motor and everything connected to the hybrid system it’s going to be bringing more weight with it the battery actually weighs 89 kilos bringing the total weight of the new c63 se performance to 211 kilos and that’s no small number

Obviously a massive step up of 170 horsepower from the previous car but it remains to be seen what that will translate to when you’re actually out driving it and i can’t wait to find out now there are plenty of other details i haven’t mentioned for example on the wings just here the very sporty look that you get also with the turbo e performance badge around the

Exterior with the options there are two carbon fiber kits an upper kit which is things like the spoiler and the mirror caps and the lower kits which includes the diffuser the side skirts and if you have the shorter front splitter that would be as well if you have the aero kit with the bigger rear spoiler then you have the gloss black extended piece that runs all

The way around that we have over on this car are if you take a look towards the estate over on that car it has the regular smaller front splitter we could say but obviously this is a big change in terms of technology incorporating different things that mercedes amg learn through formula one through other motorsport race series and bringing them to the c-class now

As a petrol head obviously the end of the era of a v8 and the c63 is a big deal obviously this is the direction things have to go and the question is will this bring the emotion that these cars have always offered that’s the most important thing i suppose about it and obviously with so many different options settings modes and things that you can experiment with

I suspect there’s going to be quite a lot of fun behind the wheel for now though what an opportunity to be here in an undisclosed location in a quarterback to take a first look around both the saloon and estate variants of the brand new mercedes amg c63s e performance that’s it for this time though thank you very much for watching do let me know in the comments

What you think about the new latest generation car but i will see you again very soon cheers

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