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New Alfa Romeo Premium Flagship Sedan Design Looks Classy

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A hypothetical look of what could very well be the design of the future electric large sedan of the Biscione according to the designer Avarvarii who created a rendering!

Foreign guys welcome back to ron’s rise welcome back to the channel and welcome back to another video where we have a new afro male flagship sedan hypothesis from designer of barbary now i will link avari and their instagram down in the description below so you can check out more of their rendering work they have a lot of good stuff especially when it comes to

These italian vehicles but this is a interesting hypothesis and i want to know your thoughts on it now in the future alpha male will launch numerous models and the goal is to return to having a leading role in the premium segment globally by concrete markets in which historically the historic michione brand has always struggled in such as the united states and china

Now among the future of cars of the milanese brand of solantis there will also be room for a new alpha male flagship now we’re not sure yet what this car will be called and what shape it will take but it sure will represent some sort of non-plus ultra of the best of alpha male mechanics design performance luxury and technology now the new alpha male flagship will

Certainly not be an suv b and a number one of the visione officially confirmed it and the managing director ceo john felipe imperato who however admitted that he does not know if it will be a sedan or something in between the sedan or a crossover now the second hypothesis could be the most probable one at the moment but about the future model of his milanese house

Whose debut should take place in the course of 2027 and which will be developed in america but probably produced in italy well now we have a new rendering by a barbary as i told you before the digital artist who whipped up this design and i’ve already tried to show us what they think the alpha male flagship could look like now the designer speculates that in the

End the bishione will lean towards a large luxury and sporty sedan and will therefore see if things really go like this as most of the fans hope in the future that the flagship will have a completely different appearance as the more realistic hypothesized but this design here as you guys can see is very futuristic with the chalobo and skedeto up front the try led

Headlights the fog lights you can see the signature five hole wheels and obviously the door layout is very interesting as it looks like the door handle in the center right under the b pillar could open up the rear doors in a suicide fashion but that is to be explained by avari himself so i will let you go contact them and see if you can get any more information on

His design but what do you guys think about a flagship premium sedan from alfa romeo let me know what you guys think about this design and if alpha should build something like this for the 2027 market that will for sure be fully electric when it does debut let me know down in the comments below how do you feel about this concept design and what do you feel about

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Said you guys be blessed have a great day and we will talk to you guys in the next ron’s rise video peace

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New Alfa Romeo Premium Flagship Sedan Design Looks Classy! By Rons Rides