New Audi A3 Sportback (2021) Advanced – FULL in-depth REVIEW (exterior, interior, new infotainment)

Taking you on a detailed tour & review of the new 2021 Audi A3 Sportback 30 TDI with Advanced trim. This is the 2021 MY that has updated infotainment system with special new homescreen. I think this Advanced trim looks very good, tell me in the comments how do you like it?

Hi guys welcome back to the channel welcome back to a new video today we’re gonna take a quick look at the new audi a3 sportback and this time it’s a 2021 model here with some updated things and also this time we don’t have the s line trim we have a more uh let’s say a regular advanced plus trim which actually looks surprisingly good in my opinion so i do have the

New key here when you unlock it you do have the dynamic indicators and led lights at the back with a very nice signature and i say that this trim is surprisingly good looking i think because you do have this very sporty rear bumper as well as on the front one which i’ll show you in a moment side view 4 meters 34 this car does have this optional wheels and they

Actually look very nice these are the 18 inch wheels as you can see here and they do suit the car especially with this collar and they give the car that clean look and clean appearance so you see s-line would get the badge here and more aggressive style of the front bumper but here we do have actually a very nice front i would say then i’m going to turn this

View so you see it better now we do have a bit different front bumper so here you don’t have the larger inlets you have the smaller ones of course fake ones and they are in the same color as the body of the car so this all looks pretty clean led lights which do come as standard on this car and then optionally you can get the matrix leds they have the different

Lighting signature in that case but this i believe looks very nice i’m surprised by you know the looks of this thing on the front massive single frame grille optionally you could get the black pack so that you have this in gloss black as well as some other elements but yeah tell me in your comments what do you think about the design of this thing from the side

And let me actually go through the specs before we move on so this is the model 30 tdi 116 horsepower diesel so base diesel this is the price with all the options as you can see we do have these 18-inch wheels as an option and ambient lights plus package and some other you know elements but yeah i think this does look nice and uh let me once again go from this

Angle and show you the rear of the car tell me in your comments what are your thoughts and now let’s check out the trunk space so manually of course and we are grated with 380 liters exactly the same as on the new golf and then here you have the spare wheel die repair kit and actually the kit for changing the wheel not the entire repair kit and then here are

Your extra storage you know spaces on both sides and then some hooks for your shopping bags of course you can fold the seats and then you get the flat bottom and even more space and then when you turn on the lights this illuminates as well now at the back unfortunately yes we do have the case of sort of like the fake exhaust but maybe we shouldn’t even call this

A fake exhaust so yeah that’s about it dirty tdi here is the model name you can have it or you can delete that when you are stacking the car and now it is time to check out the interior of this thing so you are greeted with aluminium part that goes all the way to the door handle which is perfectly in reversed way i do love this styling unlock and lock buttons

And then here some cloth rather good and then the switches for your windows and mirrors door pocket solid size now this car of course doesn’t have the s line interior so this is pretty basic but look at this you see the digitalization because this card does have those things as standard so that’s always nice to see and let’s actually jump here and let me show

You uh what do we have here so close the door i do love this element look how the air vents are made there will be a lot of comments about these air vents but personally i am a big fan let me go to this kind of view so you see it better now we do have the standard steering wheel it’s kind of old-school one but i do love this uh buttons the physical ones and uh

Yeah personally i am a fan of those compared to for example new volkswagen models which have the touch sensitive buttons i believe this is a better option now the air vents when you look at them from this angle they do look out of place but look when you are looking from driver’s perspective this is actually very cool because they are symmetrical and they remind

Me of lamborghini euros actually so yeah then your light switches are here as you can see you change those by pressing this then the fog lights front and rear as well and this is the main 10.1 inch screen and both of these screens are standard so you have the 10.25 inch screen in front of us and then here you have the 10.1 inch screen you can optionally get the

Digital cockpit plus which gets you a better you know views and stuff like that because here uh you can only configure you know the things here inside but on that one you could also change the views have navigation in front of you stuff like that so this comes as standard but you don’t get some of the features for example you see that here we don’t have the

Navigation but it looks cool and it’s nice to have a big screen on the base model i think that’s a big plus from me you know because uh often these days you know car manufacturers don’t offer 10.1 inch on the base trim and then the switches for your ac are really cool because you see this is for adjusting the air blower and then this is the temperature so all

Very simple all very nice i do love this clicking sound so satisfying tell me in your comments how do you like those and this car also has the heated seats those are an option and yeah max blow then moving on these are your shortcuts as well so drive select mode you can choose between different driving modes comfort auto dynamic and individual let’s see what

Can we configure here so drive system and steering of course if you go for the optional dcc dynamic chassis control then you can adjust the stiffness of the dumpers themselves so then the drive modes would make more sense and also if you have the automatic hastronic then it would also make more sense because then you change you know the principle of work for

The uh transmission as well when you change the modes themselves moving on traction control off then the start stop off that’s good to have on the button hazard lights clicking sound is a nice one then here is uh yeah some other switches for the sensors and steering and then here you have the wireless charger for your phone and two usb c ports now i used to

Say that i would love to have usb a port but now when i got the new iphone which i’m currently filming with i do love this usb c ports start stop and start engine button actually and then here is the interesting thing so this uh button is for adjusting the track or this radio station but also for adjusting the volume so this is you know how you turn it down but

If you go on the right then you can turn up the volume and yeah that’s convenient to have also the passenger you know can access it very easily then the six-speed manual i do love seeing manuals on new cars not often you see them and this one is very good i actually drove this one uh with different engine but the transmission was the same and it’s a really good

One real pleasure to drive it electronic parking brake then the 12 volt power outlet two cup holders unfortunately here we don’t have the roller i’m not a big fan of that not sure i quite like this part then and then the armrest is extendable which is nice and here you have some additional storage space but not that huge let’s see this so we do have the carpeting

Inside and yeah well uh that was the interior in terms of the design now let’s focus on the infotainment system so this is the a new one and for 2021 model here which i talked about at the front there is one change so you do have this front screen like the let’s say the additional home screen which greets you and as nice you can configure the things that you want

Here in front of you so yeah you see this maybe it’s blinking on your screen but that’s not the case in real life it’s just on the phone but yeah this is a new feature on the mib 3 infotainment system which a3 has and then here you have the bunch of things it’s uh you know as expected and then and then here you have a bunch of things radio stations dub fm then

Moving on media uh yeah you could of course insert your usb for your music telephone you can pair your phone apple carplay you can actually use wireless apple carplay activate bluetooth okay no we’re not going to do that right now but you get the point apple carplay and android alto then the car settings here is where you can figure uh various things about your

Car we already went through the driving modes and uh efficiency assist well you can have the eco tips but i wouldn’t want that ac controls then the lights and vision and this is very cool so this is the optional thing on this particular model and you do need to put on the lights in order to have those so let’s adjust the brightness and we will change the colors

You have actually 30 colors available so you see this it’s all changing the color and on the back as well so that’s nice for example skoda doesn’t have it on the back second option is this lighter purple then my favorite is the strong blue one uh look at this lines and this does look very nice during the night you can actually watch my point of view drive of

This car during the night it’s impressive i already drove it but that one was with the s9 trim and then yeah you get the point bunch of options available let’s take a look at the green one also nice one but yeah you can also choose various options let’s put it to red so tell me in your comments what’s your favorite ambient light color and well yeah those were

The ambient lights and you can also adjust the uh so those were the contours and then the surfaces uh underneath here and on this part here for example let’s put it to blue one again as well so you see this changes uh but during the day it’s hard to see those uh you could see it right now so the surfaces of the doors and here on the main bridge let’s call it like

That uh moving on so this is the optional thing on this car but i do recommend you to go for it because it looks so good it’s so relaxing during the night drive and yeah i am a big fan of the uh ambient lights then moving on parking gate driver assist uh you do have a bunch of safety systems as expected from a car like this lane departure warning audi pre-sense

Rest recommendation you can adjust those in here based on your preferences settings you can actually have the steering wheel button so this button can be used for something that you like you can adjust it here and then service intervals stuff like that all will be explained to you here and yeah that’s about it when we talk about car settings thinking about car

Settings you could press it here but you also have the shortcut for the car settings also for a bunch of other things as well for the settings you have this option now display and brightness we can actually change the view on the um on this screen but this is where like the optional things come to you know its full glory so as i said this can be 12.3 inch one

Uh the audi virtual cockpit plus and then when you change that one you have a bunch of views available here you can only adjust the things that you see on your you know here on the left you can have the individual consumption average speed stuff like that but when you have the virtual cockpit plus then you would have a few styles of the display even the rs

Specific one yeah i would recommend you to go for that if you are interested in something like that then the keyboard sound system maintenance uh software updates of course with the new cars that is also an option you can have a bunch of users if few people are driving the car and then the connected services entertainment telephone all can be adjusted here as

Well as this you know clicking sound which we currently have i do love that one help users and messages so that’s about it when we talk about the infotainment system tell me in your comments you know how do you like it i do love the fact that uh those two screens are standard personally i would also go for the bigger one here but that’s just me but yeah that’s

About it now we should go at the back seat and see how much space i have there for my knees and my head so wide angle of the opening we do have the ambient lights here as well as this interesting design of the door handles door bucket solid but not the greatest and here is the rear bench let’s take a seat so decent amount of space also you do have this special

Parts you know so that your feet and your knees actually you know fit here this is the view you have on the front and then yeah well this is the situation i am comfortable i do have some space here as well as for my uh legs and yeah i’m one meter 87 so i could be comfortable on a longer road trips here without no major problems and let me also show you this air

Vents pretty base ones and then the usb c ports two of those are here unfortunately there is no net here maybe that’s an option i’m not sure about that but yeah kind of hard to put things here and also there is no middle armrest so i believe those are the options and well yeah but i do love this front design of the front dashboard it’s so good time to check out

What’s under the hood so hydraulic struts unlike the golf where you need to do it yourself and this is a well-known 2-liter tdi and in this case as i said producing 116 horsepower but this car can also be fitted with this engine and more horsepower 150 and then there is also a bunch of petrol engines available one liter tsi 1.5 liter tsi 1.5 liter tsie hybrid

So mild hybrid one and also the classic plug-in hybrid is now reintroduced as well so bunch of options uh top of the line s3 has over 300 horsepower and a 2 liter tfsi so various options tell me in your comments which engine would you choose my choice would probably be the 1.5 liter petrol one so yeah that’s about it guys thank you very much for watching do

Subscribe to the channel also check out my point of view drive of this car and that’s it see you on the next video bye bye

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