New Audi A6 2019 review – see why its better than a BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E-Class

This is the all-new Audi A6. This new executive saloon comes stocked full of brand-new tech and sophisticated style, but has it got what it takes to compete with the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E-Class? Watch my latest review to find out!

Welcome to beautiful portugal and what appears to be the local dogging location for the launch of the all-new audi a8 yeah i do of course know it is the a6 it says it on the back and it’s a bit on the invite bunch of they use a motoring cliche to ask the question is there any point of the a8 when this car supposedly has all the same technology and luxury now we’re

Going to find out in this video but before we do that make sure you subscribe to this channel and hit the bell icon to turn your notifications on so you’re alerted when we make a new upload let’s kick off this review then with the classic car wow design walk around and what better place to start this is the typical audi my grille is bigger than your grille here

At the front and it’s absolutely massive it looks quite cool x with the chrome surrounds you can get three types of headlights with this car so these are the top spec full hd led matrix versions and they’re just insanely bright you know there’s lots of strong creases on this car and on the bonnet as well how let’s make a look sharp even though down the side it’s

Very similar to an a8 but it doesn’t look quite as slab-sided there’s one thing i do like that look at this so here at the side these pronounced haunches with these creases and it reminds me a bit of the back end of the rs4 it’s kind of squat and i just look at the guy who already said to me what is described in this i guess are they’re just so sexy they give me

An erection now he actually said that i shouldn’t hurt too loud here actually because i might end up in a sticky situation anyway yeah i pretty gonna get in trouble for saying that no the only really cars anymore let’s move around to the very back so it’s very similar to the a8 so you’ve got this big chrome strip no down here though they’re still doing it we’ve

Got some crime around there to simplify exhaust pipes but of course there is nothing there now what do you think this cars designed click on the pop-up riding the top right-hand corner of the screen to vote if you think this looks a lot different than the a8 the new audi a6 will start from quite a bit more than the 32,000 pounds of the old car also you have to pay

Extra for all the coolest technology such as these following five upgrades which for some reason 2,000 pounds each if you want the utmost comfort you’re gonna need the air suspension so you can choose between different settings and alter the stiffness of the suspension it’s in dynamic at the moment but no matter what that operating to comfort and i’m also gonna

Raise it up because you can raise or lower it so i’m gonna raise it to its maximum height and then we’re gonna have a little test on the bonnet is a full bottle of water in front of me is a cobbled road i am now about to embark on a drive along the cobbled road and see if the bottle of water stays upright so that’s ten kilometers an hour let’s see how fast i can

Go before it falls over or fifteen kilometers an hour i’ll be amazed if it does twenty that man must think i’m mad oh it’s under shake now 22 here comes a thirty sign can i get two thirty hey that was 30 and that was actually gonna call that swipe fell over well there you go very very scientific i think i better go pick up more rubbish this ad is so clever it

Actually gathers up its own rubbish with the confident technology pack you have a bang & olufsen stereo extended led lighting and also a 360-degree view camera which is really handy so you’ve got this bird’s-eye view of your car great for maneuvering but you can also get this 3d image of the car look all the way around and it’s brilliant where you’re trying to

Get the car through tight spaces such as between the wall and a dog so yeah obviously i don’t want to squish the dog with my car and he doesn’t look like he really wants to move either so if i just switch to the other side you will see the dog there there he is doggy boy yeah look no not bothered at all my dog now that is really handy in fact could’ve done with

That when i was a kid because my dad and you don’t drive in over our pets army’s captain moses while maneuvering that conner driveway and paul moses yeah he didn’t make it obviously it’s very sad this is quite a big car so it could be awkward to maneuver switch when you come to roundabouts but this one has the rear-wheel steering which turns the back wheels in

The opposite direction of the front when you’re going at low speed so it can just do really tight turns look at this yeah i wouldn’t believe a car as long as this could just go round around this roundabout it’s awesome i think that’s enough of that man i’m feeling sick i’m good bye if like me you’re a fairly clumsy driver you may want the city assist pack because

It has various systems to stop you bumping into things at slow speeds such as when you’re reversing oh yes i’m reversing so does things like water break yeah i’ll tell you the truth now that system has definitely saved me a few times in other rowdies that was just an example of it happening i knew the thing was behind me if you want the main infotainment screen to

Be as large as this one here rather than the same size the warmth down below you’re gonna have to get the technology pack now it does include the virtual cockpit the digital drivers display which is lovely with different views of things yeah i like that definitely want it and it also includes wireless charging a fee mobile phone if your mobile phone has it but the

Adi phone box system also boosts the signal from your phone anyway so even if it end of the wall is charging you do get a benefit and that pack is actually two thousand pounds it’s a mere 1500 mm altogether these upgrades come to nearly ten thousand pounds add in some of the bits and pieces to this 55 tsi v6 petrol a6 and you’re looking at an 80,000 pound car this

Means buying a new a6 will be a test of self-control by do you really need the high-definition led matrix lights if only they didn’t do that cute little dance when you turn off the car one probably wouldn’t be quite so strong and is adjustable interior and bit lighting really necessary though surely there’s a study somewhere which shows how it improves your mental

Well-being god damn you i’ll do new addictive options they’re like automotive crack cocaine very moreish but liable to bankruptcy before i go any further with this review i need to do a quick plug now if you know of anyone who’s looking to buy a new car click on the pop-out ban in the top right hand corner of the screen to refer them to car while if they go on to

Buy a car through us they could save an average of three thousand six hundred pounds on it and will give you a 50 pound amazon gift card anyway let’s carry on with the review and the interior inside of this new a6 does look lovely and generally feels lovely and look at this the stitching on here is just so linearized whoever built it has ocd but i can’t be a total

Sticker fans now can i there are a few areas that i’m not so impressed with so just look at this this does i like it but it’s a hollow panel and if i wobble it it’ll moves now i’m not sure further down the line where that’s going to start rattling in fact i’m a seven which had this very same dash in it and it had a rattle behind it which drove me crazy i’m also

Not a fan of this headlining you know it feels posh this car but this headlining is like it’s not even that much nice and that might old porsche 911 from 1999 and then this some other bits like this this is a little bit of an extra gap here it’s not fully lined up now i didn’t know me and this bit of plastic here that’s scratchy oh no wait wait i’ve got another

Thing is the infotainment system so it does look lovely and it works just like your smartphone you’ve got these two screens and they look very cool and when you static you’re not moving easy to operate and swipe through that you do have to press quite hard on the screen for it to kind of click because it gives you force feedback which is a bit annoying and yeah

That’s a problem you can just of course use the virtual cockpit if you’ve got it fitted to your car well just notice this one’s got night vision as well that could come in handy if you’re into stealth mode and you can just operate most of the functions through this and if you don’t want to do that there are the voice commands so this must be very intuitive let’s

See take me to heaven it appears that heaven doesn’t exist oh wait a minute does yeah call up heaven thank god for that but will rear passengers also find things heavenly this new a6 has ever so slightly more knee room headroom and shoulder room in the back than the old a6 so that car was pretty room in this one well i have nothing to complain about which is a bit

Annoying because i like complaining about things i’m just nice to complain about not being able to complain how very birmingham of me you know caught up thinking a lot is called a little bit more if i didn’t quite and our kids so much as for the boots well it’s about the same size as before as cleverly illustrated here with his carefully considered arrangement of

Luggages and if you find that informative how about this behind me this guy’s explained to these other journalists exactly how the cause driver assist systems work using a virtual reality but on a do my own presentation this on falcons is the adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assist demonstration senior essex uses radar laser and camera technology to keep

You a safe distance from the car in front and will help steer you to stay in lane even if the lanes are becoming narrowed using this feature to text your friends do some homework or read press bucks while driving is not safe and will challenge you if you persist in not touching this steering wheel and tricking it by fixing some ballast is strictly forbidden so

Don’t do it oh my god it’s just like so realistic what’s no laughing matter however is out is demonstration to improve the a-sixes efficiency by making it a mild hybrids but what exactly does this involve this unit here is a car starter motor but it also doubles as a generator so when you’re braking or slowing down it recoups the lost energy and then sends it

To the back and stores it here in this lithium ion battery pack now that system is 48 volts so then it’s passed up through a converter so it can work in condition with the 12-volt system to power the car’s electrical system such as the infotainment however the air suspension on this particular car actually has to be run directly off the 48 volt system because it

Requires the added power all this extra tech does have a bit of weight though and is why the new a6 is slightly heavier than the old one which technically isn’t ideal when it comes to driving this new a6 really is all about the comfort it’s a big soft lovely relaxing thing to travel in bring on the my way simple quite as well and we know twisty rotors just this

And by gosh this is twisty it’s it suprisingly capable now i’ve never described as being sport it’s definitely not sporty but it could hold its own especially this one with the rear-wheel steering because now when you’re going quicker the rear wheel still the same direction as the front’s ever so slightly to improve stability so yeah it’s pretty good and of course

You’ve got quattro all-wheel drive on all versions at the moment so it just grips and the air suspension does a great job of just ironing out the bumps it is a heavy car though you know when you had all these extra bits like the rear steering the v6 engine that this car has it just adds to the weight now most people actually go for the two litre diesel which now

Has over 200 horsepower this like i said is a 3 litre v6 petrol it has two 340 horsepower and plenty of performance it feels really quick nought to 60 in around five point one seconds it’s smooth as well however you’ll be lucky to get around 30 miles per gallon when driving in the real world and i can say that driving in the real world who’s driving in the unreal

World if you want the best of both worlds economy and performance there’s a three litre v6 diesel with two jen86 horsepower now that engine comes with an 8-speed auto and it’s a little bit sluggish that auto the one in this car and the one in the two leads are much better it’s a 7-speed dual-clutch auto and it’s very quick to respond and snappy if you want to use

The paddles in manual mode it surprises in this car it just seems to grip and go even though it’s a big old barge so then what’s my final verdict well if you’re after a saloon car of this size and you want the utmost luxury this is where it’s at because this new a6 is just like a less expensive version of the a8 without feeling like a poorer alternative and

That means it deserves to be summed up in an insightful and intelligent way so the new audi a6 it’s well nice they enjoyed this video please like it and share it and click below to subscribe to this channel for more videos like this down there to watch another video or across there to see how much you can save only wait what the hell was that right cam i hear a

Hole anyway i was saying yeah kick over that sandwich you can save our new car a car why calm

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