NEW Audi Q4 e-tron (299hp) | 0-180 km/h acceleration | by Automann in 4K

First real life Autobahn acceleration run with the all-new 2021 / 2022 Audi Q4 e-tron. This car actually even is the range-topping “50 Quattro” with 220kW / 299 hp & 460 Nm of torque (total weight: 2210 kg). A car that is very similar from a technical perspective is actually the VW ID.4 GTX but we will show you more about that car later this year. Please watch yourself and tell me your thoughts about the acceleration figures. Please make sure to also follow all our stuff about this car on instagram! #Audi #Q4 #etron

So hello everybody how are you doing you can already see it by this almost squared steering wheel that we are sitting in a very special audi today this is actually the new q4 e-tron as the top of the range current top of the range model the 50 which has quattro 306 hp and up to 460 newton meters of torque and of course we want to find out how fast the

Car accelerates and also goes on to the top speed we have also brought our race box with us but i have to tell you up front that this car is not going to do 100 to 200 on the autobahn as it is actually electronically limited to 180 which of course makes a lot of sense for electric car because you would not be driving at very high speeds um constantly anyhow

Nevertheless i think we have put everything in the sporty setting as in a normal audi you can also put it to dynamic that’s what i’ve done i’ve also put the traction control into the sport mode in order to let’s say get the best launch out of it also the battery is charged up to 92 it’s not fully charged and we have a bit of let’s say damp track and and wet

Surface on the road but nevertheless let’s see how this goes off i think the first interesting part is really how quiet the car is inside that is really really amazing and before we set up i want to show you something which we can actually change in the setting here that we have the possibility to have different light signatures on the outside the daytime

Running light you can actually adjust to have three different modes you can change in the setting here and every time you start off you have that setting then available outside i think you can see it on this clip right now it is really really cool how the car changes the appearance in the end and to really yeah have the look that you want to have from this

Car from more elegant to more aggressive we managed to do a 6.3 seconds and even a tiny bit uphill point three percent of apple run um i think that shows that the claimed 6.2 from the factory is possible specifically because we did this run with 80 percent of charge more or less and not the full let’s say 100 of charge and you can also see that the high speed

Stability of the car is very nice and also accelerates quite decent to 160 180 i think this is what you would normally do once you run the car even on the german autobahn so i think it’s it’s quite capable for all the other countries of course where you don’t have the autobahn um and you have a very very strong acceleration up to 100 to 230 kilometers per hour

Um yeah i think overall pretty may specifically by the good let’s say noise isolation the car unlike many other electric cars is very let’s say well isolated from the surrounding specifically low tire noise low road noise i think that is something that is very interesting the cabin feels a lot more let’s say premium and luxurious from a noise perspective

Than you would expect from a car in this league feels like more in the direction of an uh i don’t know it would even say a7 s7 r7 and that in that direction or a q8 or q7 rather than it feels like a like a compact compact vehicle and and therefore i think that’s pretty good also i quite like that this interior is very audi ish and um everybody that is let’s

Say an audi fan will be familiar with this stuff uh in in in a few seconds and also steering wheel everything else is very nice also i i have not driven the volkswagen gtx yet which is more or less the sister model also 306 hp 460 newton meters of torque with the same meb platform but i would probably say i would go for this car because um it has the same

Ingredients but more luxurious stuff and the price difference is likely not that big and also there’s no weight difference no performance difference in the end so yeah overall i think a pretty cool thing and please stay tuned for all the content that we also put on instagram and facebook and tick tock um we have some nice reels over there we have some nice

Photos also showing the exterior of the car and some nice features so um definitely one of the cars that i am interested um could be even a potential successor of our golf 7.5 r a car that we need to replace very soon and therefore i’m also looking at other options than just the regular hot hatches and i think this is more or less the first compact m electric

Car that that i i really consider buying you

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