New Audi S6 V10 world records *800HP RS6 appearance*

Kimovitz JHM tuned Audi S6 V10 “Green Goblin” has broken several new world records and now beats a stock Audi RS6 C6 in the sprint 0-100 km/h – also new world record time in the quarter mile (1/4 mile)! Anton also shares the status on the white Audi S6 V10 wagon that has been in an accident and is overall just falling apart.. 😛 We also get a short glimpse and some beautiful noise from an 800HP Audi RS6 C7.5, it almost broke our mic!

We don’t actually have one we have two new world records maybe the three hey guys welcome back to pitstop it’s a new year and it’s been it’s been a minute since we posted anything and it’s just been hectic but today we have just a quick update because our danish friend kim has been added again with the green goblin new world records for audi s6 v10 cars

There we go guys we’re on the road so yeah we have a new world record no we don’t we don’t actually have one we have two new world records uh maybe even three uh for an audi s6 v10 wagon and actually s6v10 overall i don’t think we’ve seen any wagon or sedan make these kind of performance numbers that kim and the green goblin has been able to produce the last

Couple of weeks so yeah kim the crazy dane that he is went back after our meet got back to jhm and told them guys i need some more power in in the s6 wagon so they fine-tuned the the software both for the ecu and the tcu if i’m not mistaken kim went out a little bit colder weather 18 inch rims instead of 20s 235 winter tires so i mean a bit less radius to

To get rolling but also much worse tires he went out and yeah he got some crazy crazy results uh he recorded a 0 to 100 kilometer per hour in 4.48 seconds that’s insane for this old freaking v10 wagon i mean the car is specified specified at 5.3 seconds by audi and very few have been able to reach those numbers stock i have a hard time getting below 6 seconds

0 to 100 so to be able to break down below below 4.5 seconds which for the record is faster than an s6 c7 or an s6 no an rs6 c6 stock that has 580 horsepower that’s yeah it’s mental uh so yeah besides that he also went for the quarter mile uh the new world record for audi s6v10s is 12 12 48 seconds and he also managed to put out a really really nice uh time

For zero to 200 kilometers per hour at 10.74 if i’m not mistaken i’ll put up the drag numbers here on the on the screen and you can take a look for yourself and yeah from me to kim huge congratulations and yeah hm you guys you’re you’re killing it that you’re still fine-tuning software for these cars and getting these results from an n a engine it makes me smile

And it makes me really curious to see what we can do with my own car of course when talking about my own s6v10 we don’t have that amazing progress it’s going downhill to be honest at the moment if you see behind me here we we’ve had a bit of an accident jesus christ my maxton spoiler literally literally took a dive into the payment uh i was parking my car at

The grocery store and the pavement had like little holes in it with water over so it was hard to see and i went to the park the car just flew through the payment and i thought it was just scratched i thought i just had scratched the spoiler but as you see it’s broken completely so yeah i’m gonna set up a meeting with the people responsible for the parking lot

And hopefully they’ll reimburse me otherwise i have to pay this myself so make sure to stay tuned for upcoming videos about that but yeah to be honest it need a good wash it also need summer tires the 18 inches are not good and as you know the fitment is horrible horrible and yeah as i said things are falling apart the v and the v10 logo has fallen off so

Yeah before we do any jhm tuning i need to get old white lining up to snuff and to be honest i’m actually in the lund now not in mandala and that’s because i just met up with the count who’s going to stockholm to take a look at a new car so we might actually be expanding the pit stop garage in yeah today to be honest we don’t know it looks good and hopefully

I’ll get back to you about that in the future video so as said stay tuned we have a lot more v10 coverage coming up and hopefully other coverage as well and just to quickly wrap things up i also want to reach out to specifically you swedes out there is there anyone in malmo specifically or in sweden in general that’s interested in helping us with doing like

Video editing on the videos we do please reach out to us if you’re in malmo you might actually be able to join me when going out trying out cars and doing a lot of shenanigans and crazy stuff going forward so yeah if you’re interested in joining the pit stop team let us know and we’ll get back to you otherwise just have a great evening take care and don’t forget

Subscribe and uh give us a comment if you like this kind of content and what kind of content you would like to see going forward take care peace you don’t think i was gonna leave you without any v10 revs did you oh that never gets old the fuel never gets old either v10 life v10 well guys what do you know i was just going to fill up some gas and look what’s

Beside me an rs6 c7.5 this is a stage 2 tuned car and i just talked to eva i’ve never met him before and ivar please start it up green car guys wow i have a new mic but i think it that was actually too loud for even the new mic well isn’t that the perfect ending to a new vlog guys take care you

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