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New Bentley Bentayga REVEALED

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This is the new bentley bentayga extended wheelbase it is a limousine that’s an suv rather than a saloon car in this video i’m going to tell you everything you need to know about it anyway i’m matt watson and you’re watching car wow and if you haven’t done so already make sure you subscribe to this channel so you don’t miss any videos buy sell car wow let me

Talk you through what the extended wheelbase version of the bentayga is all about so bentley has had to retire the monsoon he’s going to be old and one day they’ll replace it with some big electric limousine but until then they need a flagship so what they’ve done is made an even bigger even more luxurious version of the bentego and here are a bunch of them at

Bentley’s factory and crew which are waiting to go out i mean look at these different colors we’ve got gold we’ve got grey pink and this big purple car here now you might think from a distance it just looks like a normal bentayga however the extended wheelbase version actually has 2500 new parts and i’ll talk you through some of them now to create this extended

Wheelbase bentayga bentley has increased the distance between the front and the back wheels by 180 millimeters so about that much now it has a wheelbase of 3175 millimeters which is 40 millimeters more than a myback gls but unfortunately 22 millimeters shorter than the new long wheelbase range rover oh well you can’t win them all anyhow all that extra length is

In this door look at it it’s huge obviously to accommodate the door mentally also to fit a longer roof and a longer floor pattern as well the extra sheet metal on this car is part of the reason why this extended wheelbase version of the bentayga is 98 kilos heavier than the standard car obviously some of that weight is in the door there but to help you open it it’s

Motorized so you get assistance look i’m going to open my little finger you do have to pull it for safety reasons but look i’m putting no effort in at all ah i’m just gonna get in because this is what it’s all about wow that’s nice okay what’s also nice when you get inside you don’t actually have to pull the door you just press and hold this button how does it

Do its thing before we go any further i need to give you a point of reference with a normal bentayga so i’m sat in the back behind the passenger seat because this is a right-hand drive car i have a tape measure here and i’m going to measure my knee room and it’s coming in at 17 centimeters back in the long wheelbase now once again with my tape measure let’s see

What we’ve got here come on oh there’s more there’s more knee room 35 centimeters way more space and if that isn’t enough look at this i can use this new little tablet to make the front seat move out the way and put my seat into its most relaxed position because this car has the top of the range airline seats i’m going to get relaxed now oh look at this we’ve

Got a foot rest i just put my feet up july actually no you know what i should do let’s measure my knee room again i think we’ve made an improvement here we’re uh 50 centimeters so half a meter it’s pretty good at that sometimes when you’re traveling in luxury you want others to know that you’re traveling in luxury and that’s why this extended wheelbase version of

Bentayga has a few design cues which make it look a little bit more premium for instance it comes with vertical slats in the grille in addition to the mesh you can have it in this chrome effect it’s plastic really or you can have it in black then there’s these unique mirrored 22 inch alloy wheels you can’t get these beautiful things on the standard bentayga now

On the inside there’s even more upgrades and i’ll talk you through them now all four door and layers on this car have this unique metal bit of trim on it what happens is the cross people at bentley get a big piece of metal and they just burn away the bits they don’t want to create this shape and it’s so thin it’s thinner than paper it’s 0.07 millimeters thin then

They lay it on and lacquer it by hand and then there’s this stitching so the thread they use here is thinner than the thread they use on the normal bentayga and the stitches are actually half the size it’s just exquisite well the sunroof is exactly the same size as on the normal bentayga bentley i’ve had to move it backwards slightly so that people in the back

Can still enjoy it and for the first time rear occupants can actually operate the sunroof blind because they can do it through this tablet just press this button and the blinds should close come on bit like me it’s not the quickest yeah you’re not in a hurry if you’ve got bentley the normal bentayga is available with heated and ventilated rear seats but this

Extended wheelbase version gets a special upgrade the seats can actually measure your temperature and humidity so you can tell if you’re a bit hot or you’ve got a sweaty bottom and it can vary the cooling or heating accordingly there’s also two zone ionization rather than single zone that means if you’re eating foie gras here in the back it can clean up the smell

Of all that fatty duck liver then there’s extended ambient lighting in the doors so you have two different panels so you can alter the colours as you wish and the lights actually shine through little pores in the leather there’s no point having all those interior upgrades if they make this car an absolute pig to drive and that’s why bentley have fitted the extended

Wheelbase bentayga with rear wheel steering the result is that the turning circle is 11.8 meters which is seven percent better than the standard bentayga so it’s actually going to be more maneuverable even though it’s longer it also gets a standard of 48 volt anti-roll bar system which stops the car leaning in the bends now that is an optional extra on the normal

Bentayga there are some things you can’t get on the extended wheelbase bentayga which you can get on the standard car and that’s the w12 engine in fact from launch is only going to be the v8 the four litre twin turbo with 550 horsepower there won’t be the hybrid initially but it should be added to the lineup later on another thing you can’t get on this car seven

Seats no seven seats option on the extended wheelbase version even though there is on the shorter normal car makes sense not finally we come to the price now bentley haven’t actually revealed exactly how much this car will cost but a standard bentayga v8 starts from 150 000 pounds and when you think about the fact that a long wheelbase range rover starts from

170 000 pounds and this is definitely more luxurious it’s going to be around 200 grand starting in fact i think it’d be easy to spend over 300 000 pounds on one with options oh i hope you all enjoyed the video if you did give it a like let me know what you think of this car by voting in the ping comment and if you click on those windows there you can watch

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