New BMW M3 v Old 700hp M3: DRAG RACE

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Hi how are you matt watson here from car wow i’m sitting in the new bmw g80 m3 and next to me is an f-80 m3 only that’s been tuned and we’re gonna have a drag race to see if this new car can beat a tuned version of the old car so let me tell you about this new m3 it has a three liter twin turbo straight six engine with 510 horsepower and 650 newton meters of torque

Drives the rear wheels only via an eight-speed automatic gearbox with a torque converter oh my god no dual clutch here it’s quite a heavy car as well this it weighs in at seventeen hundred and thirty kilos tens of pricing one thousand now joking it’s almost 75 000 pounds it’s gone up in price doesn’t it but then it is the competition version that you can only get

In the uk we can’t get the just normal m3 so it’s got quite a bit of kit on it anyway enough of that let me tell you about the f80 m3 so that has a three liter straight six twin turbo but that one’s been tuned by evolve automotive in fact i put a link to their youtube channel below the video they do lots of stuff on their team cars anyhow it’s had hybrid turbos

Put on it obviously remapped it’s got down pipes as a result it’s got 700 horsepower and 950 newton meters of torque it’s also just rear-wheel drive virus seven-speed dual clutch automatic gearbox has launch control but i don’t think he’s gonna be using that because it just kind of goes no what’s going on with all this power and it just spins up its wheels so it’s

Gonna be hard to launch that once it hooks up though it’s gonna be quick because it’s lighter than this as well as being more powerful comes in at 1595 kilos now if you’re interested in buying that very car it’s actually for sale 65 000 pounds so check out evolv automotive you can buy it if you want if you’re actually thinking about buying the new m3 though and

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Car buying comparison site okay the first thing we’re going to do as ever is a sound check let me get to this in sporty mode come on there we go apparently bmw enhanced the sound of the engine by sampling it then playing it through the speaker so it’s sort of not fake but bit fake on the outside it sounds pull it out let’s have a listen to the f80 all

Right that’s enough of that you’ve won that challenge now before we erase i’m gonna warm up the tires make sure the stability control is off what’s he doing what’s he doing cheeky bugger what’s going on i can’t see anything hello should we race he’s struggling for grip who’s coming down but too late keep going keep going here comes a half mile are you going

To pass me for the half mile you were neck and neck on the half mile wow you were nowhere in sight at all for the quarter mile half mile bang on it this thing over the quarter mile though launches so well people are moaning the fact that it doesn’t have a dual clutch automatic gearbox this gearbox launches better than the dual clutch in the old version in the

Car you’re driving yeah no question your launch is unreal i was spinning wheels all the way up until fourth going sideways and then once it started rolling at a good pace then i was just reeling you in and then we seemed to level off a bit that’s what it looks like matt i have to go down and find my wiper blades the left one blew off on the way up here he did

That lost a wiper blade he’s going that quick you know what now that his tires are warm i’m going to give him another chance at the drag race let’s see what happens can he come back though oh he’s coming oh my god come on come on let’s keep going for the half mile he’s going to destroy me he destroyed me on the half mile that’s the half mile totally had me

Uh hello you’ve disappeared into another time zone i think you’re so far away you know on european standard time come back to greenwich mean time come on come back so far away is that range anyway that was close to that time a lot closer so then what exactly happened well the new m3s better traction off the line meant it won just and it completed the standing

Quarter mile in 11.6 seconds the old tuned m3 was just behind with a time of 11.7 seconds although it overtook the new car just after the quarter mile okay now we have a rolling race from 50 miles an hour in third gear doesn’t have to worry about attracting quite so much ready then three two one go off he goes i can hear it as well so loud absolutely crushing

Me this is the mile coming up now look how far ahead it is i’m topping out at an indicated 159 miles an hour hey tuned in free what top speed did you get there it was showing off drawing off the clock so i don’t know what it was like 190 to 200. i think you might have won that let’s try something else to really show the torque increase of that car compared to

This one i shedded a splitter i think on the way up there when we hit 190. not again the car is literally disintegrating beneath me you see when you tune a car even the bits that you don’t actually affect by tuning the car knows sometimes and doesn’t like it maybe that’s why manufacturers say that if you tune your car you invalidate the warranty so this part

That came off actually isn’t part of the standard fit of the m3 it’s actually made by imran but he’s only tested it up to 130 miles an hour and it’s fine because we’ve done it 130 miles an hour and it stayed on trouble is the car was then doing pretty much 200 miles an hour which means you need stronger what is it glue bonded on we haven’t bonded it because it

Was just for show when i come to v-max and we do 200 miles now i have all the carbon bits off the car for this very reason right okay so it’s an aesthetic part now we’ve tested it it comes off at 180 miles now well there you go all right let’s try something else let’s do fifth gear from 70 miles an hour i’ll count it in three two one go oh look at this come on

Come on oh now he’s going look at that go oh my gosh i’ve hit my limiter just as we’re going over the mile yeah that was interesting i took you at first up to about 120 or whatever and then you eventually came past and when you came past you actually came past quite a lick yeah it really developed in fifth it came off boost for a split second which is why you

Stayed with me a bit longer but then it came on again and just wow took off i was just touching 190 crossing the line there again well you’re also just touching cloth as well because you’re going quite quickly now that i’ve lost my front arrow it’s all very sketchy let’s try something else okay what we’re gonna do now is have a rolling grace again from 50 miles

An hour this time though in top gear q top gear theme tube got it so it’s eighth gear for me and it should be seventh gear for you here we go i’m going to count it in this is all about the torque three two one go my car’s not on boost yet not on boost yet are you gonna boost it you’re building come on give me a boost this is rather slow come on build revs it’s

Gone now i should be on boost now oh he’s just buggered off here he comes i can feed her coming in now and this is the mile gosh this took forever to get on boost this did i was just in some kind of like torque hole this finally got going at 100 miles an hour but up until then it was real sluggish it proves if you’ve got a turbo charger there is turbo lag even

In the very very latest cars and tuned cars okay now we have a brake test from 70 miles an hour when we reach the line full emergency stop exciting exciting stuff here’s the line your car’s lighter it’s on stickier tires you won that about sums that up i think well there you go now i’ve got an amazing offer on a performance car that’s a lot cheaper than the new

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Video if you did give it a like also let me know some other drug races you’d like to see in the comments below i will check them out click on there or there you can watch some more drag races and if you click on that box there you can check out the karma drag race leaderboard where we list out all the times of all the cars we’ve dragged see you next time

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New BMW M3 v Old 700hp M3: DRAG RACE By carwow