New BMW X4 2021 – NIGHT POV test drive & FULL REVIEW (M Sport xDrive 20d)

Taking you behind the wheel of the new BMW X4 2021MY. This new model has been updated with things such as the new BMW Live Cockpit Professional. Model in the video is xDrive 20d, which means all wheel drive and 2.0 diesel engine with 190 HP paired with 8-Speed Steptronic. Also, the car has ADAPTIVE LED lights which I’ll show you in more details soon.

Hello guys welcome back to the channel welcome back to a night point of view drive of this car so the new bmw x4 before we go on a ride many many thanks to sixth rental car for letting me have this car on a test you can also check them out and rent this car if you like it so this is it the new generation of the bmw x4 as you can see we have this nice led lights

These are actually adaptive leds so they are an option and then you have this huge kidney grilles and they are actually air vents it can be air vents of course they are adjustable and moving on to the side of the car you see this car has the very nice m package actually m sport x and then you have this nice side skirts and also the m badge wheels are actually

19 inch but they have big tires so right if actually very comfortable when you unlock the car you are greeted with this projection on both sides of the car also the door handles are illuminated and moving on to the rear of the car which is my favorite part i mean just look at this l shape of the lights this is really beautiful they are wide and very very slim

And make the car appear even wider then you have the dual exhaust this is the x drive 20d so diesel with four wheel drive and here is how it looks from this angle and this side as you can see we also have this puddle light this is the key you have nice m colors and now without further ado let’s take it for a drive we are greeted with nice ambient lights and

Then this model saw the all-new model with the all-new digital cockpit just like on the rest of the new bmw models so let’s go alright so you start the car by pressing this start engine button it comes to life beautiful ambient lightning and now we put it to drive and let’s start so this car 20dx drive that means it’s got the 2-liter diesel engine producing

190 horsepower you also get 400 newton meters of torque so a lot of torque instant power available uh really smooth for driving turning circle is around 12 meters so not bad of course not the easiest to maneuver to the city it is eight centimeters longer than the predecessor but weight retribution is actually really good you have the 50 on rear axle and 50 on

The front axle so actually rather nice card to drive and uh well yeah you see here the top spec we have the m sport package also inside nice m sport steering wheel with the digital cockpit and we have of course the ref counter and the speedometer and inside we have the map this is also the optional screen the big one it’s a 10 inch one and yeah you have a lot

Of information here this is the main screen and this all looks very very nice indeed we are departing this huge carriage they’re all there are always a lot of comments about this you know how many floors there are here but yeah we are now exiting okay so the car shut itself down because we have the start engine start stop engine system but we’ll turn that off

You turn it off by pressing this button it’s just right underneath this start engine button so it’s around midnight in my hometown zagreb and we’re gonna cruise along i’m gonna show you the features of this car during the night so i said diesel engine let’s talk about the figures it’s eight seconds flat to reach 100 top speed is 213 so really decent numbers of

Course you can go for more powerful versions of both diesel and petrol but i think you know this one is enough okay this guy’s letting us go so let me start with showing you the different ambient lights that you have available you go to car settings and then you have different colors for example we can put it to orange and then you see this becomes orange you

Can have a white one blue one which is my favorite and also for example green for example purple and white and in this combination you get this stripe here in white and then this is in purple i will put back everything to blue and that’s my favorite a cool sound of the blinker it’s relaxing and let me show you actually the map because we do have the 3d shape

Of various buildings so just look at this for example and we can look at the national theater it’s on our left but now you can’t see it it’s two streets from here but anyway the map is very good very very responsive and you also have a nice 3d shape of the buildings speaking of this digital layout now you can change various you know things that you can adjust

In front of you we can have this map you also have the head up display not sure if you can see that one you can turn on the brightness maybe you will see it i don’t know if camera is catching it usually camera doesn’t you know show you this but yeah it’s a rather convenient thing to have and it’s a big one here so thumb up for that and then on this instrument

Cluster that is in front of me you can have this map view but you can also turn it off but i’m not gonna do that i like this map view and well everything can be controlled with this controller you can also use touch but i think it’s better and you know easier to use this controller and one thing that is very easy to use are the driving modes uh so you have them

Here and actually when you change them and then also this digital cockpit changes the color so for example if we go to eco mode you can immediately feel that there’s less of a throttle response when you press the eco mode also you don’t even get the revs on the eco mode you only get your consumption so you want it to be as low as possible so that i guess that

You know makes you drive it even slower and then if you go to comfort this is the standard mode and of course you can go to the sport mode as well which is up here now you have better throttle response and everything just feels sharper and you also have this cool you know sports display let’s call it like that where you have the newton meters and the horsepower

That you are using all right so you see the cathedral in front of us let’s go to map and let me show you that in a 3d shape it’s here i don’t know if you can see it yeah now you can see it i think really really cool and when you press the driving mode two times and then you get the driving mode but individual one so let’s check this out so you have the steering

The engine the transmission everything can be you know adjusted to your needs and wishes and the steptronic automatic transmission is very very good among the best you know on the market right now it’s really smooth you can put it to manual mode but i will just keep it in drive because yeah the gear changes are just perfect there’s nothing to say about that and

Good thing about bmw is they are focused on the driver so they say that for example this interior is made you know as driver focused and that is something that their clients love and that’s why for example it’s easy to use uh the infotainment system as really you know you learn everything in just you know small amount of time because everything is just clear and

Also one additional cool thing is that you can change the ac on the buttons something you don’t see often these days so you can just scroll this for lower temperature so that’s cool let’s see the voice commands lower the temperature unfortunately this climate function cannot be voice controlled okay so this ac cannot be voice controlled i guess that is because

It’s easy to use and i don’t need voice command to change the ac for me because i can just do it like this if this was in touchscreen then it would make sense but for example drive me to london i found two addresses which one should i choose so now it found london united kingdom unfortunately we’re not gonna go there right now but you get the point so voice

Commands can be useful for something like that when you press this button that you have on this left lever then you configure this small you know section of the screen and you can configure the things that you want in front of you for example now we have the driving mode we have the consumption or this sport display which is in my opinion the coolest one so i

Will keep it that way and let me also show you the sport display which you have available look at this so you have newton meters and horsepower and then when you use them you have this red illumination that does look cool so when you combine the sport display in front of you with this this is you know a nice driving layout and then you can also have the x view

Now actually this is for you know the terrain not for the road i mean you can use it here you will have the incline percentage i believe and stuff like that so but yeah i don’t think he will need that on the road and then you have this energy flow even though it’s a standard diesel you have this energy flow layout kind of cool and let me turn on this light for

You so now you see the interior in let’s say full glory you have this petals for the automatic transmission if you want to change it manually but as i said that’s not necessary you also have this beautiful ambient lightning and then this is the charging pad wireless charger for the phone two cupholders ac controls it’s even got the cd player how cool is that and

Well yeah everything is slightly oriented towards the driver leaned towards the driver i love that and yeah well i think overall you very cool car of course it’s more of a trendy car more stylish style uh before the practicality if you want practicality then you go for the x3 but with this one you know it’s definitely a stylish car we have the coupe style of

The roof so yeah that’s about it thank you very very much for watching guys do subscribe to the channel as you know there are plenty of night point of view drives on the channel and also other videos and also there will be an in-depth review of this car so stay tuned for that for all the details of the exterior and interior that is probably already live on the

Channel so you can check that out uh you can check the point of view drive during the day then we will probably also go to the highway and yeah well that’s it thank you very much for watching subscribe and see you on the next one bye bye you

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New BMW X4 2021 – NIGHT POV test drive & FULL REVIEW (M Sport xDrive 20d) By crospotter13