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New Car Review: Audi Q5 Sportback 35 TDI S Line

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The Audi Q5 Sportback is another variation of the Audi Q5, with a more coupé-like rear end and a more elegant look than the more utilitarian Q5. It costs about €3,000 more for the Sportback over the standard Q5 but this is a small price to pay for what is a much prettier car. Paddy Comyn drives the new Audi Q5 Sportback 35 TDI S Line for AA Ireland. RPOEQLN6Y2PEN4IM

The audi q5 got a refresh earlier on this year but now there’s a new variant of the q5 the q5 sportback let’s take a look audi calls this not an suv but rather a cuv or crossover utility vehicle a name it’s given to its q3 sportback and its e-transportback so it’s more of a stylized version of the utilitarian look of an suv the q5 sportback costs about 3000 euro

More than the standard q5 and it has pretty much the same dimensions as the q5 and the only real difference is of course this more coupe like rear end it sacrifices about 10 liters of luggage space and weighs about 35 kilograms more than the cheaper model the q5 sportback is of course a premium product so the likelihood is that no one’s going to get too upset by

Paying three grand more for what is effectively a styling feature but you know audi have done a really good job with that styling feature this is a very good looking car and over the course of my week with the car i got plenty people giving me the thumbs up or mouthing nice car through the window you know it is a beautiful car in case you’re wondering this color

Is ultra blue and these five spoke v-design alloy wheels are an almost 1800 euro option it is an s-line model so that means it gains s-line emblems front and rear s-line bumpers privacy glazing black headlining and door sills illuminated with the s-line logo howdy for me make the best interiors around the quality is always first class the fit and finish is truly

Excellent and this model is no exception standard fit is a 10.1 inch touchscreen or you can upgrade to a 12.3 inch display if you choose the audi virtual cockpit plus with almost every car we’ve been driving recently coming with some sort of plug it’s actually quite a novelty to drive a standard diesel and this is the two liter tdi 35 which in id language means it

Has 163 brake horsepower it’s quite enough it has an amazing range once you get into it with a full tank it displayed 1100 kilometers range which is uh quite a lot when you’re starting to get used to the anxiety in some cases of smaller battery electric vehicles as a car to drive look it’s it’s an audi it’s very refined the transmission the gastronic transmission

Is very smooth the quality of everything the fit and finish is great you know stepping into an audi you’re stepping into one of the best interiors around i’ve always said that and i maintain that there’s very few other brands and can come close to matching the fit and finish in terms of cost this car here as it sits costs 69 393 euro so it’s an s line 35 tdi with

A couple of toys including those alloy wheels it has the um a cup holder heated cup holder which is uh interesting as well i like that it can keep your coffee warm but it also has a cooling function too so so overall it’s a lovely car to drive i mean if you know if you’re getting down to brass tacks and about buying it your best bet probably would be to go for

The plug-in hybrid the etfsi rather than the diesel because at least that way you’re going to future proof yourself against any possible upcoming legislation which might you know affect standard diesel or petrol cars so it would probably be a wiser choice to go for the ph ev which in an s line is going to cost around 65 66 000 euro the q5 sportback falls into

The luxury items category so should of course be treated as such if it was me i’d have an a4 avant s line diesel and about 10 grand of smugness however if you do want an suv or sorry cuv then this is a very good one it’s incredibly refined this diesel engine is great and still relevant for lots of people if for was me buying this car i’d probably have the phev

However either way you’re going to get a car which is beautiful has great road manners drives really well and just look at it it looks great and that’s probably the point

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New Car Review: Audi Q5 Sportback 35 TDI S Line By AA Ireland