New Design, Interior, Engine? 2023 Ford Super Duty – What to Expect

Tim got new leaked images of the upcoming 2023 Ford Super Duty lineup of trucks. He discusses the photos, exterior and interior changes, tech and engine changes for the 2023 Ford Super Duty lineup. Watch now to learn what you can expect.

Hey it’s tim pickup truck plus suv talk and early morning here in nebraska with some breaking news over the weekend i want to get to right away we had somebody in a factory take some photos of a 2023 ford super duty uh probably got fired but we have these photos of fortune duty so i thought let’s talk about these photos we have and i’ll kind of give you some

Ideas in the background what i think is going to happen with this redesign and well when is it going to happen that’s a big question these days yeah they can redesign it and they can sort of build it but when’s actually come to market so let’s talk about that so let’s go ahead and get this these photos put this on the screen and uh this is a facebook post and

It’s been around for a little while this weekend but we can see we have new c channel lights here that’s the outer light on the led there and this is going to really mirror what they’ve done in the f-150 the half-ton versions and then when we go through the other images we can see this one which is more of a dually setup and you can see the same clam shell on the

Front the dually the same boxy looking outside so you know there’s always a question people are like well full redesign you know that means it’s ground up redesign everything’s brand new and as you know truck development trucks are always constantly evolving and so there’s really no brand brand new because parts always changing but we’re going to see is as best

We can for re for a full redone new exterior done there and then i’m sure on the rear the tailgate seem a little bit different which is always something people have done they’ve always changed the rear and the front uh the cab it’s usually sort of the same most times i mean they may go a little bit taller and make a little bit shorter whatever but those features

Stay about the same kind of work that out over the years and then ford’s got their styling for their dually which has been around for a long time and that’s just going to look the same i don’t see any changes there what’s going to happen a lot and what we’re going to talk about here a little bit we have a story over here on and we think that

The 2023 model is coming redesigned 2020 well excuse me the redesign is coming for 2023 model year is what we’re thinking and so looking back looking forward uh we can tell you that let’s talk about engines always big questions we have the 7.3 liter v8 that is the godzilla engine that’s gonna be the same 6.7 liter power stroke diesel that’ll be the same might see

Some improvements as far as torque horsepower and all these engines and the 6.2 liter v8 is still going to hang around as far as we can tell um it feels like there needs to be like a maybe a hybrid version or a hydrogen fuel cell version that’s going to be a big question moving forward with these heavy duty trucks what ford’s going to do on emissions on that they

Don’t really have to because heavy duty sharks are emitted from the cafe rules but it’s interesting to see what’s going on with that and the biggest question we have that we have with this truck was about the pro power on board and this is what you find in f-150 it’s got the setup in the back where you can plug in like even a 220 hookup you can welcome back to the

Truck and that is a great feature i owned power boost a couple years ago and i really did enjoy that feature and it seems like it’s a no-brainer for rv camping um with the excuse me super duty you go off the grid plug it into your fifth wheel trailer and actually run your camper off your truck and really doesn’t use that much fuel it’s really quiet so and there’s

People argue about whether it’s generator or not whether all this kind of stuff but i kind of liked it i thought it was a cool feature so there’s some questions happening whether that’s going to happen now ford does offer it in the regular gasoline engines but it’s a very small hookup in the back it’s like 2.4 kilowatts so to get 7.2 kilowatts or like 9.6 in the

Full lightning you have to have a bigger battery and that’s gonna be the question does ford go with a bigger battery here and get some hybrid power not so much hybrid fuel economy everything’s hybrid fuel economy no no uh sometimes with hybrid especially like say for example toyota tundra trd pro you can go better horsepower better torque don’t have to go better

Fuel economy just for better performance and in this case with the for super duty they can go more performance as far as towing electric power is a little bit better towing more smooth power delivery and it can go pro power on board as long as they can keep it within well they don’t have to keep it the weight that’s the thing this is so exciting with super duties

They can make that curb weight even bigger and add a bigger battery and it doesn’t really matter people don’t really care about that than the super duties so i’m really i’m really curious about that they’re going to do that and i think it’s a fantastic idea and i would give them another step up on the competition something people would actually shop for and granted

A lot of people don’t always use those features but i think from a farming standpoint ranching and rv standpoint i think it’s a home run so before i get too much further another thing you can see is that i want to look at here is this is the prior generation super duty you can see that the sea light is not quite there the grill’s a little bit different if we go

Back to this picture here you can see that sea light exactly like the fn50 and but the biggest change you’re gonna find with the super duty is gonna be right in here this interior is gonna get completely redone i think you’re looking at this truck’s gonna be interior and technology that’s gonna be the two key features again pro power on board they can do zone

Lighting which i love zone lighting the ford does you can light up individual zones around the truck from your app from the truck or inside the truck you have features there too so if you need to light up the whole truck around you like coming back from menards late at night boom whole truck lights up it’s fantastic i’ve used a camping great feature i’m gonna find

That in there i think you’re gonna find as well as that you may find some blue cruise technology which is hands-free driving i would love to see the payload onboard scales feature they have f50 i think for the f-258 f-315 i mean f-450 the super duties would be great to have an idea how much payload you have the truck would calculate that for you i think that’s

Fantastic idea and then looking at other trucks so this is a big question so ford has that small screen in there and this is the old school screen and so a lot there’s a lot of conversation with which way forward is going to go so if you look at this this is the 450 lightning platinum this is the big vertical screen this is an interesting screen you have the big

Dial on the bottom which uh does the volume and it’s it’s a lot of tech in the screen um it’s interesting i am quite warm to that one yet this is the f50 lightning pro which is this screen same as in the f-150 um i had the power boost and the same one going through the different trim levels this one fits a little bit better for me it doesn’t stand out so much and

I think the screen was big enough for me but which way did they go do they go this way as well this is the ford expedition timberline and so that you can see a little bit raised above you can see a little bigger screen it’s not quite embedded in the dash and that is timberline that is a zone lighting feature they’re showing on that screen with that so ford’s done

Some different options there they’ve also done throughout their lineup so you can get a column shifter on the xlt in the ford f50 so they’ll probably keep a column shifter i think in the xl xlt version of the super duty but then the question is if they when they do that do they get the fold down dial here which is the the console shifter that folds down and then

That work surface folds forward in the higher trim levels i think that’s a definite possibility for ford i think at the higher trim levels you column shifter you fold that forward you have the work workspace i mean for kind of loud if it worked out well with the f50 it worked out great with super duty it’s just kind of borrowing the same cool ideas they’ve done in

Different trim levels i could definitely see you know they can keep expanding the trimmer lineup at the f250s and they’re going to keep expanding the power you know more diesel torque we’ve talked earlier i’m sure we’re going to move more towards multi-speed transmissions 10 speeds that’s what ford’s doing throughout the lineup that’s what gm’s doing throughout

Lineup i think we get to there they’re gonna offer one transmission only that transmission has had a little bit of a learning um curve issue for a lot of owners um it’s had some problems they’ve done some reflashing with the software and it seemed like it’s fixed a lot of those issues but they’re still baby steps not that software so i think they’re going to go i

Would go 10 speed across the board i would go uh better towing and torque probably i’d love to see a more hybrid more battery power in this for not just better towing but also that power on board talk about that talk about zone lighting talking about the bigger screen whether they go with the big screen like that whether they go the input kind of screen or whether

To go the bigger screen that doesn’t quite embed one of the three is going to happen i’d love to see payload technology in this i’d love to see um more materials eventually to do some even better materials bringing this up king ranch gets even fancier platinum gets me fancier i think you can see some big changes there and so again this is the kind of evolution

Of full-size trucks you’re going to see that especially heavy-duty trucks they’re going to brought from the f-150s they’re going to make their truck that much better using that stuff that’s worked out so well and then they’re going to keep adding more technology more luxury and more sophisticated powertrains and it’s going to come down to customer demand for more

Luxury which is happening because we’re going to demand more technology there’s people that don’t love technology but i’m telling you that’s where the market’s going right now people love this technology and more power and torque which is always a big thing for super d for towing so i think you can find those features and become part of the next super duty now

When are we gonna see it all right so it’s june right now i’m filming this um i’m actually supposed to be on vacation today but i’m filling it anyways uh so june right now so i could see it being released in july august because it seems like it’s mostly done so we could have an event july probably probably august because most pr people are on vacation july so

You’re gonna see it unveiled in august which means it makes it to manufacturing by september for late september early october would probably be making the manufacturing and you’re going to see shipments happening by november december which would be great because for most business owners like myself we need to buy a new truck every year if we have it by year end

No problems it’s what happens is if it drags next year then it doesn’t it doesn’t help my taxes so i think they’re going to try to hit before your end which is what most brands try to do because you get the year end contractors buying it commercial which is big part super duty you get those tax credits which is what those guys want they can buy new truck every

Couple years and you get that boost on your bottom line in december because you have all these new truck sales now this is all dependent on what’s happening with supply chain whether they can build these things whether they have enough parts there’s a lot of concerns there but i think we’ll see the first couple ones checking out by your end i would say it’s going

To probably be indeed a lot more likely fall of next year fallout 2024 probably because i’m talking all these brands and they’re saying that they’re so backlogged in demand that they’re looking at additional year from now to have supply so i think it’ll be the same deal you have to do with maki with the must with the f50 lightning you’re gonna have to place an

Order for it you have to you have to buy it and then you have to wait in line and hopefully you get one at some point it’s just there’s just so much demand right now so that’s what i think is gonna happen with the 2023 ford super duty let me know in the comments below what do you guys think am i right am i wrong do i need more coffee this morning which is probably

Accurate um put comments down below here’s what you’re seeing also check us out on thursday’s nights we have live stream it’s at 6 00 p.m um when we’re in town 6 pm we’ll make sure that happens also check out the videos over here website down below as always thanks for watching i’ll see you down the road

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