NEW Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye: Start Up, Exhaust, Test Drive, POV and Review

👋 In todays review we check out the 2022 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye! This model for the Challenger is the top of the line minus having the wide body package and is fast! This 2022 Dodge Challenger is also the Redeye and this Hellcat has two keys depending on who you want having the full horsepower to those rear wheels! The exterior on this Challenger is fairly simple, it has a distinctive front end with the sunken in grill and headlights! This also has the cutouts inside the turn signals and drls for even more cooling! There is also a front spoiler on this model and aside from that, there are nice lines running down the side leading to the rear! The tail lights have a great oval shape to them! The interior on this 2022 Dodge Challenger has cloth seats and there is some plastic!

Hey everyone and welcome back to the channel so today i’m down at ulta auto group we’re going to check out the latest generation for the dodge challenger srt hellcat redeye so huge shout out to them for providing this muscle car for me today make sure you guys check out their website they have a lot of awesome pre-owned inventory that link is down below but the

Challenger that you see behind me is finished off in bright white and they have an msrp right around 85 thousand dollars and to start off today’s review we’re going to take a look at what powers this hellcat redeye underneath the hood is the 6.2 liter supercharged hemi v8 engine paired to the 8-speed automatic transmission it pumps out 797 horsepower and 707

Pound-feet of torque that power sent to the rear wheels this weighs in right around 4 500 pounds it’ll do 0-60 in 3.6 seconds up to its top speed of 203 miles an hour and it has a fuel capacity of 18 and a half gallons you’ll expect to see around 13 miles per gallon in the city and 22 out on the highway this has a wheelbase of 116.2 inches its overall length is

197.5 it has a width of 75.7 and a height of 57.2 inches as we move on to the exterior styling now for this dodge challenger let’s start off with the led headlights drls and turn signals along with the cutout that you see on the inner housing so on the outer housing is the headlights on the inner housing is the turn signal and the drl and then there’s also a hollow

Cutout on both sides to provide even more cooling to that supercharged engine really cool how that is designed there’s even more cutouts in the upper section of the grille with srt over on that driver’s side a lot more cutouts down in the lower section as well as the functional hood scoops which also give a nice bulge to this hood there’s two individual bulges

Just to give it that unique look and this even has a very large front spoiler finished off in that black trim piece wrapping around the entire lower section definitely very functional for this muscle car and as we move on to the side profile now this has a really nice set of 20 inch wheels finished off in matte black with the brembo brake calipers just behind

That great contrast against this exterior white the hellcat badge with the red eye logo is just behind that no sunroof for this model it does have black window trim which gives it a really nice look as well as that distinctive line running just underneath the door handle all the way to the rear end and then last up for the rear is matte black on the spoiler with

The srt badge this has a backup camera that’s nicely incorporated right in the middle it even has led tail lights with that dual ovalish style design dodge is right in the middle and then there’s parking sensors in the lower section as well as more of that black plastic trim and then the dual exhaust on both sides which we’ll start up later in today’s video so with

The exterior wrapped up let’s move on to the cargo space you can use the button on the key fob or this one place just up underneath which will release the trunk lid and as you can tell there’s a lot of storage space huge cutouts on the driver and passenger side to put an item sideways the back seats also fold down as well to provide you with a lot more storage and

Then up underneath the floor if i lift this up a lot more storage as well as a tire inflator kit access to the battery a little bit more storage space so it’s great to see that utilize space now there’s no grab handle so all i need to do is grab on the tail light i can easily close that up and moving on to the interior to unlock this all i need to do is place my

Hand up underneath pushing on that black button on the top will lock it of course and this door panel has a really nice design with the black leather and stitching it also has a split style for the storage there’s a little bit in the back section a little bit in the front section really nice black chrome on the release handle all the window controls and side mirror

Adjustments are just above that and this model even has the alpine audio sound system and then looking at these seats they are finished off in cloth really good lateral support to them srt is also right in the middle cool insert running down them just to give them that two-tone design now these are power adjusting for forwards and backwards however there is a lever

On the side to use to incline and recline there’s also a lever on the back section to go ahead and move that forwards in order to gain access to the back seats so at 5 foot 10 i can work my way into the back where i do have a good amount of space with the front seat set at my height i could move this a little bit farther forward if i needed to there’s a storage pocket

Behind both front seats as well and then as far as headroom goes i have right about half an inch or so but i don’t have to hunch down i can easily sit up straight and be comfortable in the back of this two-door vehicle so that is really impressive you could have two other people back here as well we have the center armrest along with two cupholders and then right in

The middle are two air vents so at least your backseat passengers can get some climates taking a look out of the back glass now that pillar is pretty bulky like i mentioned earlier but there’s large glass on both sides there’s even an armrest on the back too so you can definitely be comfortable if you need to be in the back seats of this and then as we move back

To these front seats now with them locked in the door sill is very low so i can easily step up over it and make our way to the steering wheel which has a two-tone finish with the perforated and solid leather more of that white stitching the door panel also opens up very wide so that makes it easy to enter and exit well let’s fire this up with my foot on the brake

That button is over on this right side we can bring this to life and coming back to this gauge cluster on the left side is the attack on the right side is the miles per hour and you’ll notice too that the background for each of those is finished off in red for this red eye really nice touch to see right in the middle is the lcd screen where you can go through a

Lot more information using these buttons over on the left side this even has bluetooth and voice commands cruise control is over on the right side and it does have steering wheel mounted paddle shifters now underneath those are volume and tuning for the radio so those are on each side of course which is great and then using these controls currently it’s showing

Some trip information if i scroll down you can look at audio as well as any messages when your phone is paired there’s even the screen setup so in the upper right and the upper left those are configurable along with the center screen so you can pull up some other information just depending on what you’d like to see if i scroll one more down we can go through any

Diagnostics and then we can also look at the speed warning back at the beginning is the speedometer and then there’s even a lot of vitals to scroll through and monitor just depending on what you need to see and what you need to pull up there’s tpms we have a lot of performance under the performance tabs you can look at your lap timer there’s g forces there’s even

Breaking distance quarter mile times zero to sixty zero to a hundred really cool to see that in a factory vehicle there’s also the fuel economy which may not be important to you and we’re back to that trip information and then over on this left side is the headlight adjustments as well as dimmer switches a release for the trunk this even has a foot parking brake

Which you can use cool trim pieces surround one air vent and then right in the middle is the 8.4 inch touchscreen system currently you can see in the lower section all of these presets which are configurable so you can drag and drop icons to the bottom depending on what you use the most currently it has media we can go into the climates as well this does have

Heated front seats as well as a heated steering wheel you can control where you like the air to go all those other controls up top even the fan speed and then under apps like i mentioned earlier if there’s something that you use a lot like srt mode if i click on that hold it i can drag it down to the bottom where now we have a shortcut to that icon and you can go

Through a lot of information for track custom sport you have auto you can adjust all of these depending on how you would like this set up we have another shortcut to those controls as well general settings is over on the far right side and then going back to the apps there’s even a performance page tab that we can go into and look at a lot more information these

Are all stats here that will pull up depending on what you’re doing with the car we have different gauges to monitor the g-force meter you can pull it up in a larger screen all the engine diagnostics even a dyno with the screen so if i give this some gas you can see those adjust really neat to see that in a vehicle like this we have the horsepower number as well

As g-force meter again and then as we make our way to the sides there’s an air vent on both sides more of that trim piece surrounding it in the lower section there is a screen off button so you can turn that off you can mute the audio volume and power is on the left side tuning is on the right side and then right in the middle is traction control as well as the

Parking sensors you can activate launch control there’s a shortcut to the srt mode which i already showed and then even physical buttons for the climate controls with the fan speed right in the middle you can shut it off dual zone on both sides obviously so you can adjust those as needed if you’re not in that upper screen you can quickly get to it there’s a little

Bit of storage on the right side of the shifter and then with my foot on the brake if i put this into reverse the backup camera will appear with all those guidelines and then you can put this into the manual setting shift using the shifter or the paddle shifters themself there are two cup holders behind that we have more of the stitching and leather which wraps

Around leading all the way to the center armrest and if i open this up there’s a 12 volt two usbs and an auxiliary along with a good amount of storage space you can put your charging cables out and around so that way you can still charge them there’s a split style to the glove box so plenty of room for all that information we’ll take one last look at these seats

Really nice lateral support to them and then up in the center there is a sunglass holder which is really convenient as well as the dome lights and a few garage door buttons as we get behind the wheel of this challenger srt hellcat red eye now i just finished reviewing a charger hellcat wide body which you can get for this challenger and it’s pretty cool to drive

These back to back i feel like this particular model has an aftermarket exhaust on it because it is much louder than i’m used to you still get that supercharger wine which i can’t get over every time i drive one of these dodges the supercharger wine is the coolest sounding noise that you could possibly have especially when you pair it with the exhaust note that

That v8 engine makes and so i’m gonna put it into the track setting with what it’s going to automatically configure for me and a quick uh mild acceleration from third gear there we’ll get on it here in just a little it has a good amount of power it’s very smooth in the power too and i like the feedback from these paddle shifters i do wish they were a little bit

Larger however we have those controls on the back side which i mentioned earlier which i think is cool it’s kind of a dual purpose they have uh there’s a few blanks actually on this model here where maybe they could have put some of those buttons if i know if i can get it to do it when i let off the gas there are pops in this exhaust that’s why i think it’s

Aftermarket it’s just a little bit louder than i’m used to but the paddle shifters like i said are very responsive and i feel like this is a little bit bulkier on the inside than the charger that i was just in and the reason that i think that is just because it’s a little bit shorter we have that pillar over the right shoulder there and so i think that kind of

Makes it a little bit more tight feeling uh but as far as visibility goes even though it feels tight you can still see all around i know that’s a large pillar and it’s even pretty large over on this left side but i can see all around i can see out of my side mirrors as well and so visibility isn’t an issue but let’s give it a little bit more gas now now this is

A heavy vehicle uh but that got up and moved and obviously there are so many different performance settings that you can use where you can drive this right off the factory lot break it in and then take it to the drag strip you can get on some back roads like i am right now but i think it’s mainly designed for that straight line performance since it is a bit of a

Heavy two-door vehicle but it’s so cool to see the performance that you get from these hellcat engines you can easily tune these and mod them to get a thousand horsepower to those rear wheels you definitely have a beast of a vehicle this is so much fun to drive as far as just driving it now without of all of the engine performance it’s very comfortable very smooth

To drive you can hear that exhaust you can hear that supercharger but just driving this like a daily with cars passing it just seems like what you would expect for a sports car like this as we switch over to the pov angle now quick look at visibility over this side so you can get a perspective from this angle same with over my left shoulder there i’m sure you

Can hear that supercharger whine does not get old and a little bumpy of a ride but i will say it is smooth we do have the suspension in track right now so if i dial it down to sport mode you can feel a little bit of a difference it definitely tightens up in that track setting though so for the size of this i like how you can adjust the suspension so that way

You can handle that weight can be transferred in this car much better especially when you go around turns now i’m not on any tight twisty turns for today but trying to get that exhaust to pop a little bit and we’ll do one last acceleration for today’s video here we go and we are up to speed just like that but that’s going to wrap it up for my walk around review

And test drive behind the wheel of the latest generation for the dodge challenger srt hellcat redeye once again huge shout out to ulta auto group for providing this vehicle for me today check out their website that information is down in the description below and if you enjoyed today’s video give it a huge thumbs up and consider smashing that subscribe button so

You don’t miss out on our daily uploads i will see you all in the next video you

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