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New Ferrari SP51, Nissan Z GT4, BMW XM Spaceship, and more – News Flash

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Thank you for tuning into this episode of news flash brought to you by in the journal i’m your host jeff and today we’ll be looking at several news articles for car news specifically we’re going to be looking at the new nissan z gt4 race car that was just unveiled ferrari has unveiled a one-off speedster there’s a brand new performance suv from bmw

And more nissan has unveiled the gt4 version of their nissan z car that was just released and it’s going to be racing in gt4 now gt4 is a great series because it’s possibly the closest to their road going counterparts another thing that makes this really interesting is the fact that the nissan z’s biggest competitor the toyota supra also races in gt4 so it’ll

Be interesting to see how those two cars end up matching up and going against each other the car will start racing in 2023 and we’ll be featuring the same vr30dd tt engine that is actually equipped in the streetcar now some changes have been made obviously the engine was actually tuned by nissan’s racing division nismo and that’s what’s going to be being used in

The racing series which means there’s probably some room to be tuning and even do that to your own z if you have one now the specifics for this car have not been unveiled yet but there should be more information provided at sema the other thing that’s most interesting about this is seeing some of the aero package that has been added to the car as such as agt wing

Canards and front splitters these are potential few future promises that we could see added on a performance version of the z later and for our next article lamborghini has ended production of the lamborghini aventador again now the reason i say again is the lamborghini aventador production was actually supposed to end a little bit a while ago but what’s happened

Is with the syncing of the felicity ace that’s that cargo ship that went down with tons of cars on board that unfortunately had a lot of the final editions of the lamborghini aventador ultimate but as of recently the last aventador ultimate has been completed in light blue for a swiss buyers finally rolled out of the factory so that means that’s it there’s no more

Aventadors where you shouldn’t be seeing the successor of the aventador coming out here shortly with what is supposed to be a newly developed v12 so stay tuned to the news make sure you get subscribed so you don’t miss that announcement ferrari has unveiled a one-off car called the sp-51 v12 speedster this car is based off a ferrari 812 gts and of course has a

Speedster style body style with a livery based off the 1955 ferrari 410 s now that livery means that these stripes go straight down the center of the car the car is enforced featured in rosso corsa with blue and white stripes going on the center and the stripes even go through the interior of the car making it a very interesting styling aspect indeed something we

Really haven’t seen before on some of the other ferrari models now the car looks an awful lot like an a12 obviously there are some exterior changes to make it stand out a little bit more but we can of course expect to have a front engine v12 driven to the rear wheels we don’t have all of the specifics for this car but we do know that a base gts 812 starts at around

405 000 one can only imagine the size of the wallet it takes to build a one-off ferrari and how many cars must already be in their existing collection dodge has announced that the number seven last call car is going to be delayed originally this car was supposed to be unveiled at sema as we’ve already seen the other six before it but due to some supply chain issues

We will not be seeing that happen unfortunately but we here at have taken the time to make some guesses for you about what we think number seven could possibly be including some very out there guesses personally i would like to see either a elephant version of a car because that engine is awesome how cool would it be to have a thousand horsepower

Production muscle car like that but also i would like to see maybe a version of the challenger that is a cuda that has some updated fascia maybe even a shaker and some other changes just to see what we’ve seen from some of the other cars and i think that would be a very cool addition in the long line of the challenger now we have some other guesses from the office

As well including a kowalski edition challenger that’s in reference to the movie vanishing point where they feature a white 1970-71 challenger and of course there’s some lots of references if you do want to see the rest of our guesses be sure to check out the classic cars journal link below in the description of this video bmw has unveiled another performance suv

This is the 2023 bmw xm and it looks like an absolute spaceship this spaceship of an suv is actually a hybrid drivetrain and is the first plug-in hybrid to be added to the m line which is pretty interesting now this isn’t the only msuv line that exists but it’s pretty interesting being that it has the hybrid drivetrain so power comes from a 4.4 liter twin turbo v8

And it has an electric motor that’s actually built into the transmission providing additional power for about a combined output of 644 horsepower now that sounds a little bit low and there are some other higher production horsepower numbers from some other v8s out there it is provided to all four wheels and you can do 0-60 in just 4.1 seconds with a near 50 50

Weight distribution and it can do a top speed of about 168 miles an hour although it is electronically limited to 155 miles an hour if that’s not enough for you good news is bmw has also issued a red label version this version ups the power to 725 horsepower but it also ups the price you can find the base bottle 644 horsepower version around 106 000 and if you want

That red label you’ll be looking at 185 000 so not an expensive vehicle but if you want to look like you’re from space and drive a performance suv could be for you thanks so much for watching this episode of news flash if you enjoyed this video i want to check out the articles yourself be sure to check the links in the description below and if you throw us a like

We’d really appreciate it and get subscribed so you don’t miss out on more content like this in the future thank you so much for watching thank you foreign

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New Ferrari SP51, Nissan Z GT4, BMW XM Spaceship, and more – News Flash By ClassicCars TV