New Ford F150 Lightning REVIEW with 0-60mph test

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This is the new ford f-150 lightning and it’s a little bit like the chrysler building covered in solar panels because ford has made their iconic gas guzzling pickup truck environmentally friendly by converting it to electric power now this video i’m going to tell you everything you need to know about this truck talking around the exterior the interior chair practical

It is and of course drive it mostly going to launch it see how quick it is not 60 miles an hour because i’m at watson only watching car wow and if you haven’t done so already make sure you subscribe to this channel and hit the bell icon so you don’t miss any of these car reviews or truck reviews buy sell car wow best off this video by talking about the design

Of the f-150 lightning so the back of it is very similar to the normal f-150 pickup apart from the fact you get this full width light bar and the little lightning badge down there moving down the side once again not that much has changed apart from the lightning logo wheel sizes start at 18 inches which could be a bit small but they rise up to 22s which is what

These are the size is just like the normal f-150 so you’ve got that handy little cut way there so it makes it easier to see in these mirrors here this is a bit different on the lightning this little panel here which is a charging port then at the front another big change is this you can get it with a full length light bar across the top of the grille which isn’t

Actually a proper grille it’s all blanked in on this particular high spec version has like a diamond pattern to it there’s no open glue on this it’s electric it doesn’t need it anyway the starting price of the f-150 lightning is 47 000 which is about forty thousand pounds the rises up to about a hundred thousand dollars for this range topping biggest battery most

Powerful motors and best equipped model it’s called the platinum now you might be thinking do you know what i can’t make one of these in the uk but i fancy swapping my car in for something a little bit more environmentally friendly myself and if you want to do that just click on the pop out there for the link in the description below to check out carlow you can

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Lightning gets the infotainment system from the ford mustang mackie and its nice big digital screen which looks posh feels quite as posh inside as a dodge ram laramie longhorn the menus are pretty easy to figure out to work through no problem at all what’s not so good though is it’s a little bit sluggish at times when you press the button you have to wait for a

While for it to actually do its thing you know it’s not quite as rapid as the improvement system in a tesla now the f-150 lightning also gets a digital driver’s display and when you turn it on this noise build suspense the digital driver display is pretty clear gives you all the information you need so i like that about it another thing that the lightning has

Is this feature i can press this button and my knob retracts and then i can flip this lid over and i have a huge table to do some writing or work on it’s good isn’t it obviously you need that when you sat with the charging port waiting for hours and hours to put a few miles into a huge battery pack anyway other than that the interior is just the same as an oil

F-150 in terms of the dash design and the quality and overall it’s pretty good so the materials in this platinum raindrop inversion feel fairly plush so you’ve got two big cup holders there underneath here there’s a big storage bin where you keep the two rather large manuals and there’s a shelf in here with different cutaways for various size coins some storage

Under here look look at this we have a massive charging pad there and you’ve got usb normal usbc then on the side you’ve got an old-fashioned 12 volt socket and look a proper mains output three pin socket i was actually tipping because this is american obviously um but yeah it can run normal household appliances because you’ve got that huge battery you’ve also got

Some big massive door bins i mean look at them they’re huge but there’s room for a big bottle some more storage space up here as well you’ve also got a double glove box there’s the top glove box there for your 22 and then you’ve got your bigger glove box there for your 45 then you have some use of things that we’re getting out of the car like these grub hand doors

Huge sun visors which do move across and slide back like that shout out to the straight pipes for that test and a big vanity mirror oh yeah and of course you’ve got your sunglasses holder up there as well is there anything i’ve forgotten i don’t think so what oh yeah the seats yeah so the seats in this range topping platinum are rather lovely you’ve got massage

Function for both the driver and the passenger you have bang and oliston speakers in the headrest and then this other feature here which i’m not entirely sure what it’s for do you have any idea let me know in the comments i haven’t done sufficient research obviously unlike the normal f-150 which you can get in different sizes of body cap you can only get the

Lightning in the biggest double cab body style so that does mean that you get lots of knee room and i mean lots decent amount of headspace huge back windows very comfy seats a couple of cup holders here you’ve also got mains power socket down here and usb charging ports here you’ve got the pockets on the seat backs there’s various door bins here and a special cup

Holder here some more cup holders here as well and i want to show you this look if you lift up the seats okay not like that you can carry items just in this space here if you want to toyota itunes behind this little ledge here or you can create a locker by doing that pulling that up and then you’ve got a locker underneath the seats i’ll pop this one up every damage

To this sorry yeah there we go i just can’t get the stat these days can you i want to show you this as well nice you can open the rear window just press this button here we go that pleases me i don’t know why it just does it’s electric the lightning has one feature that you don’t get on the standard f-150 and it is the fact that because there is no engine under

The bonnet you therefore have some storage space which as with many american vehicles comes with an anti-kidnut release feature yes the united states of america is the land of the free me yeah see what i did there anyhow this capacity 400 liters you can put a lot of stuff in here and you’ve got some storage under here for your cables there’s also look there’s big

Power bank here where you could plug in lots of electrical equipment has other planters yet again but if you need to jump start someone with a normal petrol diesel engine then don’t worry look you have access oops sorry ford it’s a normal 12 volt battery there ah that’s pretty good anyway i think i’m just going to go back in there it was nice and safe and comfy

Yeah plenty of room for a grown man who likes to behave like a child as with the normal f-150 the lightning has a big load bed capacity is 1495 liters which is a bit more than 1 356 liters you get with the gmc electric hummer also if we can get to it you’ve got some more plug sockets there for your household appliances there’s even 840 volt 30 amp socket if you want

To run things like work equipment like chainsaws and stuff like that we’ve also got some tie down points there as well and there is one thing that’s a bit annoying about this though there’s no load bed cover so whatever you keep in there it’s gonna get wet if it rains or it’s just there for prying eyes to see and that brings out five or nine things about the f-150

Lightning there’s a charge port cover located on the left hand side of the vehicle look there it is and uh the other side there is what looks like another charge port cover that isn’t one doesn’t open it’s just a design thing to match the other side shame really because on something so why did it be good to have a charge port on both sides because of all its batteries

This f-150 lightning is a little bit like me after my summer holiday a touch heavy yeah it weighs in at three tons by comparison an f-150 raptor weighs 2.6 tons so 400 kilos less if you’ve lost your car keys you can actually get into this vehicle by using a keypad you have to input a pin that does mean you’ve got yet another pin number to remember and while you can

Get inside you can’t start it so you can’t really go anywhere so you’re still stuck i suppose you can keep the rain off you but that’s a small benefit for what is for most of the time a really hideous keypad on this central pillar on the car truck sorry truck i’m from the uk that’s a truck it’s a truck the lightning’s payload which is the weight you can carry here

In its low bed it’s 900 kilos by comparison the normal f-150s payload is 1500 kilograms then it’s a towing capacity so normal f-150 can tow up to six tons this electric version can only tow 4.5 tons i say only it’s still quite a lot but people who use these in the states some times do need to pull six tons and this just won’t do the job for them the lightning has

A locking differential on the rear ax and you activate it by pressing this button here on the touch screen however if you want hardcore off-roading you might be better off with the electric version of the hover because it also has a locking differential on the front axle too however it’s not bad here’s five cool things about this electric truck the lightning is

The only f-150 to get independent rear suspension all the other trucks have a rigid axle now admittedly a rigid axle is better than independent razors benches off-roading but it’s nowhere near as good for driving on-road which is where this truck will mainly be driven anyway you can get something called zone lighting and it allows you to turn on lights around the

Vehicle so if i press this button here it will turn on the headlights this button here it turns on the light from the indicator and the puddle lighting this button here turns on all the lights at the rear of the vehicle in the low bed and the tail lights and then if i do that i’ve got the left side lit as well now so you can have 300 60 degree lighting which is handy

If you’re a dark campsite how is someone like me who is about as supple as glass get up into this low bed oh it’s not happening thankfully there’s a little step here to help you oh so you just made that one there we go did that just break if you’ve been enjoying a little bit of legalized california doobie and you need to take an emergency nap but this one already

Passed out on the back seat don’t worry the front seats bit of this oh yeah you know where this is going we’re going totally flat oh yeah and now you can just lie back shut your eyes and focus on getting over this horrendous whitey as well as marijuana there’s some other things that are legal in certain parts of the united states of america and that adaptive cruise

Control where you don’t have to keep your hands on the steering wheel however you do still have to be paying attention and to make sure you are this system has a special sensor underneath here which just checks that you’re keeping your eyes on the road and you haven’t like fallen asleep or just climb to the back for a rest it’s called blue cruise though that sounds

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Move quickly because the offers end on the 30th of september right let’s talk about batteries charging and power so each f-150 lightning has dual motors four-wheel drive but you can get two battery choices there is the entry level 98 kilowatt hour and then that vehicle puts out 452 horsepower it also has a range of 240 miles then there’s the top of the range 131

Kilowatt hour battery model which is what this one is it has a power increase to 583 horsepower and range is up to 320 miles both versions can charge on dc current at up to 150 kilowatts they’ve been charging on ac current it only goes up to a maximum of 11 kilowatts if you’re looking at this charging portal you might go wait a minute i don’t recognize that that’s

Because this is the american charging configuration slightly different in europe though i’m told that if you import one of these over here you can get a converter so that you could charge it anyway you’re probably better off sticking with some european electric vehicles and if you want to see one that’s a great offer at the moment on car wow very good car actually

Click on the pop-up button up there or for the link in the description below because i’ve configured it exactly as i would have it and you’ll be able to see what the model is and the saving right let’s see what this f-150 is like on a motorized dual carriageway so i’m cruising along good doesn’t 150 miles an hour i’m gonna get to 70. let’s see how long that takes

Flying the throttle now yep yep it’s really good but overtaking on the motorway and obviously on the motorway being shutter pie gives a great view out the seats are comfy because this is quite a slab-sided car you get a bit of wind noise from up here but i can’t hear any tire noise there’s no noise obviously from the electric motor it’s silent pretty much it’s all

Very relaxing and of course i can go into cruise control mode and the car will just do the hard work for me and if i wanted to i could take my hands off the steering wheel that’d be illegal in the uk shame but i just do like it’s like not breaking any laws that’s all fine car steering keeping me in lane using radar to keep me a safe distance from the car in front

Oh very easy yeah this thing is nice and relaxing to travel in now i’m looking down at the trick computer and it’s saying i’m averaging 2.2 miles per kilowatt hour which when you did the maths it means that on a full charge you’re going to get around 288 miles which isn’t brilliant but it’s close enough to the claimed range from ford for this particular vehicle of

300 miles right and let’s see what the ford f-150 lightning is like to drive around town a rather small narrow streeted english village anyhow perfect place for it i’m going to put it into one pedal drive mode so when i lift off the accelerator it will bring this truck to a complete stop i love that makes it easier to control when you’re just driving in and out

Of parked cars or going really slowly i can hear the bells ringing for whom the bell tolls hopefully not me today right let’s go this way so maneuvering it because you set up high is not too bad though the huge bonnet does make it a little bit difficult to see with the corners of your car right it doesn’t matter too much because i can whack up the cameras like that

Yay which is going to help me out it doesn’t feel too bad you know the turning circle on this car isn’t great it’s 14.6 meters so it’s not that maneuverable if you want to do a u-turn however if you like to do u-turns on the spot you might want to check out a rivian r1t because it can turn like a tank because it’s got a motor on each wheel so it can just turn on the

Spot if you want to see my full in-depth video review of that crazy truck click on the pop out there for the link in the description below all right one last thing for me to check is the brakes so if i do need to touch the brake um it can feel a little bit jerk when you first apply them yeah yeah let’s take it out of one pedal mode and see if it’s better then now

When i lift off it’s just like you’re in a normal combustion engine truck and it’ll slow down gradually um is that better yeah the brakes don’t feel quite so grubby then it’s like it gets confused when you’re in one pedal mode let’s have a little go again here’s the traffic lights yeah it just seems the way it works with a one pedal drive and when you apply the

Brake means it’s just a bit jerky like there oh well okay let’s see what this f-150 is like on a twisty english country road so i’ve got the one pedal drive off so i don’t have something breaking when i enter a turn i am going into sports mode oh it’s quite hard to press actually because the car is a bit jiggly yeah it’s a pickup truck so you’ve got a ladder frame

Chassis which does send a few shockwaves through the cabin though being on independent suspension all round compared to the standard f-150 it does seem to go around corners a bit better stays a little bit flatter doesn’t skip so much over bumps and because you’ve got a low center of gravity because the batteries are low down in the car and you haven’t got like an

Internal combustion engine underneath that’s all bonnet it actually doesn’t roll up about too much in the bends even though it’s significantly heavier than the standard car you can do an all right job in this whizzing about quite like it it’s a bit more fun than i thought it would be okay let’s see how quick this f-150 lightning is from north 60 miles an hour i’m

Going to launch it just basically blow the throttle i guess there we go foreign 4.30 seconds that’s all right that is for a big tank like this let’s see how quick this beast is at stopping from 60 miles an hour i’m gonna do a full emergency stop now oh how long did that take 40 meters it’s a bit more than a normal car normally i’d expect around 35 meters it’s

A whole extra car length so that was my final verdes on the new ford f-150 lightning should you avoid it consider it shortlisted or just go right ahead and buy it well this is only really relevant to people in the united states of america and if i live there i would personally rather have the rivian no this is very good and so i guess you should shortlist it

Anyway i hope you’ll enjoyed the video if you did give it a like and let me know what you think of my verdict in the comments below if you want to watch some other videos you can click on those windows there and if you click on that box there you can get a car wow to sell your car it’s completely free

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