NEW GMC Hummer Ev SUV Pick-up Truck why it is a super truck?

NEW GMC Hummer Ev Suv Pick-up Truck why it is a SUPER TRUCK? Did you know the New GMC HUMMER EV SUV 2024 | 2022 HUMMER EV Pick-up Truck in CRABMODE drives diagonally and hummer ev s do 0-60 mph in 3.5 and 3.0 secs respectively. All New GMC HUMMER EV SUV and HUMMER EV Truck are twins GMC HUMMER EV s.

Since when did big and strong and powerful became silent and soundless i guess you would say third of april 2021 hello and welcome to the ev series once again as we about to witness an all-new 2024 gmc hammer ev suv and the pickup which has already been revealed the 2024 hammer av suv and pickup are the first dedicated super truck from gmc built around the

Arguably unsuccessful homer 1 and 2. and i keep saying that 2021 electric has made history in so many ways and areas and we look forward to what 2022 upward electric cars bring to the table these days carmakers are always looking at beating each other to the wall of world technological breakthroughs and writing their name in history so let’s find out what

Records gmc is about to break and write in the electric car history and as usual i will highlight a few relevant areas and spend the rest of the time with you folks out there being outstruck by gmc’s moon to earth high performance super trucks and suvs built around the marquis of the generation one and two v8 hammer trucks the vision of the electric suv walls

And pickup walls continue waiting on tesla cyber truck the review r1t and then the r1s suv and then the ford 150e trucks i must confess the competition is going to get keener over the days and over the years and you know these guys come in with mind-blowing feats and so the gmc we hope that numbers live up to expectation in the real world where these guys

Really live okay we’ll elicit it on that in a jiffy but before we start if you’re new to the channel and you enjoy content like this kindly slap a thumbs up and subscribe notification bell on for more content like this and we truly and really are humbled by your stopping by thank you so so much and at this point over to you gmc surprises ladies and gentlemen

There comes the all-new gmc 2024 hama ev pickup and truck aren’t they amazing in spite of their ubiquitous appearance well general motors please take over and show us all the quests and features of your coolest upcoming track we’re gonna go through the tour with you so that you take us around your 2024 evs and we’ll find out all the details about the hama

Ev that we don’t already know okay so let’s enjoy it one super truck can change the world imagine what two can do introducing gmc hummer ev suv and pickup the world’s first all-electric supertrucks the quiet revolution begins with a nearly silent all-electric propulsion system and for the brave souls who dare to engage watch to freedom the thrill of our

Pickup accelerating 0-60 in approximately three seconds the innovation continues with next generation super crews a driver assistance feature that offers hands-free driving with automatic lane changing on compatible roads with crab walk hummer ev has the ability to drive diagonally something no pickup or suv in the industry can match available ultravision

Provides up to 18 camera views on the pickup and up to 17 on the suv for remarkable driving precision hummer ev is engineered with four wheel steering to reduce turning radius and enhance overall maneuverability but we didn’t stop there we engineered the hummer ev with altium batteries for ultra fast charge times allowing the pickup to charge nearly 100 miles

In just 10 minutes things get even more revolutionary when you head off the pavement it all starts with towering ground clearance from specially engineered 35-inch tires with customizable drive modes hummer ev puts a whole new level of off-road mastery at your fingertips initiate available extract mode and hummer ev activates its air ride suspension to lift

Approximately six inches and available full underbody armor and rock sliders help make it ready to conquer even the toughest terrains but hummery v is more than an off-road beast because it delivers an unprecedented combination of innovation and luxury infinity roof transparent sky panels and rear drop glass give the hummer ev an immersive open-air design so

You can experience the world like never before the revolutionary all-electric hummer ev pickup and suv if one can change the world imagine what to do well you you moved in anyway put your comments in the comment section would gladly like to know um and these are a few takeaways that um we got from you know the um the premiering and this is a hundred percent

Electric hammer ev and it looks fantastic to us at least from our perspective and gm is calling it the super truck in this case the super suv for good reason 23 production numbers per year is what they’re going to work with and the addition one price for the super truck is 112 595 and the sibling which is the suv is 105 595 dollars okay and this is ridiculous

I mean this suvs um evs have supercar territory 830 to 1000 horsepower and 11 pound feet of torque plus they do zero to hundred in a soothing blazing three point zero seconds or three point five seconds respectively that is goose bumpy territory for lack of a better word and the numbers are big enough to make any gas power truck or suv weak on the knees better

So in the shaft these are the areas where we’ll highlight for now photo stop will add on when the vehicle becomes more accessible to the public and pitches against the 2022 high performance full-size nissan patrol nismo which has already been reviewed and accessible through the link on my top left corner of my screen if you’re interested thank you so much for

Watching and have a great time until we meet again same time bye bye you

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