NEW Honda Civic Type R: In-Depth FIRST LOOK

The new Honda Civic Type R is here! It’s a little less wild-looking than the previous generation car, but performance should be wilder than ever thanks to more power, grip and speed. Rory checks out the interior, exterior and even has a listen to the engine.

It’s been 50 years since the honda civic made its debut and 25 years since they first used the type r badge and in 2022 to mark those milestones honda is building not only a brand new civic but also hot on its heels a brand new civic type r and here it is now they’re promising big things with this car i’m talking more power more driver involvement more speed more

Efficiency and better technology none of that we can judge right now because this is a pre-production prototype but one thing they are promising which we can judge is a brand new design philosophy let’s face it the previous generation civic looked like it was designed by a child a very talented child with a bright future in automotive design but a child this thing

Looks like it was designed by grown-ups for grown-ups this car is based on the new standard civic which itself replaces the aggressive angles and countless fake vents of the previous generation with smoother more understated services though you can expect many type r specific parts either aimed at improving performance or improving looks right let’s talk about

Some of the key design features on this car at the front you’ve got a nice big split level intake which sucks cool air into the intercooler on the bonnet which is new for this car you’ve got a slightly smaller slit at the top designed to help air escape from the turbos new front bumper very subtly different to the one on the standard car makes it look slightly more

Aggressive new led headlights with a very distinctive signature and on the outer edges of the front end those might look like real air intakes they’re actually not those are fake the real vents for cooling the brakes actually live just down here obviously allowing air into that wheel arch and not allowing it to escape is a bad idea but honda have thought of that

Because just behind the front wheel there’s a little vent which allows the air to escape and minimize the amount of turbulence in the wheel arch just keeping that airflow attached as it moves along the side of the car i do love these seals at the bottom as well these look really cool and they culminate in this delicate little spoiler at the back whose job it is

Just to deflect air around the rear tyre honda also said that their rear fender is designed in such a way to help smooth the airflow along the side of the car and to minimize the amount of aero noise although i’ll take their word for it now on to my favorite bit by far the big wing obviously this can’t be a proper civic type r without the big wing and it is

There and it looks fantastic a little bit less halfords than previous version looks a little bit more contemporary i really like the integration here especially with these die-cast aluminium stays lovely touch they won’t say exactly how much downforce this produces as yet but for reference the previous generation car produced around 30 kilograms of downforce at

124 miles an hour and i fully expect this to deliver a similar amount and it’ll work in conjunction with this very aggressive looking diffuser down at the bottom whose job it is to keep the car as glued as possible to the road surface plus look at this for an exhaust triple centrally mounted it looks lush hopefully it’ll sound good too hardly spectacular but that

Of course was with the soft limiter restricting revs to under 4000 rpm while stationary inside the civic’s interior has taken a big step forward the first thing you notice is that this type of like the models that came before it makes heavy use of red it not only features these red seats and red door trim but also bright red floors and mats it’s a brave piece of

Design but shows honda are still up for taking risks with the execution of old ideas i do like how the red and black matches my jumper as well totally accidental but nice okay first thing you notice when you jump aboard it’s got this very very centrally mounted steering wheel the driving position is very good it’s also wrapped in a suede-like material which feels

Nice and grippy in the hands the seats are also not leather i think they’re also finished in some kind of suede what you notice about that is that it’s also very grippy which means you’re not going to slide out of your seat as you’re flying through corners they have what honda call a polyhedral design which means they’re very angular and that has advantages in terms

Of the support they give you through the bends if you look down here at the sides you’ve got nice big side bolsters and also up here for your shoulders and that’s going to keep you in place nicely the dashboard nice and simple but also quite contemporary looking i’m a big fan of these little joysticks which allow you to divert the air in any direction you choose

Also a big fan of the fact that honda gives you physical controls for your heating ventilation and climate controls please keep doing it just makes it so much easier to keep the cabin cool or hot depending on what you want in terms of the infotainment system you’ve got a new screen on top of the dashboard i haven’t used it extensively but i will say the graphics

Aren’t very high res but having said that it’s all very simply laid out plus you get the usual stuff like android auto and apple carplay plus some physical buttons so you can quickly go back to the home menu or go back a step plus a physical volume knob nice touch as for the driver screen well that’s new and it’s all digital and its looks vary depending on what mode

You happen to be in at any given time if you put it into comfort mode it’s blue and all very subtle put it into sport mode it turns red bit more aggressive then you cycle up and go into individual mode and this is interesting brand new for the type r you can customize the drivetrain settings so you can have the engine in one mode steering in another your suspension

And your engine sound and your rev matching and your gauges in different settings depending on what you want for any given drive finally if you press the r button on the center console it goes into the most extreme mode and your driver display reflects that as well with a very very pronounced rev counter a nice big gear indicator and also all the driver information

You might need for your temperatures etc which might come in handy when you’re pounding around the track interestingly the gear indicator is larger than the speed indicator which kind of shows the amount of importance honda are putting on the transmission which down here as you can see is a manual it’s got three pedals and a six-speed manual gearbox the previous

Generation car had one of the best gearboxes in the game now honda have said they’ve tweaked it ever so slightly in terms of the layout of the h pattern and the software in the rev matching hopefully they haven’t messed it up i can tell you that first second feel good third is good fourth is nice can’t really find fifth yet but like i said it’s a pre-production

Car hopefully they haven’t meddled with this too much because that was one of the best things about this car now in terms of powertrain it’s going to use the same two liter four-cylinder engine that you got in the previous car but honda are saying it’s gonna make more power how well they’ve subtly changed the turbos specifically the number of blades the shape of

The blades and also the shape of the turbo housing the previous car made 320 ps honda aren’t saying exactly how much this will make but they are saying it will make more what does that mean for performance well the old car did not 62 in 5.7 seconds this should be faster thanks to the extra power but we don’t know how fast it’s going to be still i’m not expecting

Miracles it’s a front engine front wheel drive car which means it’s going to struggle to put its power down but naught to 60s is not what this car is all about this car is about handling and they’ve done a whole bunch to improve that honda is aiming to make the new type r the fastest front-wheel drive car at the nurburgring with the best power to weight ratio and

The highest turning g-force to execute that they’ve made use of 265-width michelin pilot sport 4s rubber as standard over new 19-inch wheels dual axis strut suspension with adaptive dampers and a 16 increase in camber rigidity not to mention a new stiffer chassis so there it is that is the brand new honda civic type r it’s a little less wild to look at but given

Honda’s track record in making these things i have no doubt that this is very likely to go right to the top of the pile and become the benchmark in the hot hatch world fingers crossed anyway can’t wait to drive it let me know what you think in the comments down below don’t forget to like subscribe and i’ll see you again soon you

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