NEW Hyundai Ioniq 6 2023

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Foreign hyundai changed perceptions with the ionic 5 an electric crossover like no other fast forward a year and they’re about to do the same again this time with an electric sedan like no other this is the ionic six this addition to the ionic lineup is based on the prophecy concept but whereas that was a sports coupe this more closely resembles a sedan or saloon

Or as hyundai describe it a streamliner which takes inspiration from the cars of the 1940s from the front it’s very sleek very simple very different to the ionic 5 and from a distance the cars look like they’re almost not in the same family except for when you start to notice these very distinctive pixel inspired led lights which as you get closer to the car

Show off some very curious detail for example the ionic six badge tucked away in the headlight cluster i’m also a big fan of what they’ve done with these black straps that run along the top and bottom edge of the bumper these very cleverly hide some of the cars various sensors including the parking sensors and the adaptive cruise sensors tucked away just at the

Bottom at the front these by the way are electronically deployable vents which open and close to ink increase or decrease the amount of cooling as required by the battery and the motors the side is definitely one of this car’s most interesting angles you can see it’s very much lower than a typical crossover it’s a saloon but you can kind of see where hyundai get

Their streamlined that inspiration from particularly in the way the roof line swoops down aggressively at the rear the wheelbase is also enormous 2.95 meters which is not far off a small suv 20 inch wheels and i love this design element here as well you have these translucent camera pods which take the place of traditional mirrors and are connected to screens on

The inside of the car and then i find this particularly fascinating the ionic 6 doesn’t have the same amount of slashes and cuts as you find on the ionic 5 it’s far more sleek far more smooth and on the whole quite impressive i think the back of the ionic six is probably the most interesting or contentious element of the design depending on your point of view

The thing that i love most about it though is when you view it directly from behind these rear haunches look absolutely enormous almost making it look a bit like a sports car speaking of which it’s got two separate spoilers one just at the top of the boot lid and then a second acrylic glass effect spoiler which is backlit again with more pixel inspired elements

When viewed from above when you look at it from the back though you can see it resembles a really thin led light bar down here on the lower level lots and lots of pixels and these do a really fascinating dance or animation when you switch the car on or off at the lower level on the prophecy concept this was just a big array of led pixels but this looks more like

A stretched diffuser complete with these led fog lights and reverse lights it’s not going to be to everyone’s tastes but the fact that it looks like almost nothing else on the market makes it to me really appealing is very interesting from the outside but it’s also fascinating in terms of the interior design as well the first thing to mention is that it’s full

Of all the usual sustainably sourced materials like fishing nets instead of floor mats you’ve got recycled pet and all the other stuff you’d expect from a car built by a manufacturer aiming for sustainability but it also looks really cool and also distinctive from the ioniq 5 for example where that car had a floating center console this has a fixed center console

Which doesn’t let you play footsie with the passenger but it does have other advantages particularly this wireless recharging map for your phone usb port twin cup holders and all of the controls for your doors and windows directly on the center console so what’s on the door well not a lot to be honest apart from this really nicely designed speaker and some really

Well integrated ambient lights which look really really nice and weirdly a translucent door pocket which um i think it kind of works in terms of the technology where it’s very similar to the ionic 5 but there is one key difference these screens look a bit more premium than the ones you get on the five particularly like the way that it has this aluminum border

Around the entire thing which just makes it look slightly better integrated than before another point to note is that the steering wheel doesn’t have the hyundai logo directly on it instead they’ve replaced it with a set of four led pixels and these do serve a purpose they actually show you the level of charge in the battery and your charging status and by the

Way if you open the charge port around the rear you’ll also see when you plug it in a little led that tells you when the car is charging which is actually quite useful in terms of practicality in space that 2.95 meter wheelbase really really helps free up a lot of space in the cabin i’ve got tremendous amounts of leg room in this car decent headroom in the front

Good headroom in the back but perhaps slightly less headroom as a result of that sloping roofline but on the whole yeah

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