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New Hyundai SANTA FE 2022 – FULL REVIEW (exterior, interior, infotainment & trunk)

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I filmed the new Hyundai SANTA FE 2022 Hybrid model, and in this video I show you the full details.

Hello guys welcome back to the channel welcome back to a new video today we are in barcelona at the hyundai stand and i’m going to show you the first details of the new hyundai santa fe this is a facelifted model and it’s a plug-in hybrid so let’s start with the design the new santa fe has a very strong appearance on the road look at the massive front grille and we

Have the badge in the middle of course this is in gloss black finish the headlamps led technology of course data running leds located here and underneath them we have the main units all looks very aggressive and very muscular i mean from this angle this is really beautiful let me move on to the side and show you the side profile this is it we have a lot of chrome

Elements uh on the doors and you know on the edges of the doors and the wheel arches are in the same color as the body of the car here these are the massive 19-inch wheels paired with the 235 55r 19 continental tires and let’s go and see the rear of the car so there it is you have the new led lights new signature they are connected with this part here this is not

Illuminated unfortunately i would love to see the whole bar light up but only this section lights up but this makes the car appear even wider then so does this light down there as well actually the reflector and the spoiler and actually the bumper is pretty nice clean design no pink exhaust and now i’ve changed the view it is flickering on this view but we will

Immediately open this and electric tailgate of course here we are greeted with the huge storage area and this car actually has seven seats so this is the version with seven seat layout and you see that the occupants here in the third row have the cup holders some storage room they also have the air vents you can control it here usb port and well let me show you

Those seats well they are here so just need to pull this and you would get the seat and here you have some extra room for your cables for example 12 volt power outlet is here as well if you press this look at this the seats fall down you have a completely flat bottom you can actually you know sleep here so very practical indeed now i’ve changed the view to white

So that we don’t have the flickering tell me in the comments what are your thoughts on the exterior design it looks very massive very muscular i love that and yeah well definitely a nice sight to see on the road it’s time to check out the interior now this is it let’s start with the doors the attention to detail is really good look at the materials this is all in

Leather buttons of course for the windows and mirrors crail sound system and the door pocket well rather big one with special space here for your bottle santa fe lettering and uh yeah well the seats very very comfortable they have also the lumbar support and now it is time to see it from driver’s perspective and this is the view from driver’s perspective it is

Definitely very unique i mean just look at the styling of the dashboard the lines here and the materials are very good this is all in leather we have the floating main touchscreen and this is the panel with a lot of buttons actually but i think you know once you start driving it you will get used to it this is the gear selector and let’s actually change the view

And see all the details okay so the main touch screen with the new infotainment system we also have the air vents located underneath the screen hazard lights with a nice clicking sound now this panel it is a big one you have these shortcuts for various information map navigation radio media and setup you also have the settings here for the ac so this is how you

Adjust the temperature and in order to adjust the air blower you can just press those two buttons so you see once you get used to where you know the main buttons are it will be easy gear selector parking reverse neutral and drive these are the switches for i mean this is the switch for the driving modes you can choose between various driving modes so eco sport and

Smart also if you press the rain you have additional modes snow mud and sand you press it here and now you change them here it’s very easy actually to change those some additional features are here ev so this is a plug-in hybrid that means that you also have the fully electric mode if the you know battery is sufficient uh of course now we can’t actually enter

The ev mode because the car is low on battery but you get the point this is very useful especially if you have a charger you know at your house and at your work you could do a lot of distance purely on electric power heated steering wheel cooling of the seats heating of the seats and the same for the passenger let’s see what’s here usb port and the cup holder

And additional cup holder is located here if you press this you can open the armrest that has this storage room quite decent amount of room actually additional storage room with ambient lights and here is the glovebox so tell me in the comments how do you like this layout i find it very unique actually i’m feeling really comfortable here these seats are amazing

And i could sit here all day but now let’s explore the new infotainment system so it’s pretty much the same as on the other new hyundai models but since this is a plug-in hybrid now we can see some various information and energy flow let’s take a look this is how this works fuel engine electric motor and the battery but currently the battery is well low on power

Let’s say it like that you can have the split screen or the white screen i prefer this wide screen and yeah those are the driving informations and you know settings for the plug-in hybrid moving on the map we have the 3d shape of the buildings and as you can see we are in the beautiful city of barcelona and we can go back pressing the home button phone connection

Apple carplay and android auto are of course available you can put the wallet mode and the quiet mode quiet mode uh actually what it does is uh media and radio is played only in the front seats so the rear speakers are not working and volume level will be limited to the value seven for longer road trips if occupants at the back are sleeping blue link that’s an

App for your phone and you can configure you know various options and you can have the information about your car on your mobile phone app which is always useful especially with the plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles so that you can see you know how much battery you have or if the car is charging you know what’s happening and how it is charging let’s go back

And uh see those uh other options settings you can go to vehicle settings and see that this car is packed with technology so we have the driver attention warning forward safety lane safety blind spot safety all of those systems can be adjusted here so sometimes you can adjust the response and sometimes you can adjust the system itself for example with forward

Safety you can have the active assist warning only or we can turn it off and the same goes for other systems drive to rain mode you can have the alert when you change the modes head up display not sure if camera is catching it but we also have the head up display and yeah well you can control what you have in front of you this is how it could look when you have

The navigation and all the systems on the cluster you can select the team now you already saw the teams there are three teams but the thing is you also have the special cube team which gives you the cube so you have the cube and inside on the left you have speed and on your right you would have the revs currently we don’t have the key so there’s a warning there

But yeah you get the point but let’s link it back to the driving mode and uh see the lights the ambient lights are available here let’s see if brightness is a maximum yes it is and now the colors here is where you change the color ocean blue jade green let’s see the purple one aurora purple and you can also set the custom color now there are 64 combinations

Available i actually prefer the blue one tell me in your comments what would be your choice let’s keep it blue it’s nice anyway we go back those were the settings here for the lights have a bunch of other settings as well and uh oh yeah settings for the navigation for the display general sound stuff like that we have the krell sound system on the model in our

Video and that’s it not gonna go through all of the details as you know it would take too much time and also i did a lot of hyundai reviews if you want to see more details you can watch some of those uh the in-depth where i go through all the systems and all menus but yeah now i will show you actually this sounds of nature uh it’s a new feature from hindi models

You can have some sounds of nature and just relax you know rainy day open-air cafe calm ocean waves this is pretty cool anyway that’s pretty much it and uh tell me in the comments how do you like this new infotainment system i think it’s pretty good because uh well there are a lot of features and uh much more advanced now you know hyundai is really stepping

Up the game and this is like the home screen let’s say like the screen screensaver so you have the time and the temperature and the small map let’s see the sun visors oh this is nice all in alcantara we need to press this button to have the light all in alcantara we have the panoramic roof and well yeah now you can put this roller on but i will do this and

That’s pretty much it and now of course the roof is opening i will close it all right and now time to check out how it looks at the rear first of all look at this we have the sunshade and beautiful elements and materials just look at this leather we have the actually big door pocket the krill speakers this car has the heated rear seats and yeah well let’s jump

On board as you can see this bench is really adjustable so if we come here huge amount of room available for my knees this is what you have here the 12 volt actually no 220 volt this is the classic you know charging port for example for your laptop or something like that usb ports air vents here is a cool feature so you can move this seat from the rear that can

Be useful and you have the storage room lovely view on the front and let me show you the situation for my head all right so this is it huge amount of room for my legs and for my head well it’s okay but since we have the panoramic roof this is taking up a lot of space so i personally wouldn’t go for the panoramic roof probably and the cool thing is that you can

Actually lean back way more look at this now we have huge amount of room on the meter 87 and well i could even sleep here an additional useful feature you can slide this bench so depending on whether you need more room here for your legs or more room at the back in the trunk let’s see the technical details so we will open the bonnet but before that look at the

Amount of room that you have here i didn’t even notice that 12 volt power outlet and the usb port are available there as well but now let’s pull this and see what’s underneath the bonnet so we have a plug-in hybrid model we do have the hydraulic struts and you can see here it says hybrid this car has 265 horsepower and tell me in the comments would you go for a

Plug-in hybrid model now let me also show you the charging port which is located in here there we go so tell me in the comments what are your thoughts on this car and now we will check out the specs of the model in our video all right then santa fe hybrid 265 horsepower 4×4 so we have the all-wheel drive model and here you can see the dimensions of the car and

Also we have the colors just a second i need to press this and you will see what are the options okay there we go white cream glacier white lagoon blue saga bronze magma red white cream once again phantom black rainforest magnetic force and typhoon silver so tell me in the comments what would be your spec and i quite like it and spec like this unfortunately

The screen is flickering so i will need to change the view alright so that’s it thank you very much for watching this video subscribe to the channel in order to see more car reviews and there are plenty of videos coming as you can see here on hyundai stand in barcelona we have a lot of nice cars that’s it for now thank you for watching and see you on the next one bye bye

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New Hyundai SANTA FE 2022 – FULL REVIEW (exterior, interior, infotainment & trunk) By crospotter13