New Hyundai Tucson 2022 Review: SE Connect | Premium | N-Line | Ultimate

In this video we take a look at the new Hyundai Tucson 2022, a futuristic-looking SUV with a large boot and a quality interior.

Coming up we take you through  the design of the tucson,   we then finish off by highlighting the different  first though let’s talk about the design  of the new tucson, because although looks   cutting edge when compared to its predecessor.  the tucson’s most distinctive feature is the   the grille looks like one solid

Piece  reveals itself when the lights are turned on  another interesting feature includes  we particularly like the light bar that connects  look down the side and you’ll notice the chrome  accent that complements the entire roof line.  helps distinguish the tucson from competition. the tucson’s cabin feels less outlandish than  

A complaint though because the interior has   place on some cars in the price bracket above.  naturally your eyes will be immediately drawn  to the 10.25 inch central infotainment screen,   it offers a crisp display as you’d expect  alongside apple carplay and android auto. one quirky feature we like is the sounds of   sounds

Include a snowy village,  rainy day or even an open-air cafe. on another plus note hyundai have been properly  as standard you’ll get luxuries such  high beam assist which is dead helpful for night  time driving and you’ll also get cruise control.  this is unsurprising given that the latest version  is longer, wider and taller than its

Predecessor.  in real world terms that means you get a large  boot, 620 litres in fact, which is more than what   there’s no loading lip for a start which is  always beneficial when transporting heavier   it is worth noting that you get a slightly  smaller 558 litre boot if you opt for a   large boot aside the tucson 

Offers a spacious cabin,   as you’d expect from a car of this nature  holders dotted around the cabin as well  the tucson is available with a single  by a trio of hybrid options so bear  so no matter which tucson you go for it’ll come  with a 1.6 litre petrol engine under the bonnet.  you can have it without hybrid technology if

You  want but it will only be available with 150 bhp,   the mild-hybrid is what we’d  consider the entry level into   support to the engine and doesn’t  require plugging in to recharge.  common but you can get one with 180 bhp,   a self-charging hybrid option is the  with two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. the system

Allows the tucson to drive on   all electric power at low speeds and combines  nicely with the petrol engine to produce 227 bhp.  recharged once the batteries are flat they  make up for this by allowing you to drive up   you have a relatively short commute is ideal.  the entry level model is called the sc  connect but with that

Large infotainment   driving modes dual-zone climate control   next up is the premium specification. wheels, ambient lighting inside, a heated  if you want something sportier then  which gets specific n-line exterior  parking sensors all round and keyless entry. the n line s, which is just the fancier version,   climate control

And an electric tailgate too.  like the n line models it gets 19-inch  alloy wheels but it also benefits from a   outside the realms of super expensive  its quirky appearance may not be for  but the quality of the interior, the  extensive practicality and broad choice   if you’d like to learn more about the  hyundai tucson

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