New Hyundai Tucson Test Drive l Review 2019

New Hyundai Tucson Test Drive l Review 2019.

Key here on pardesi automobile in switzerland they are the great with it’s around forty five thousand francs around the same in dollar and look at the back with the new led design and the can see here you have to have the key with you and you can actually close the it’s opened this is great you can see here we have electric seat and let’s go place here you can charge your

Phone too now let’s adjust this seat we have you you have electric handbrake and all kind of stuff and cup holders here here so you have the navigation tool and also the climatic system so let’s drive guys also see but i will show you a little bit later here its own and here it’s new hue and i took sun and we have here different modes drive mode for example drive it in the

Comfort mode because we want that the steering wheel to be like on the skoda kodiak but it’s pretty easy to use and the position it’s the handling we will see later the suspension we will see a little bit leather it’s very good quality big mirrors here as you can see and the car it’s cool it’s normal the soundproofing of the car it’s quite good you cannot pretty good for

Us such a big car and it’s also easy to drive it’s easy to assistant and all kind of stuff so let’s perform on this kind of roads here it’s a little bit like off-roading so you can the cheering’s the shifter has changed the gear the speed very smooth you don’t want to show you guys is the light i will go down here to see the outside the noise of the engine is not so strong

It’s actually really silent the outside let’s see the light guys i think they are open right now and you can see nice they’re great great light and i like the front it has very nice design you buy it from you and i you have five years warranty and five years assistant you can actually go to the service free so this is a great thing so let’s go not very well but you also

Can see here in 3d perfectly how you can you don’t this it’s so nice so great you can actually drive only with the camera this expecting to be a little but a little little better i was expecting but they so acceleration it’s so-so and the comfort that’s perfect quality of the materials very nice design interior the nice sunroof here up five stars around cop safety rating

So you’re safe in this car and the car quality you have led light the last the last technology on the light so the car navigation system and you can see the speed limit and you can see everything really very very well very good so it’s you can see it’s good from here you have you have two option here to move it in the sport mode when the car is more as you can see super

Responsive for example now we go down and then now if we decelerate and we try now the college it’s not so not so responsive you have a lot of option easy to change the gear and yeah now in the comfort the going to say if you put it now in the sport mode the steering will will be a a corpse but it feel really fantastic in the car it’s really feel good to drive and i like

The fact that the engine it’s really silent it’s really nice and the park the car really easy really easy this car it’s good for a woman too it’s parking sensors and you can see also here what it’s in the back then you put even hear you don’t even hear the engine from inside so quiet it’s so good the they make a great job the hinder with this car for this price it’s it’s

The quality of the material interior it’s so beautiful and nice you have this have a lot of space here you have leather seats look at this leather seat it’s huge and it’s look pretty nice and i think the car it’s really beautiful in this i have to tell you this and the engine now i close the engine as you’ve little bit colder and that why the consumption was a little bit

Higher but so if we look here it is 1.6 t gd e all-wheel drive so that’s the engine so that’s really cool here assistant a lot of comfort to zones tempo matt you enjoyed my review please subscribe to my channel to see more videos like comment to all the questions so thank you very much for watching

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New Hyundai Tucson Test Drive l Review 2019 By SDA Dan Cars