*NEW IMAGES* All-New 2023 Honda Pilot is taking shape

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The next generation honda pilot will be debuted later this year but honda’s has given us some official teasers so let’s get into it they’ve been teasing the heck out of this new pilot we’ve had camouflage uh we’ve we finally had that blue color that was kind of showed the front and the back of the vehicle i’ve already made videos on but over at the honda newsroom

Uh cylinder wraps the pilot trail sport makes a public debut at austin city limits music festival but they have a new image here so let’s break this down now they actually have two images this is the one they have on the site this one was shared as well by honda this is uh the rebel rally team and uh yeah there’s there’s not a lot to see here this is going to be

The camouflage they probably raced the vehicle in and uh yeah a little foggies down at the bottom you know parking sensors and the wheels okay other than that we’ve kind of seen the front end before of course we have the roof rails on top let’s take a look at the back we have a better look at the proportions of this thing and look at this uh i guess c pillar for

A while was it the the second first generation that had that i’m pulling up images of the 2001 pilot you can kind of see that c-pillar had a similar uh wedge a width to it body matched now we’re going back to the image this looks a lot thicker this reminds me more of like the hyundai palisade having that sort of separation between the front windows and the rear

Windows do i like it i guess it depends i typically prefer the windows to be continuous all the way back but it yeah i don’t know what do you guys think would you prefer the windows to be connected or would you prefer to have the separation at the c-pillar i guess when i see the vehicle completely from all the angles i’ll i’ll be able to like have a better opinion

Of it so the trailsport pilot here of course we have a hitch receiver we have dual exhaust and then we also have a blacked out honda badge here and black lettering that goes across between the two rear tail lights now with this angle and the reflections it’s hard to tell the color of things this almost looks like it could be a silver but it could also be black but

With how reflective it is it might be like a silver at the bottom and then we also have another silver piece potentially cutting into the doors there and then we look at the glossy room frails it almost looks like a glossy dark black and it looks like we’ll have potentially a dark black uh window surround here as well it doesn’t look quite finished i mean you can

See how like misaligned the door is this is definitely a concept or should i say pre-production vehicle uh here are the the teammates with the rebel rally liz liz long and hilary tate but that’s about all we have on the new images so what kind of power trains are going are we going to see here well this is a shoe and i feel like the v6 a three and a half liter 280

Horsepower 262 pound-feet of torque they should be getting rid of the nine speed automatic it’s not a bad transmission uh but the 10 speed is better they’re in-house built transmission that we see in the acura lineup and we also see it on the honda odyssey so those vehicles have already implemented this 10-speed auto and it’s a really good transmission now honda

Wants to sell half as many hybrids as they do gas models for the upcoming crv the problem is is that this powertrain in my opinion is not powerful enough with this 2-liter hybrid setup to power this large three-row crossover of the pilot so i you know it’s either they don’t come out with a hybrid at all which i think is the is the most likely scenario and they

Only come out with a v6 now let’s say honda does come out with a new hybrid which i i don’t think they will but what what would they need to do well it need to be a bigger engine this two liter two and a half liter minimum and it would need to be around 240 horsepower like what toyota has in their two and a half liter hybrid setup now they could hybridize the v6

But they pretty much canceled the v6 hybrid uh that we see uh that was in the acura lineup with the mdx and the rlx for example so they would have to come up with some system to hybridize this inline 4 turbo and i wouldn’t want to see it paired with their ecvt hybrid setup i would like to see that sort of performance be tied to the 10-speed auto or possibly even

A six-speed auto if we look at toyota and hyundai with their new hybrids they have an electric motor between the engine the turbo engine as well as the six-speed automatic transmission so i just don’t see honda investing that kind of resources into a hybrid that would only be in their large vehicles but time will tell i know i talked a lot about that probably even

More i talked about the images but this is just a quick update make sure you’re subscribed i will be driving the crv hybrid uh next week so we have the weekend coming up we’ll be driving it in the second half of next week in santa barbara maybe i hear a little bit more about this pilot while i’m there i’ll give definitely give you guys uh everything i know as soon

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*NEW IMAGES* All-New 2023 Honda Pilot is taking shape! By Kirk Kreifels