New Jaguar XF – what you need to know

Join us for a first look round the new Jaguar XF.

Tonight jaggu is going to be unveiling the new xf but i’ve come to the launch party just a little bit early for a sneak preview now obviously to do this so ladies and gentlemen i give you the new jaguar xf it’s packed with the latest technology promises class-leading economy and handling and is more spacious inside despite being shorter and lower than before this

New car is more aerodynamic than its predecessor but it’s instantly recognizable as a jaguar now you’ve got this classic jugular bulge in the bonnet which i think first appeared on an xj back in 1968 you’ve got the current jaguar grill this car has led headlamps but you can get it with xenon’s and this is the s model so it has big events down here to give it a

Nice aggressive look now one of the key things about this car is this strong shoulder line and if you look here at the back it just fades away and apparently took jags designers quite a while to get that just right now at the back its finished off with some tail lamps which are like that from the f-type and the xe despite the coupe a light profile at 540 liters

The xs boot is bigger than that of an eclass or a 5 series the opening is wide and there’s virtually no boot lid to make loading easier plus unlike with many rivals it has a space saver spare wheel now the big news for the xf is here in the back seats you have about that much more legroom and that much more headroom than the old car which it doesn’t seem like much

Does it but from where i’m sitting it makes a massive difference now this front seat here is in the position that was left by some guy who was over six foot and i’ve still got lots of knee room hair dreams really good as well and the car has these little windows at the back here that they’re pretty small but they do let more light into the cabin and that helps with

Feeling of spaciousness the xf is even better in the front there’s the loop like on the xj the steering wheel from the f-type while all models have stitching on the dash aluminium inserts and a pop-up gear selector and rotary air vents you actually have just normal vents here in the middle that’s because you’ve got this huge 10-inch screen now that runs jaggers

New infotainment system that features an intel quad-core processor which is super fast the system also uses ethernet connectivity to connect to all the car system so you get ten times quicker data transfer than in the old xf and and that helps improve things like the audio quality the xf is also the first model to get jaguars new in control pro which allows you to

Control various apps from the car and integrates them with things such as the sat-nav like never before there’s also a 12 inch tft screen for the driver though lesser models just get normal analog dials you’ll be able to get the xf with 2 petrol engines including the supercharged v6 from the f-type there’ll also be 2 diesel’s the most important of which is this

2-liter in genia now it should be able to return over 71 miles per gallon and it emits just 104 grams per kilometer of carbon dioxide it’s a very light engine as well in fact the xf is all about lightness for instance this gearbox is 6-speed manual weighs just 45 kilograms so in theory i should be able to shoulder press it so yeah it’s probably a bit heavier with

With this plymouth attached in total the new xf is up to 190 kilograms lighter than its predecessor once again it’s made out of aluminium but the body is 11% lighter than before and 28% stiffer now this should help improve the handling and so should the fact you’ve got double wishbone suspension here at the front meanwhile at the back the xf uses something called

Integral link suspension and what that does it it improves the rigidity in forward and sideways movement but it also makes it more supple in the up and down movement so that should make the car feel nice and precise yeah nice and comfy as well the car also is available with adaptive dampers and you get the electric power steering system like on the f-type jaguar

Claims its new car will set the benchmark for the executive car class in terms of driving dynamics while a new traction control system and the option of all-wheel drive will further boost the car’s appeal when it arrives in showrooms in september

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New Jaguar XF – what you need to know By Auto Express