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New Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 Xtreme Recon: A Fully Loaded Jeep Wrangler Costs How Much Now??

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Today I do a quick review a 2021 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 Xtreme Recon!

Hey everyone it’s ben hardy here in today’s video we’ll be going over a jeep wrangler rubicon extreme recon really exciting stuff uh i decided that uh i’d make a quick video about this because i happen to be filming down here and uh you know maybe you guys want to see it anyways a huge shout out thank you to the large miller dodge ram jeep chrysler here in provo for

Give me some time with this uh wrangler check out the inventory in the description down below let’s get into the walk around let’s start things off by going over the power train now this one being the rubicon 392 has a natural aspect 6.4 liter hemi v8 under the hood goes through an 8-speed automatic transmission it is good for 470 horsepower and then 470 pound-feet

Of torque first off you guys can see the 392 script there on the hood and then you guys can see the venting there in the center and then we’ve got the rubicon logo they’re off to the side and then obviously with normal jeep fashion you got the hood latches right there and then you guys can see the full led lights and then off to the side of the accent lights as

Well now this one has the black grille which is actually the same grille that i have optioned out on my 392 that’s on order and then you guys can see here at the steel bumpers all the rivets and then the gold accenting with the hooks fog lights down below and yeah i think with the black grille in stink gray this actually looks pretty good if you ask me and here’s

A quicker or quicker closer look rather at the venting there in the center of the hood and then here’s a look at the front suspension and you guys can see the solid front axle as well it’s a pretty cool looking setup there from a front-end perspective now this being the extreme recon has 35s from the factory mounted on 17-inch wheels that are beadlock capable

Which is a pretty cool part of the package and it’s also lifted a little bit more so the rubicon 392 is two inches taller than a regular uh rubicon as you guys can kind of see it’s pretty tall there from a suspension standpoint but the extreme recon is another like .5 inches and then they also have to put these like fender flare extensions on as well to fit the

Tires because they’re so big and then also gold accenting and then the mirrors do have blind spot monitoring as well and you guys can see the door handles match the mirrors and then this one has a body painted hard top and then so i’m going to mention now that we’re going over the rear setup is this is also re-geared so it’s got an axle ratio 4.56 for the rear

End you can see the rock rail there as well and that actually helps out with acceleration and also with crawling if you’re wondering the regular 392 has an axle ratio of 3.73 and then you can see the fox shocks there in the back and then the exhaust hips out the back kind of you know have that old school muscle car look and then they actually had to reinforce

Uh the whole tailgate and everything basically in the uh and the tire carrier to be able to hold the 35 because it’s that much heavier than the 33 that’s standard with the regular uh rubicon 392 and it has the same bead lock capable wheel bronze tow hook right there parking sensors on the back and then you guys can see here i think it’s pretty cool they show uh

Little jeeps there on the door kind of like all the logos and everything and i think it’s just kind of like a unique little easter egg and you see the storage space here in the back definitely solid and one thing to mention is the jeep a little tailgate’s a lot easier to close or you’ll open rather than the bronco and it’s just as easy to close so definitely a big

Plus with the wranglers now going from that to the drawer panel in the rear you guys can see you’ve got the padding here with the contrasted gold stitching and then it’s uh the seats are just black but again they have the gold stitching that kind of contrasts all throughout them which is a definitely a cool look got the vents here in the center with all the window

Controls and the power outlets down below sorry about my camera freaking out just a little bit of low light situation basically so couldn’t see very well but anyways door panel here at the front identical we have in the rear from a material standpoint have the netting right there and you guys can see the mirror controls and then the door lock and unlock and then

Again the mirrors and then you guys can see here at the front seats it says rubicon 392. uh it’s one of the only like 392 badges in the interior and then you can see the seats are manually adjustable you got the pedals down below which look really nice and then you can see here with the light controls off to the side and then the steering wheel is really nice so

It’s got really nice perforated leather on the sides and smoother leather at the top and the bottom and then again gold stitching as well it does have adaptive cruise control paddle shifters there on the back and then you guys can see the controls for the center stack and then you can see the center stack right here uh and 63 miles it’s brand new definitely cool

Looking gauge cluster and then there’s more of that gold stitching on the dash got the infotainment system that’s fully sealed off and then you’ve got a bunch of controls down below for the climates uh controls the heated seats heated steering wheel all that fun stuff the important thing is the exhaust mode button you always got to have that set to loud and then

You got the off-road cruise control as well all the window controls here in the center and then this does have the front rear lockers because again it is a rubicon it has a sway bar disconnect as well so it’s off-road ready got your auxiliary switches there with the shifter for the eight-speed automatic and we have our driveline sucks you have your four wheel auto

Four wheel part time um and then you’ve got your four below as well got the brake right there center console and you guys can see storage spacing a little usb inside of it and then storage space there on the top and then you got the glove box and notice above it you guys can see the trim right there and then this one does have the insulation at the top which is an

Option i always recommend with wranglers because it helps out with noise and then also with the interior of keeping it warm and then in the summer right keeping it uh cool uh otherwise yeah it’s it’s actually a substantial substantial difference now popping over to the passenger side you guys can actually see the glove box size and also the window sticker so

You guys can see here uh this one’s a 2021 um so at the tail end you could get uh the extreme recon package uh you guys can see a lot of standard equipment with this package which is great uh so pretty much everything standard there are a few options like the trailer tow package for example and then again the extreme recon is also optional equipment you guys can

See the total msrp there eighty four thousand six hundred five dollars in the epa fuel economy with the extreme recon 13 on the highway 17 or sorry 13 around town 17 on the highway mix it up mind this lexic moment of the day but uh yeah and then here’s kind of like a full view of the jeep here it looks really cool in the showroom and the 35s definitely give it

A much nicer stance it definitely looks a lot more aggressive and a lot taller this is how it should look from the factory it’s my personal opinion

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New Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 Xtreme Recon: A Fully Loaded Jeep Wrangler Costs How Much Now?!? By The Ben Hardy Show