New Kia Sportage 2022 review

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This is the new kia sportage and it’s a little bit like a hyundai tucson it’s because they share many of their same parts because hindi is kia sorry that’s the laziest analogy i’ve ever done but it’s true now i’m going to tell you everything you need to know about this vehicle so i’m going to talk around the exterior design the interior i’m going to try out some

Of its technology tell you about its new electrified engines and of course going to take it for a drive plus i’m going to launch it see how quick it is from north 60 miles an hour because i’m matt watson and you’re watching car wow buying a new car then head to car wow and my team will help you find your next car at a fair price car wow your one-stop car buying

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At a later date just simply google wow me car wow and we’ll wear you let’s start this video by talking about the design of the new sportage so from the rear i really like it the design of this panel here is like that on the ev6 it’s sort of like a ducktail spoiler cool and there’s another spoiler up here and some glossy silvery trim thankfully there’s no fakery

Apart from maybe this diffuser exhaust pipe wise there is one under here hidden away the shame of using fossil fuels moving down the side wheel sizes start at 17 inches which probably would be too small these are the 18s though you can actually get 19s i like this bit the way there’s this like line here then this line here one of our members of the team doesn’t

Like that but i disagree it looks quite cool i quite like this car from the side looks neat this is the gt line s it’s the top of the range and it has the black roof bars rather than the standard silver ones moving to the front this is the bit i’m not so keen on it’s these big lights just look a bit odd it’s not ugly like it’s sister car the hyundai tucson but it’s

Still a little bit awkward feeling anyhow this gt line gets some extra black trim here just to make it look a bit more sporty i don’t know maybe the look will grab me let me know what you think in the comments below do you like the look of this or not here on the inside the sport is a nice place to be i like the design there’s some interesting detailing different

Materials squidgy dash i like the fact you’ve got stitching in it seems premium the quality overall is nice in here only when you go a bit low down do things get a bit scratchy but i can’t fault the solidity look at this center console wobble test yeah that doesn’t budge at all i quite like this gloss trim here though it might scratch easily but i’m not going to

Complain about this look there’s no silly like gear selector like an old gear knob who needs an old knob seat position is good as well and there’s plenty of adjustment in it of course when that looks steering up and down lots of movement in that steering wheel feels nice though one of the problems with kia’s i don’t know why they do it but they’re center boss which

You do look at and sometimes touch they always feel cheap in keys for some reason what’s the matter with you shame because all the actual controls are nicely damped and feel expensive and i especially like this bit look so you’ve got controls for the climate here but if you press this button you can toggle to the actual shortcuts for the infotainment system look

So there climate quick temperature change there we go oh toggle and then we’ve got like map nav and all that kind of thing for the entertainment speaking of which as standard you get an eight inch screen here four inch screen there but as you move at the range this screen gets bigger and then this one eventually does and from halfway up the range you get this full

Size screen which is lovely it’s slightly curved so the main infotainment system there’s lots of functions it’s relatively easy to navigate and it comes with apple carplay and android auto standard which is what you’re gonna use the digital driver’s display you can control it using the buttons on the steering wheel thankfully they’re not touch sensitive buttons

Like in volkswagen vehicles and really annoying they’re actually old-school push-in buttons and easy to use so you can quite easily just whip through the different functions here on the display i like that i also like the fact that there’s decent practicality so the door bins knock i’ve got my flask here which is essential on a cold day like today it does fit in

The door bin it’s a bit snug but you can get it in there the glove box is an average size but the storage here is better underneath there we’ve got a storage tray now you can put your mobile phone in there that’s where the wireless charging is if it’s fit to the car but also look we’ve got 12 volt socket there got a normal usb and a usbc for all the kids then

Underneath here look it’s decent size room for a coffee cup and you can pork two coffee cups there and look press this holds them tight the only side problem with that though is that you might end up struggling to grip it and end off pulling the top off and then it spills in your lap but no worries you can actually put the smaller coffee cups in that one there and

Then you can actually grip it at the sides so it’s important that people don’t think about it until they’ve got coffee all over their trousers and then they’re like oh god why didn’t they build this car better but it’s not a problem here anyway let’s move into the back here in the back seats the sportage is sufficiently roomy so this seat isn’t my ideal driving

Position and i’ve got enough knee room headroom’s good as well people over six foot will be fine one slight issue is the foot space so the runners for this seat in front do eat into the foot well so you can’t really move your feet back that much though there is enough space to just slide them forward underneath the chair in front speaking of which this seat base

Is really quite deep so you get lots of under thigh support one thing to note though is there is a bit of a hump in the floor there so if you need to carry three people in the back at once while this seat base is quite wide there is competition for foot space also this car isn’t the widest so three adults across the back will feel a little bit squeezed in now if

You need to carry a baby seat obviously you’ve got isofix angle points here but there’s no flip off cover so you have to jab the seat in between the seat squab and the backrest light to try and find the actual locating points for the isofix hmm can’t fault this though look you do have backrests that you can recline to your ideal position so long as your ideal

Position isn’t any more reclined than this but it shouldn’t be because it is rather laid back you’ve also got an arm rest a couple’s a bit of a shame you don’t have a cover for them so you end up putting your wrist in the actual hole like that still if you need to carry longer items and people in the back at the same time look you can fold down this middle seat

Like that and there’s some through loading there quite a lot of space actually another thing i want to point out to you is this look as well as pockets in the seat back so you get these little hooks there and usb c’s speaking of practicality look there’s some rear door bins there fit the flask in there and look panoramic glass roof standard from the mid spec

Upwards it’s nice so it is the fact that look the rear windows they go all the way down there’s one thing that does concern me though that’s this sort of like handle in the head rests i can just imagine children going dash don’t do it quickly slow down does that annoy your dad is it yeah let’s check out the sportage’s boot so the capacity is 591 liters which is

Huge the only coins category that really beats it is its sister car the hyundai tucson oh no look there’s a bit of a load lip to lift things over but don’t worry you’ve got slightly adjustable force floor knock you can lift that up like oh there we go and then it’s gone anything else i want to show you as well look at this retractable load cover and if i can just

Remove it what is the way to do it there we go i can whack it underneath there look look fold this back down now it’s hidden good it’s also good is this look 12 volt socket there tie down point there and my favorite thing of all handles to release the rear seat so you can fold them down like that so it’s annoying you can’t get a spare wheel with this car not at

All and that brings down to five annoying things about the clear sportage as with many electrified keyers the brakes make a weird groaning sound when you’re creeping along slowly just using the brake to keep your speed down what’s that all about why do they do that can someone explain the comments i’ve never known this roof mounted rear middle seat belt is a bit

Of a pain not only for the poor bugger who’s sat next to you there because it kind of cuts across the head a little bit but also for the driver because once you’ve got it plugged in and located it gets in the view of the rear view mirror which is already impeded by the fact that you’ve got a middle passenger set here in the first place kia offers a sportage with

Adaptive suspension in europe but not in the uk for some reason and that could be a bit of a problem as i’ll explain when i drive the thing the turn capacity for the sportage isn’t brilliant in fact it’s lower than many of its key competitors for instance for this particular car i’ve got here the maximum meat can toe is just over 1.6 tons and the biggest tone

Capacity of any sportage is 1.9 tons compare that to a four cougar which maximum tone capacity is 2.1 tonnes and a volkswagen tiguan which shouldn’t tow up to 2.5 tonnes so i’m going to be ideally if you’re doing caravans or horse boxes or some other stuff the rear view camera is located relatively low to the ground and it’s quite exposed and that means that it

Gets covered in road grime quite easily and what happens is you go to reverse you realize it’s covered in road grime and because this car isn’t fitted with like a wash dry feature for the rear view camera like some other suvs you have to get out your car you don’t want with your finger and then have another go but that does bring onto five cool things about the

Kia sportage the definition from that reversing camera is very high quality look we can see a member of the commerce team just texting his mates there anyway this is the top specification car so it actually has 360 degree view camera look so you get a bird’s eye view in fact there’s other views as well so you can look at the rear of the car so you can park into

Tight spaces without hitting something and you get that kind of view that you get on the german executive cars like audi’s buildings and mercedes where you can pretend doing a computer game but the sportage can go better than them because it has blind spot camera views look so if i turn left in my speedo it’ll show what’s in the left side blind spot and if i turn

Right in the rev counter we get the right side blind spot image that is very clever high specification hybrid versions of the sportage come with a remote control parking function where you can actually make them drive in and out of a type parking space just using the key fob so look at this go on move move that’s it move but what happens if you think it’s going

To crash into something can i drive it into this post this would be very awkward if it does crash don’t crash please don’t ah thank god it didn’t look there we go it’s fine if you’re the kind of person that likes to take their family suv actually off-roading you’re very unusual however kia has something for you it’s the terrain driving mode where you can choose

Between snow mud or sand let’s be honest though you’re never going to press that button either hybrid versions of the sportage have something called e-handling mode where they employ the actual regen effect of the motor when you’re going into a turn to like cause added engine braking to get the nose in and turning also it helps when putting the power down getting

Out of the bend as well it’s kind of like a death though it’s not really one anyway you can rest assured if you buy a kia sportage because you’ve got a seven year warranty so if something goes wrong they should fix it for you within that period though of course willful damage will not be covered so if you start using the armrest as a leg rest yeah don’t think

That kill paints have it fixed before we hit the road let me talk you through the engine choices so you can get a 1.6 litre diesel with either 150 or 136 horsepower front-wheel drive and you can get it with a six-speed manual or a seven-speed automatic then there’s a 1.6 liter turbo petrol with 150 horsepower and it’s also front-wheel drive and available manual

Or automatic then there’s two hybrids first is this one the self-charging hybrid so that has the same 1.6 liter turbo petrol engine as a normal petrol car but because you’ve got an electric motor to boost the power it has 229 horsepower then there’s a plug-in hybrid which has a bigger battery pack so you can drive up to 30 miles on electric power alone also it’s

Got more power 265 horsepower now both hybrids are automatic only and they have all-wheel drive are you confused well do you know what i’m going to go onto the car wow website and i’m going to configure my ideal kia sportage my favorite engine and my favorite trim now if you want to see what that car is and the saving you can get on it through carway click on the

Pop out banner up there or follow the link in the description below all right let’s see what this kia sportage is like to drive starting off within town what’s this wrong way please turn around and now i’m going the right way what’s the matter with you being a hybrid it will drive at speeds of almost 40 miles an hour on electric power alone and when you’re just

Poodling around it’s quite good it’s quiet relaxing though if you need to certainly accelerate the petrol motor does suddenly kick in give that boost of acceleration and there is a momentary pause while it’s thinking about doing that before it takes off it’s not bad though it’s pretty much like in any other hybrid system i can tell you that the steering is nice

And light now the suspension though is a bit firmer than you’d expect for this kind of vehicle it’s okay over speedums like that but when you get to driving over potholes you do feel them a little bit more than you would do in other suvs such as a volkswagen tiguan that seems to be a bit smoother over bumps it’s kind of just spores experience slightly what doesn’t

Spoil the experience are the brakes so they’re nice and progressive sometimes with hybrids as you transition from the regen breaking to the actual friction brakes they can feel a bit grabby not with this it’s smooth the only thing i have noticed though is that if i break and then lift off you can still feel a bit of regen happening once you’ve lifted off and it

Doesn’t quite coast as much as you might like anyway let’s talk about the maneuverability let’s see if i can go around this mini roundabout in one go the turning circle is supposed to be 11 meters which is about average for this type of car will it get round without curbing the alloys oh it’s always a wincing moment there but it did it so it’s maneuverable enough

For in town and other things to note is when you are driving in turn obviously the raised driving position gives you a good view out and the dash is quite low so you really do see the end of the bonnet which is good there are thick side pillars but you get these extra little glass areas here which do mean that the blight spot isn’t too bad the door mirrors are

Nice and large which is great for parking and make sure you don’t curb when parking and the view at the back window that’s not so good it’s quite small the back window all right now let’s try the sportage on some faster roads pulling out of a junction foot down picks up pretty well oh the engine does make a sound it didn’t like a bit complainy now once you’re up

To speed and you back off it’s quiet so i’m gonna go around this round about twice see what the handling is like so the thermal suspension should pay off here it should stop the car leaning so much in the benz so maybe it can live up to its sportage e name i mean it’s not like a sports car it’s an suv but it seems to grip well it doesn’t roll about too much it’s

Quite confidence inspiring although the steering it’s just has no feel through it so you don’t really know how much grip you’ve got on your front wheels now i can’t put the car into sports mode and now the throttle response is a bit more responsive and the steering feels heavier but it doesn’t feel any more natural it’s still very much like a computer game now as

You’re going at faster speed you do notice a little bit of wind noise from here though there’s not much road noise which is good and overall it’s quite enough this car it’s about average really i think what i’m quite impressed with the gear changes they’re good smooth and fairly quick here’s another roundabout gives me the chance to check out the handling again

It’s as good as you need a car like this to be it really is and the four wheel drive means you’ve got plenty of traction when you’re accelerating out of bends now i probably should slow down again now no speaking of which there is one last thing for me to do this particular care sport archer is supposed to do 90 in eight seconds dead but does it really let’s find

Out with my specialist timing gear i’m gonna launch it here we go three two one go bit of noise when you rev it out this engine oh it’s going there we are 7.62 it’s not bad really so then what’s my final verdict on the kia sportage should you avoid it should you consider it should you shortlist it or should you just go right ahead and buy it well i reckon you

Should shortlist the sportage it’s a good all-round family suv i hope you’ll enjoy the video if you did give it a like let me know what you think about the sportage in the comments below click on those windows there for some more videos and click on that box there to go to car wow to sell your car

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