New Land Rover Convertible Project and another Defender 130 for a transformation…..

We make both projects togheter: 90 Convertible and Defender 130 rebuild……

Hey hello my friends um have a nice day and uh yeah we we are back um on on work and um i have a new project and the other one it’s starting now the convertible the third or fourth one convertible is a 90 pickup and i can show you and this cabin what we take from this 90 pickup we have a client he want to have this cabin on his 130 but this 130 is very rare i never

See this 130 single pickup single cabin with pickup truck and i don’t know is built or not but okay we see we take off everything i can show you first just uh converter with you and um oh my office is so much stuff on it and um coming more and more you see this is a new project convertible and we take off everything the roof and all windows and i already have doors

Today in in great britain from the airports it’s very helpful with this company and the hive doors and looks much older the car it’s 40 this car is now as a 30 34 years old and this is all doors um looks much better like a serious um land rover okay and then we take off all aluminum here in the back also and in the back we put some wood like a peter tini boat

Probably someone know peter tini and yeah in this cabin this driver cabin we want to install on this other project this car i never seen before it’s a 130 single cap 130 single cab and for the convertible i don’t need this roof and but the spare parts is very rare to find and so then i can use it here on this and someone built by himself and this is very rusty

And dirty and not driving not running now and i take off the battery for charging and we see the frame it’s um yeah someone cut the frame on the right side on the left side it’s original frame but why he cut we must check and we take off everything and look at how inside okay some some animals live here probably some animals um dying here too i have to take off

And here probably it’s a reason that it’s not running it’s a fuel pump it’s a filter and the filter looks not very good and i think when it’s not running not fuse on it here and not power on the cable and there is not a transportation the fuel on the right but i see then on the filter i check the filter um the main the big one original filter and when it’s empty

With a few then it’s very easy to to find this problem why it’s not not running but the car i must take off the whole cabin and must build new one and or original one original one and then we paint new everything and okay when someone want to have this this bat on the back it’s not a flatbed it is higher than a flatbed but yeah but it looks funny on the car

And here is this someone built this um but it’s so rusty and dirty and it’s not nice it’s not nice it’s not useful and i don’t know what what you want to do someone but interested on the car it’s the base is not so bad and this car have automatic gearbox okay i can’t make a test drive now this engine is not running it’s a td5 and we find easily is a problem

For not running probably it’s not fuel on it and that’s easy to check uh yeah but with automatic someone make work on it but it looks not perfectly it’s very funny and it looks like i don’t know like a four transit or what okay we check what what is uh as a japanese ski box or a german um we see f or whatever yeah and then we must take off the cabin someone

Make a big work here big job for it and a little bit higher to make it but it’s not original the main problem it’s here for the belt when you want to pass the technic check in switzerland is impossible with this build this is a busty work someone do this at home and is really not good and yeah then we take it off completely and i take this from the convertible

The cabin parts and install on here then there’s a shorter and not so big one but original is then much more weather and yeah the mileage is not low but it’s not so bad the 200 000 for 20 years is only 10 000 per year but it’s this is normal one but it’s normal one this is not not so bad yeah then we we check how his function we start with the work and in the

Front i find some some some problems and uh yeah but this is normally this is normally this this actually you can see probably very dirty i have to make it new and replace some parts here the parts is cheap but the work uh four to five hours per site and um yeah we take off the axle and sandblast the parts and or we make a new chassis or we take the old one

When it’s not so rusty takes the old one and sandblast and powder coat on it and then we install back for the car probably also the suspension what i see here we take it off and yeah but this looks not so bad and the base is good and the td5 engine we have many parts for it we can easily repairing and the engine is very good for a little bit tuning a little bit

More more horse on it and then it’s a welcome in the next life for the next 20 years for work okay when you have some questions let me know and you know we must fight for all right slavokaina see you later bye bye

Transcribed from video
New Land Rover Convertible Project and another Defender 130 for a transformation….. By offroad4u