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New Lexus LFA revealed… and itll hit 60mph in TWO seconds

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Lexus has just revealed an electric replacement for the legendary lfa but that’s not all because toyota’s also revealed a brand new electric sports car that could bring back the iconic mr2 name and if that wasn’t enough it’s also revealed another 13 brand new evs there’s a new electric pickup truck a load of suvs some tasty looking saloons and even a bunch of vans

In this video i’m going to tell you everything you need to know about all these cars buying a new car then head to car wow and my team will help you find your next car at a fair price car wow your one-stop car buying comparison site this is the lexus electrified sport concept and it shows what the next lfa could look like nexus hasn’t revealed how much power this

Car has but it has said the concept can do not to 60 miles an hour in two seconds that means it must be packing at least two electric motors which are probably making around 750 to 800 horsepower combined that’s about the same as you get in a 761 horsepower porsche tycoon turbo s and around 200 horsepower more than the original lfa screaming naturally aspirated

4.8 liter v10 lexus has also said the electrified sport concept has around 435 miles of range which is about 170 miles more than the taikan turbo s it should outperform that car in terms of charging times too because lexus might give this car new fast charging solid-state batteries but the best thing about this car isn’t the performance or the tech is the way it

Looks it’s gorgeous isn’t it it looks properly modern but there are still lots of bits inspired by the original lfa like the long bonnet the pointed headlights and the intakes behind the side windows it doesn’t have three exhaust pipes at the back like the old lfa though well obviously because you know it’s electric at all toyota isn’t going to let its luxury firm

Lexus have all the fun because it could be about to resurrect the iconic mr2 sports car with this new sports ev concept it’s smaller than the lexus and has a classic mid-engine silhouette just like the original mr2 it also has a folding roof two seats and you can bet there’s a single electric motor in the middle driving the rear wheels this is exactly the sort of

Small light electric car we need to show that evs can be fun as well as fast in a straight line pickup trucks used to have a reputation for being a bit old-school but this has all changed thanks to evs like the rivian r1t the hummer ev and the tesla cyber truck toyota doesn’t want to get left behind so it’s making its own electric truck they’ll look something

Like this pickup ev concept it hasn’t said when this truck is going on sale but it could be pretty soon after all it looks pretty similar to the normal toyota tundra so you could even use that car chassis toyota will just need to fit some electric motors and batteries instead of a petrol engine and a fuel tank a bit like what four did when it turned the f-150

Into the electric f-150 lightning this is the electric lexus rz well almost it’s a concept car for now but it gives you a really clear idea what the finished car will look like when it’s revealed in 2022. lexus has confirmed it’ll have four-wheel drive and almost certainly two electric motors also it’ll have steer by wire control which means there’s no physical

Connection between the steering wheel and the front wheels it’s all done using motors and wires instead there’s no news on its range yet but you can better be on par with cars like the audi e-tron and mercedes eqc and of course the new bmw ix so expect the range to be between 250 and 350 miles on a single charge toyota hasn’t made a funky retro looking suv since

The fj cruiser back in the mid-noughties but that could be about to change this is the compact cruiser ev and it could be one of the coolest toyotas coming in the next 10 years it’ll definitely come with four-wheel drive probably from dual electric motors and it could preview a load of exciting off-road tech they’ll end up in other off-road suvs too this is the bz

Compact suv and it’s the second new car in toyota’s new bz electric only lineup it shows you what a future electric coupe suv from toyota could look like a bit like the volkswagen id5 and the nissan area it’ll probably use similar motors and batteries to the bz-4x but it’ll have a sportier and less practical coupe style body next up is the bz small crossover it

Looks pretty similar to the new igo x from samantha’s but it has an electric motor instead of that car’s petrol engine toyota hasn’t given it a huge battery to maximize range instead it gets a smaller lighter battery to make it more efficient why well toyota says this concept can drive for five miles per kilowatt hour of energy that’s about 25 percent more than

Most small evs today now if you want to check out some of the best small electric cars you can buy today click on the pop-out banner which should be appearing in the top right hand corner of the screen or follow the link in the description below watch my ev range test where i drove six of the best small electric cars until they died to see what their real world

Range was this is the toyota bzsdn because sedan was probably too long it shows what a future tesla model 3 alternative could look like and it’s a car that could end up replacing the iconic toyota prius if that’s the case expect to see hundreds of uber drivers cruising around in this guy in about five years time toyota hasn’t revealed much about the bz-sdn but it

Has shown a version with a lexus badge called the electrified sedan that’s not very imaginative is it it looks pretty similar to the toyota but it has a few extra vents in the bumper and bonnet and they’re probably just for show if the new bz4 x suv isn’t big enough for you toyota has also revealed the bz large suv it looks about the same size as a toyota highlander

So there’s enough room inside for a third row of seats unlike toyota’s other bzig concepts he’ll almost certainly use the same electric motors and four-wheel drive system as the bz-4x so it could appear in showrooms pretty soon what do you do if you like the look of toyota’s bz large concept but you want something a little bit partial well lexus has revealed the

Electrified suv wow that’s another thrilling name there lexus well done anyway it looks pretty similar to the bz large and it’ll almost certainly use that car’s mechanical bits but it’ll have a significantly positive looking interior this is the toyota mid box concept it’s a dinky electric band designed to deliver small parcels in big cities if that looks a bit

Too big for you how about this super tiny micro box concept it reminds me a bit of the citronami but it only has one seat the rest of the space is left for parcels or maybe takeaway food boxes you’ll probably see thousands of these things running around tokyo in a few years time if you want to see more on the odd looking citron army click on the pop out ban in the

Top right hand corner of the screen i’ll follow the link in the description below to watch my crazy drag race video with it the toyota crossover ev isn’t the most exciting concept it’s revealed but it’s one of the most important electric small suvs are really popular right now if toyota can get a piece of the action with a car like this they’ll have more money

To develop exciting stuff like the electric lfa and mr2 replacements so keep your fingers crossed that this car sells well when it goes on sale just before 20 30. this is a toyota small s-u-e-v it’s a pretty strange name for a pretty looking car it’s a fairly small electric suv that could show you what a future electric version of today’s chr could look like this

Unusual looking commercial vehicle is called the e-pallet it looks more like a bus than it does a van but its oblong shape should help carry loads of cargo it’s a bit weird though that it comes with glass sides that let everyone see what you’re delivering now you might have watched this video and thought oh yeah toyota never actually built any of these concepts

It’s all pie in the sky nonsense but actually the company has said that these concepts preview real production cards that will go on sale before 2030. and it also reckons it’ll be able to sell more than three and a half million electric cars every year by then but which of these 15 concepts is your favorite let me know in the comments below after that why don’t

You click on the pop out button in the top right hand corner of the screen and follow the link below in the description to make sure you check out the very best deals on the latest electric cars through car wow i hope you all enjoyed the video if you did give it a like if you did give it a dislike let me know some other videos you’d like to see in the comments

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